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Thursday, 28 October, 2021

Challenges To Do On Bitlife

Elaine Sutton
• Thursday, 28 October, 2021
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Challenges are worldwide goals done a few times each month with players around the globe. Note : This section might be outdated; as of September 7th, 2020, archived challenges no longer show up in the game.



Billie added the Archived Challenges Catalog on iOS on April 5, 2021, and is not available on Android yet. The Alphabet, Ghostbusters, Shamrock, Gold Digger, and Black Widow challenges are Archived.

Encounter a ghost Carve a scary jack-o-lantern Give a child some candy Go out in a costume ?? Candy writer may not take as fast as one week to release those much-awaited big updates for Billie, but if you’ve been playing this super-popular iOS and Android life simulator for a while, you’ll know that they know how to tide their fans over.

That’s because every Sunday, players can take part in limited-time challenges, which are special events that allow you to create a new character and complete certain requirements based on the week’s theme. Otherwise, there may be a bit of trial-and-error involved here, especially since recent Billie updates seem to have nerfed the effect that going to the gym has on the Athleticism stat.

Although you won’t be sticking around for the long term (in most cases) in your first pro team, that doesn’t mean you should take it easy in training and make disrespectful or violent choices in scenarios in order to get traded. You’ll still need to improve your attributes and keep your Respect as high as possible in order to ensure other teams will show interest in you.

Yes, it’s possible to be drafted in the first round in your late 20s, but fortunately in the Billie universe, the chances of becoming a bust like a few NFL players who went this route are rather low. The choice is yours, but we’d again recommend the former option because this increases your chances of fulfilling the third and final requirement, which is to earn $100 million as a pro athlete.


We all know how difficult it is to complete New Year’s Resolutions in real life but it is quite easy in Billie. To complete Resolution Challenge in Billie, you simply need to do a few things in the same year.

To do so, you will need to head into Activities and then Mind & Body section and select the gym option from the menu. The third thing you need to do is go into the Mind and & Section and then select the book option from the menu.

The next thing you need to do complete the Resolution challenge in Billie is to go into the Mind and Body section and Tao in the Meditate option. We’ll naturally be discussing the main part of the update, but also talking about a new type of crime you can commit, a new way to improve your relationship with your NPC significant other, and new things you can do when it comes to your asset (car and house) purchases.

In the event of miscarriages, the option is always there to exit the app before accepting the prompt, so that you can start again from the previous year and hope that the pregnancy doesn’t have any complications. Previous versions of Billie essentially left orphaned children to their own devices if one or both parents would die.

Depending on your job, some or all of these options may be available, but just to set your expectations, you’ll probably be better off burgling houses or robbing banks (or trains) if you want to get rich through illegal means. In earlier versions of Billie, it was easy for richer Citizens to pay big money for the best lawyers available and get away scot-free, even for certain serious crimes.

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But for petty criminals, car thieves, or bank robbers, hiring the best legal representation in town and paying top dollar for it was often a very reliable way of avoiding the slammer. That isn’t quite the case anymore with version 1.31, which has introduced Plea Bargains into the broader Crime feature.

As the game would explain, pleading guilty could help reduce your sentence if you are convicted, so if you’re not rich enough to afford a top law form, you can choose this option and still spend some time in jail, but probably a few years less than you normally would. Pleading not guilty, on the other hand, is best used if you chose the most expensive legal option available and would still have a good chance of walking free; otherwise, you might not want to proclaim your innocence with a cheap lawyer or public representation.

That, in almost every case, would certainly be counterproductive and defeat the purpose of the new feature, hence the need to make sure your car or house is paid in full. As we mentioned in our last Billie guide, it appeared that a lot of players were unhappy with the new person emojis that were introduced on the last update.

That’s something Candy writer has been ironing out over the past few big and small updates alike, including version 1.31, and among the things you should notice, male Citizens are no longer guaranteed to go bald by the time they reach the age of 45. More new hairdos have been added as well, and it now appears that male Citizens can now rock long hair, albeit only once their emojis change at the age of 21.

Again, this is an apparent tweak that makes things more realistic, but do take note of this if you’re planning to take the Alphabet Challenge (if still available) or anything else similar in the future.

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