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Cheats For Bitlife Ribbons

David Lawrence
• Monday, 19 October, 2020
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When the game first released, in addition to giving players over 50 personal achievements to meet the game also includes a list of ribbons players can obtain by achieving specific stats or goals during their character's lifetime. In December, the devs released a sizable update that not only added new nieces, nephews, and twin siblings but also a group 14 new ribbons such as Cunning, Wicked and Rowdy, while in January players got new features such as prenups, tubal ligation and in vitro fertilization.

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Though you can raise your smarts in the game, it helps to try to achieve this goal in a life where you are already naturally intelligent. As you plan your little Billie, you need to work hard in school even as an elementary student and pursue higher level education such as a Master's or Doctorate.

In order to do this, you must think carefully about the type of career fields that lend themselves to high academic achievement and plan your college education accordingly. For example, if you are trying to go the Lawyer route, don't major in Art as an undergrad student.

As you move up the ranks of your education, some very lucrative jobs may become available to you and you may have the funds to pursue many interests and pleasures, which, if you indulge too much could ultimately override your attempt at achieving this ribbon. Throughout your Billie, different situations will arise where you'll be offered addictive substances and experiences such as alcohol, drugs, or a weekend at the casino.

When people indicate you may be an addict, resist any kind of drug or alcohol treatment. This can be a tricky ribbon to obtain as it requires you not only be sent to prison but you must also escape and never be caught.

Once in jail, you'll need to escape, which requires working at a very difficult mini-game puzzle. In order to earn the deadly ribbon, you need to kill two or more people in your lifetime.


This was a rumored ribbon for the last month or so, but now the devs have actually added it to the game. While the Fertile ribbon is all about having a ton of kids, this one is about spending time with them.

To win this ribbon you need to make your family your priority, Find a girl to date and marry her. As with most people in the limelight, you'll need to invest a lot of time in posting on social media and building up your following there.

This ribbon can be pretty time-consuming so prepare to have your life revolve entirely around having kiddies. Don't try to stand out in any other way, just keep filling the house to brimming with your offspring and you should easily obtain this ribbon.

Participate in activities that keep you healthy, but don't work too hard at obtaining money or other notoriety. This includes taking vacations to varied destinations or immigrating several times during your life.

Spend time with your family, don't get into confrontations, when rifts come up in relationships always be the one to apologize. If you do manage to rescue more than one person, it's best to just keep aging up till death to avoid doing anything else significant.

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Go to the “Casino” tab in “Activities” and choose either Blackjack or Horse Races. Instead, shut down the app and reopen it (This will prevent you from losing any profit from gambling).

Make it your goal to keep escaping prison and you should earn the ribbon. This ribbon is kinda similar to Houdini except you aren't going to try to escape prison.

It's also a good idea to start riots since this will also earn you extra time. While some college jobs can earn you a lot of money for this one, you'll probably want to go the Acting or Pornography star route.

It helps if your character is already naturally attractive, but you should also invest in plastic surgery along the way to keep yourself looking good. If you get to where you're earning pretty steady, you may want to invest in real estate you can sell every few years for a profit.

This ribbon is easier to obtain if your character is naturally attractive already. While not as unremarkable as the Lazy ribbon, to earn Mediocre you need to do your best not to achieve anything in life.


Stick with mundane, low paying jobs, stay single and don't buy a house or car. This can be done pretty easily if you get into a good paying job like a doctor or a lawyer.

With the Rowdy Ribbon, you need to take drugs, go clubbing and get into verbal altercations as often as you possibly can. Being dumb is a lot harder that it looks but it is the goal of the Stupid Ribbon.

This ribbon is deceptively named because essentially you own it for being an average person. This ribbon is somewhat of an Easter Egg within the game and requires completing a very specific set of steps to achieve it.

Your character must be born in Tucson, Arizona or Miami, Florida in the U.S. (This is where the developers of Billie have their offices) You need to have a relatively high level of intelligence You need to go to college for Computer Science You should get a job as an app developer. During the game you may have the opportunity to so things like commit burglary, steal cars, or pickpocket.

A common way players have earned this ribbon is by dying of cancer or some other unfortunate situation that leads to early death. To earn the Wasteful ribbon you just need to end you life as soon as possible.


Will you try to make all the right choices in an attempt to become a model citizen sometime before you die? You could descend into a life of crime, start prison riots, smuggle duffle bags, and cheat on your spouse.

• Physical therapy and surgery exist to address those unfortunate injuries Not every life can be one of riches and fame, and Billie wants to reward you for playing it in numerous ways.

In this guide, we’re going to list all 30 Ribbons in Billie and detail exactly how you can get them. We’ll also include links to our main guide for each Ribbon in case you need more information.

If you’ve ever played Billie, then you’ll know all about addiction and the best ways to cure it. To get this ribbon, you will avoid curing your drug or gambling addiction.

Rack up as many addictions as you can when you are offered a drink or drug, always accept it. A Cat Lady is a woman who prioritizes her felines over family and friends.


Make no effort to talk to family and focus on painting green bars with every single cat. There are many ways you can do this, one is blind luck where you carry on your life with a low-paying job and hope you never get caught.

To earn the Geriatric ribbon, try to live beyond 100 years and the rest should be a piece of cake. You will need to have a lot of disposable income to travel, but avoid becoming too rich and getting the Loaded ribbon.

A way to tell if your on track is, by having high karma and being nice to others and family this should help you achieve this ribbon. Having millions to dispose of is useful here, as partners aren’t too happy if you blow a lot of money.

Check out our section on the Cunning Ribbon above for links on how to escape prison. To avoid getting the Scandalous ribbon try not to murder, instead go to prison for assault and keep trying to escape and riot.

I wouldn’t recommend living every life like this, just the one time for the ribbon. In order to be loaded, you must have an incredibly successful life, where you earn over 10 million.


Remember that what else you achieve in life can affect what ribbons you get, so just try to earn as much money as possible and start early. It is incredibly easy to earn a mediocre ribbon in real life, and the same can be said about Billie.

This means no confrontations with friends, any retaliation to people insulting you and not earning much money. A Model Citizen is a person who lives a life without any drugs or alcohol all while maintaining a good relationship with each family member.

At some point during your life, a random event will come up and you should respond with calling the police. So if you are building a happy family and stacking the cash, you probably won’t earn this ribbon.

Be an aggressive individual who starts a lot of fights and spends several years inside prison. Throughout your life they will give you choices, so always make the wrong decision, like don’t wear a condom.

Avoid aiming for top jobs and stay clear of drugs or casinos. Taking this job makes you part of the team of game developers out there in the wide world.

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The hardest part of the ribbon is not getting caught, which means avoiding prison at all costs. Whether you are extra careful or pay for good lawyers you need to avoid jail.

This can be a car crash, a terminal illness or an unfortunate event that ensures your life is cut short. Bear in mind that the biggest difficulty is to get just a single Ribbon in a game of Billie.

You can accidentally end up fulfilling the criteria for multiple different Ribbons and there’s not a lot you can do to help it.

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