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Friday, 03 December, 2021

Cincinnati Real Estate Group

Elaine Sutton
• Friday, 03 December, 2021
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Our members buy, sell, rehab, hold, and manage properties in the Greater Cincinnati area with the goal of achieving financial independence for themselves, and a better housing market for the neighborhoods in which we live. REI ACG members meet to learn the best strategies for making money in today's real estate market, share resources, and network with like-minded people from all over the region.

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Join, and you get tons of benefits for real estate entrepreneurs from cash back and discounts from your favorite vendors and service providers to legislative action and connections with other investors throughout Ohio through our membership in the Ohio RealEst ate Investor's Association (OR EIA). Our AMAZING new Friday morning exchange meetings, where connections are being built and deals being done state- and nationwide every week.

The many members who’ve stepped up to help others with everything from funding to deals to advice to simple And, of course, the many profitable, interesting, creative deals done by members of our community in 2020 that improved communities, kept Americans employed and taxes flowing into local coffers, and, of course, made buckets of money. On December 3rd, we’re celebrating the awesome community that is REI AGC with our annual Holiday Party and Best and Worst Deals of the Year presentation.

November 5th, ONLINE Your Colleagues Should Be Your Most Important Resource for Money, Deals, Referrals, Help, and Advice. Learn How to Build These Relationships on November 5th … If you’ve been around REI AGC for ANY length of time, you’ve noticed that there're millions of dollars a year in business being done BETWEEN members of our community. The relationships you build here can produce everything you need, from funding to partnerships to deals to help with contracts, referrals…even getting your office organized or your mailing done.

If you’ve ever thought that getting or becoming a partner, a mentor, a lender, or even just JV’ING certain deals would help you grow your business faster, GET TO THIS MEETING; it’ll show you how, and why, and with whom to do that. Whether you’re a wholesaler, a housing provider or short-term rental owner researching out-of-state purchases, or a note buyer, the time will come when you need to stalk a deal before you can bring it down.

We're working hard to make sure you have the information you need to meet the challenges and grab the opportunities that experts see coming in the next 2 years. On September 22nd at 7 p.m. eastern, we'll summarize what's happening in the real estate and finance markets today, and give you a list of things to do and resources to gather to make sure you're ready to make money in wholesaling, apartments, notes, creative finance and more.

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And the world’s leading expert in how to DO the note business from your kitchen table is Donna Bauer, who started that way herself, about 1,000 deals ago. Register for our online meeting August 6th, and she’ll share how you can do it too; Join us at 7:30 pm or at 6 for our early workshop about the basics of “Seller Financing” by clicking this link.

July 2nd :How to Hire and Manage Virtual Assistants Best Strategies for Wholesaling RIGHT NOW And the ‘new normal’ rolls on for real estate entrepreneurs…as does the down-to-earth “How to Make the Recession Skip Your Household” education that REI AGC provides.

Or is it to grab the opportunities to help sellers, partner with other investors, house Americans, and end the recession with MORE wealth and income for you and your family than you have right now? Our May 21 meeting brings you advise from super-seasoned experts in “Recession Investing” and how to convert your rental business to a higher-tech, more hands-off operation (yes, even if you’re not a mogul or a geek).

Other than the chance to meet in person and build relationships with like-minded people, the thing members have missed most about our meeting is our ‘ask the expert’ tables, where you can get YOUR most pressing, or oddball, or bothersome questions answered by folks with decades of real -life experience. With 5 experts on topics ranging from wholesaling to creative finance to notes to rehabs, you’ll pick the room that’s right for you and ask away…AND learn from the questions of others.

We’ve been training and supporting Prostate investors to prosper ethically in up markets and down for over 44 years…so what makes you think we’d stop now? In fact, we’re reacting to the fast-changing market by centering our meetings on the MOST important skills you need to survive and thrive in the recession that’s upon us.

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----(in fact, attendees will get a complete rehab estimation “cheat sheet” covering all the major types of renovation and repair and what they cost) -*Better yet, if you’re not a member, check out our new monthly online membership option at that tab at the top of the page that says “Join Now”.

It’s cheaper than paying by the meeting, AND gets you access to our 7 awesome focus groups, AND gets you free Ohio RealEst ate Contracts, AND gets you a $997 beginner’s course at no charge. Our April 2nd meeting covers BOTH of those topics, with creative deal-making genius Bill Cook talking about how to help sellers and get amazing, no-qualifying financing and Vent Jones-Cox teaching a workshop on property evaluation in a slow market.

Our meetings are moving online for the time being; this one is open to ALL members and guests, and it's a good 'UN: 4 members who made it through the 2007 crash will talk about what to expect in the coming months, how to deal with issues, and how to use the opportunities this new market will present. Join us Thursday evening to hear a real -life REI AGC member talk about the profitable business he's built on those vacant land deals that you probably discard.

That’s easy: it’s the ability to leverage other people’s knowledge, experience, efforts, money, credit, and connections to build YOUR business faster. At our February 20th meeting, Reid of Greater Cincinnati is giving you the chance to do exactly that, with our giant, guided “haves and wants” session.

All the info, including the exciting early workshops on the basics of finding deals, or hiring help for your real estate business, HERE. Everyone knows that wholesaling is the quickest and easiest way to put cash in your pocket in the real estate business.

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But too many of our members are spinning their wheels “trying” to wholesale with little success, because they don’t seem to know the key skills needed to make big money in today's real estate market. Vent knows, because she’s made millions of dollars wholesaling houses in hard in hot markets and cold.

If you're serious about making real estate a serious part of your income, you need to get with the local community that's here to educate, support, and help Prostate investors grow their businesses quickly, safely, and ethically. At our February 6th meeting, nationally known self-storage investor Scott Meyers joins us to share his experiences in this passive income strategy, plus Attorney Chris Finney and Hamilton County Auditor Dusty Rhodes talk about how to file--and win--property tax challenges that can save you hundreds or thousands of dollars each year.

January 28th At Our Northern Kentucky Chapter:The ABCs of Investing in (Incredibly Profitable)Notes and Mortgages Find out at our January Northern Kentucky Chapter meeting as real -life local note buyer Blaine Clark lays out what's, why's, and how's of investing in high-yielding notes and mortgages (or flipping them for cash, if that's your thing).

Space at this meeting location is VERY limited, so we on have room for the first 40 members and guests who RSVP; please do that HERE. Success in real estate isn’t just about the money in the bank: it’s about whether you’re enjoying it, and fulfilled by it, and working on the parts of it that are most productive AND the most within your “genius zone” (yeah, you have one).

It’s time for our biggest, most networking-est meeting of the year: the REI AGC Real estate Entrepreneur Holiday Party! That’s easy: it’s the ability to leverage other people’s knowledge, experience, efforts, money, credit, and connections to build YOUR business faster.

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At our November 21st meeting, Reid of Greater Cincinnati is giving you the chance to do exactly that, with our giant, guided “haves and wants” session. All the info, including the exciting early workshops on working with other investors and reducing your 2019 taxes, your chance to download a free first time guest pass, location, and more, are HERE.

Here at the RealEst ate Investors Association of Greater Cincinnati (REI AGC) we are dedicated to bringing you the best in local, regional, and national education, on topics that are crucial to building your real estate investing or flipping business right here in the Northern Kentucky area, right now. At this month's meeting...long-time investor and Reid executive director Vent Jones-Cox will share statistics and 1-, 5-, and 10-year predictions that will make you a better, more prepared real estate entrepreneur.

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