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Can You Sell Houses In Avakin Life

Maria Garcia
• Thursday, 17 December, 2020
• 7 min read

Posted on: Oct 26, 2018 Answer from: JazzexiaAvakin There is no feature for Selling things for Ava coins It may be that Development comes in updates So Be Patient Play the game and Just Play the game And look out for the latest updates! Posted on: Jan 13, 2019 Answer from: AvakinLover But remember one thing.


To make sure everyone’s having fun and stays safe, we’ve put together these guidelines to outline what is and isn’t acceptable behavior on this site and in AvakinLife. Never do anything that infringes the rights of another person on our forum, our social media pages or in AvakinLife.

Any behavior designed to intimidate, shame, bully, insult, harass, troll, flame, cause upset or shock to another person is not allowed. This also includes “Naming and Shaming” or starting campaigns to get other users punished.

If toucan, try and only communicate with fellow Awakens inside the app (if possible). If you give any of the above to someone else, even if they are attempting to trick you, this will be considered account sharing which is against our rules.

For more on staying safe while playing, check out our Player Safety page. Repetitive, pointless or annoying messages can upset the Community experience for other users and make our moderators cross.

SPAM includes flooding, hijacking, chain letters, pyramid schemes, advertisements and creating duplicate messages. AvakinLife is a social environment, and we understand that relationships can develop quickly.

However, we have a responsibility to ensure that everyone who players and is part of our community feels comfortable. The laws of your country always apply to your behavior on the internet, and our community channels are no exception.

Don’t do anything that condones, supports, depicts or recommends illegal activities. Mods or hacks, or any 3rd party software or hardware that interferes or changes the normal live game.

Also, if we have reason to believe you are underage, your account will be immediately banned and terminated after 5 days. Our universe is a safe space to role-play as different characters and personas, but never pretend to be someone other than who you are.

Pretending to be someone else in a malicious way will also result in a permanent ban. *All of our game rules apply to our website, forums, social media platforms and any application developed by Lockwood Publishing. For a full breakdown of our rules and the guidelines that support AvakinLife, please review our Terms of Service.

I also miss the* Quiz night when star style wasn't full of higher LFLS. I also miss the swimsuits etc, Don't get me wrong, we love the improvements now but old av akin was better. Zombies eyes were $10 in the past but this year for me $38 like I can 't afford that.

You could really stop modding by adding them cool and unique color items back *. I also HATE how you MAKE US WAIT for MONTHLY items for events (Halloween now Christmas) I know it's hard for you guys but you did this to yourself.

Why don't you guys make an event for people to create new outfit, animation, skin tones, etc ?? Funny thing is for upcoming creative badge, people need to edit something related to “dale” like come on man make a good editing picture wonwon'tke this game any better at all.

Let's be real here this game keep losing “adult” player everyday, and we're the one who always buy coins packs. If you like money, better do something and bring some fresh update or u'll keep losing “your potential buyer and spender” every day.

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