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Do Amazon Employees Get Christmas Bonuses

James Smith
• Tuesday, 20 October, 2020
• 7 min read

Amazon is providing front-line workers a one-time bonus to share its appreciation for their work heading into “the peak of the holiday season,” the company announced Thursday. In June, Amazon also spent $500 million on “Thank You” bonuses for front-line employees who continued to come to work amid the coronavirus pandemic.

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The company has spent billions of dollars since March on coronavirus-related investments, including wage increases, safety gear and enhanced cleaning measures, as well as on building out testing capabilities. Amazon issued temporary wage increases and double overtime pay at the height of the pandemic, but both of those incentives came to an end in June.

Since then, warehouse workers have expressed frustration that their hazard pay was being cut even as the pandemic has persisted, and they still face increased health and safety risks in the workplace. In a quarter in which its revenues are expected to surpass $100 billion for the first time, Amazon says it will spend $500 million on a one-time Christmas bonus for its front-line employees.

“ Amazon has a strong track record of supporting our employees, our customers, and our communities, including providing safe working conditions, competitive wages and great benefits, leading on climate change with the Climate Pledge commitment to be net zero carbon by 2040, and paying billions of pounds in taxes globally.” In April, Amazon temporarily shut its six facilities in France after a court order demanded it only handle essential items during the coronavirus pandemic.

The firm, run by Jeff Bezos, the world's richest man, praised staff for “serving customers' essential needs” during the pandemic. In a blog post, Dave Clark, senior vice president of Amazon Worldwide Operations, wrote: “I'm grateful to our teams who continue to play a vital role serving their communities.

Amazon workers have raised concerns about their health and working conditions in Europe as well as in the US, claiming it is almost impossible to practice social distancing. However, the company said in a statement that it “provides some of the most advanced workplaces of their kind in the world, with industry-leading pay, processes and systems to ensure the well-being and safety of all employees “.

Amazon said it had introduced additional cleaning and other safety measures to increase protection, and in the UK had started a pilot scheme offering voluntary COVID-19 testing for employees. Sales will also be boosted during the Black Friday bonanza, although a coalition of trade unions, environmentalists and other activists have urged consumers to boycott the firm.

Employees across the country are accusing Amazon of ruining Christmas with its Oct. 2 decision to raise the minimum wage to $15. Though the announcement was initially lauded by labor advocates, Vermont senator Bernie Sanders and the thousands of people who staff Amazon ’s more than 75 fulfillment centers, the details have begun to spark backlash.

Employees got restricted stock units, shares that would vest after a certain amount of time at the company, as well as variable compensation pay, or VCP. For most of the year, VCP allowed people to make a monthly bonus of up to 8% if they had good attendance and the facility met its goals.

The news felt like “a slap in the face” to one employee at a fulfillment center in the west. Amazon spokeswoman Ashley Robinson tells Money that it’ll even out in the end.

“The significant increase in hourly cash wages effective November 1 more than compensates for the phase out of incentive pay and future ,” she adds. But the timing stings for another worker in the mid-Atlantic, a single mom on food stamps who say she was blindsided by the announcement.

She estimates she’ll make about the same amount of money yearly once the raise kicks in, but she’s short on cash in the meantime. A fulfillment center worker who lives on the west coast says she was originally happy to hear about the $15 minimum wage increase.

If you were earning 16% more in the double-down period, that’s $2.40 an hour, or about $384 extra per month before any overtime, overnight or holiday pay. As a result, the west coast employee says she’s reconsidering whether she wants to stay at Amazon.

“They’re chasing potential employees, and they wanted a way to pay for it.” Person’s organization does not have official ties to Amazon, which is not unionized, but he has long been a vocal critic of the company. Robinson says the company plans to touch on the effect of the additional expense in its upcoming third quarter earnings guidance.

In the United Kingdom, a group of 41 employees sent emails directly to CEO Jeff Bezos asking him to reinstate the stock and incentive pay programs. A longtime employee, he says he usually puts VCP into a savings account, which by the end of the year can reach $4,000.

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Opinions are our own and our editors and staff writers are instructed to maintain editorial integrity, but compensation along with in-depth research will determine where, how, and in what order they appear on the page. Amazon is providing front-line workers with a one-time bonus to “show appreciation” for employees who continue to come to work during the coronavirus pandemic, the company announced Monday.

In a memo to employees, Dave Clark, Amazon's senior vice president of retail operations, said the company will pay full-time warehouse, Whole Foods and delivery workers a $500 bonus. Since then, workers have expressed frustration that their hazard pay was being cut even as the pandemic has persisted, and they still face threats to their safety and health.

Tensions have been growing between Amazon and warehouse workers nationwide, with employees claiming the company hasn't done enough to protect them from the coronavirus. Amazon has previously said it's gone to “great lengths” to keep facilities clean and make sure employees are following necessary safety precautions, such as wearing a mask, using hand sanitizer, practicing social distancing and other measures.

Amazon on Monday said it will provide warehouse, delivery, Whole Foods workers, as well as some Flex drivers, with a one-time “Thank You” bonus for working during the coronavirus pandemic. Amazon on Monday said its paying out $500 million in one-time bonuses to front-line employees -- those most at risk of contracting the coronavirus -- who worked for the company through June.

The move is an apparent reversal for the company following weeks of criticism for it cutting its coronavirus hazard pay even as the pandemic has continued. Amazon had eliminated its $2-an-hour hazard pay for workers at the start of June, after it first instituted the higher wages in mid-March.

Full-time Amazon workers, Whole Foods employees and Delivery Service Partner drivers will get $500, while their part-time counterparts will receive $250. The company has instituted a variety of safety measures to protect warehouse employees, including providing masks and sanitizers and doing temperature checks.

Amazon garnered praise for raising the minimum wage for its hourly workers to $15 yesterday, but the widely-publicized move also came at the expense of monthly bonuses and stock options. The company explained its decision to shift to a new stock purchase program in the announcement blog post yesterday, citing that hourly employees preferred the “predictability and immediacy of cash to RSS,” or restricted stock units, but the post doesn’t mention the loss of monthly incentives, which Bloomberg reported earlier today.

An Amazon warehouse worker told The Verge via email that the news was devastating to fulfillment employees, many of whom depend on their RSU and VCP (variable compensation pay, a performance-based monthly bonus program) incentives on top of their hourly wages. ” The significant increase in hourly cash wages more than compensates for the phase out of incentive pay and RSS,” Amazon ’s spokesperson said in an emailed statement to CNBC.

Showing 1–6 of 6Feb 28, 2018Current Product Management in Seattle, Washington Teleperformance Bonus is great here Lots of overtime during peak so it's actually 16% of pay which during peak is about 110 hours every 2 weeks (about) so not only is there a 16% VCP, but it's 16% of a 30% increase in hours at time and a half.

And I've heard from some people who've been there a couple of years that at max payout it can easily be upwards of $800. So if you add it all up.roughly $2600 in pay, plus $400 in VCP is $3000 for the month of December.

May 15, 2015Current Warehouse Associate in Moreno Valley, California performance bonus is 4 percent per month. Also, they rate too high with complete disregard to long term health well-being of employees.

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