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Can You Retire In Bitlife

Daniel Brown
• Thursday, 19 November, 2020
• 10 min read

Billie is back with yet another huge update that introduces a bunch of new features into our favorite text-based life simulator. This time around there are a whopping 450 new scenarios, a new career collections feature, job performance scores, retirement plans, work hour adjustments, an intelligence test, and a bunch of improvements and bug fixes.

bitlife become billionaire rich updated millionaire military


Of course, toucan also expect to find many scenarios that aren’t directly related to your career path too. Toucan now collect all the different careers in Billie in a handy tab that reveals the jobs you ’ve previously undertaken and when you first received them.

It’s also a handy place to check which jobs you haven’t currently experience so toucan aim for them in the future. As of this update, you ’ll start receiving performance scores for every single full-time job, including the military.

If you ’ve worked really hard for a company for a long period of time in Billie, you might just get rewarded with a lovely retirement package. Judging from what we’ve seen so far, this appears to be a random event that allows you to retire and rewards you with a yearly pension.

This might sound like a great new feature but the problem is that your bosses can also adjust your hours too. The IQ test involves watching four different colored lights turn on in a certain sequence.

There are a bunch of Ribbons in Billie that require you to get rich, and there are probably even more ways than that to actually make money. But if you just want to know the most effective methods, you ’ve come to the right place.


Getting good grades and increasing your smarts allows you to go to one of the best schools, which, in turn, opens up the best jobs. Live in the countries that pay big wages and prosper.

Marry a rich person: You can marry a rich person and then divorce them to get half of their cash. Steal cars, pickpocket, and burgle houses to pick up as much loose change as possible.

Play Blackjack and close the app as soon as you lose. Billie is a text-based life simulator for the iOS and Android platform where you help a character live a good life through a string of decisions.

The primary way to make a ton of money is with your job, and the more that you prepare for jobs and promotions, the better career you ’ll usually get and the further you ’ll go in your chosen field. In school, tap the “study harder” option constantly.

These will increase your intelligence level, and with many careers, your looks come into play as well, which the gym helps. This improves your chances of getting scholarships and landing high-paying jobs when you apply for them later on.


When you graduate from high school, pick a smart major. Some, such as nursing and information systems, have a better shot at landing you a great job than others; medical professions, in particular, pay a ton, as do law, computers, and others.

Apply for scholarships or, if you have parents with money, ask them to pay for college. Oftentimes you ’ll end up starting a character and their financial drain will be sky-high for no apparent reason.

If this is bad enough, it can cause you to be unable to purchase any real estate or do anything cool. Sometimes this is due to student loans; other times, it’s a complete fluke.

If this happens, simply start over with a new character and try again with their life. Minimizing annual money drain is one of the keys to getting and staying rich.

This includes acting, directing, singing, dancing, and other types of jobs. Do a regular job to keep the money flowing in, and just continue playing the lotto over and over.

retire much money mexico need infrastructure budgeting

NEW: January 2021 Active Promo Codes for Pokémon GO: The Full List and How to Redeem Them Unlike in real life, real estate (houses, condos, land, etc) ALWAYS gains value in Billie. So, of course, buy what toucan afford that’s in the best possible condition, sit on it, and sell it later on.

Every year, check the would-be sale price of your real estate. If you decide to enlist in the military after high school, then go to college later, then a good way to go after college is to go back into the military as an officer.

Toucan also stay enlisted, make it to the top rank, which is E-9, retire for a pension, then go into some other field, or even sit back and collect your money. Of course, put your money away while you ’re enlisted, too, so that toucan invest a ton at the end.

There is a new component to Billie where toucan get a random family heirloom by searching in your attic with a flashlight. These extremely rare heirlooms can either be kept for future generations, or toucan sell them and take them money instead.

So if you want to increase its value as much as possible, your best bet is to keep it around for a long time, pass it down to your kids or even your grandkids, and then have them sell it. When you engage in a relationship, keep in mind how much money the other person has.

bitlife bit app

If they do have a lot of money, not only canyon potentially share in that if they die (due to inheritance), but you have a higher chance of getting better jobs. If your parents have no money from the beginning, don’t count on getting much from them in general even if their generosity ratings are high.

Emigrating can make you more money, but the difference in income between the same job in, for example, Nigeria vs Norway is far less than it would be in real life. A six-figure job with low expenses will allow you to buy more real estate in shorter amounts of time.

Buy as many houses as toucan, with cash, making sure to leave enough money in your account for all the maintenance. If they have a ton of money, then you ’ll get a huge divorce settlement.

HOT: Here’s Ten of the Most Underrated iOS/Android Games Hit the action menu to go and gamble whenever you want to. Choose how much money to bet, and then you will be able to play the casino game.

Start off low, at first, and then once you get the hang of how to win more than half of the time, toucan increase your bets. If you get wonderful at blackjack, toucan use it to make massive amounts of money without a lot of time spent.


Cars never do, so if money and riches are your goal, don’t buy more than you need. When you find lost wallets or purses, most of the time you will get no reward for it.

Fame can pay very well from offers to model, writing your own book, and commercial and talk show appearances. Following the Fame update, if children have low smarts and want to attend college, the player can commit the crime of bribery by bribing a college official.

A higher chance for your pets/lovers to be held for ransom Creepy stalkers When you grow old, your fame will likely lower until you are no longer famous, especially in jobs where looks are a high standard.

As of the Office Update in November 2019, it is now harder to become famous (it depends on the company's popularity). Billie : Life Simulator has a surprisingly in-depth military component to the game.

Toucan pick either Army, Navy, Air Force, Marines, or Coast Guard, and your career will follow a similar trajectory. Once you join the branch of the military of your choice, just stay in, work hard for a while, and then make it to E9, which is the highest enlisted rank.

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Once you get there, your promotions are done, so wait out your time until you hit mandatory retirement age, at which point toucan earn a pension. To get promoted high, go on every deployment you ’re offered, and collect medals for succeeding.

Work hard, stay in for a long time, and continue improving yourself. Becoming an officer is the key to making a huge amount of money in the military.

Euro-zone nations tend to pay the officers in their militaries the highest out of any country. Once you get accepted as either an ensign or lieutenant (depending on if you ’re in the Navy or another branch), keep working harder.

Refusing to deploy could affect your promotions, your job status, or your commanding officer could force you to go anyway. If you do end up stepping on a by accident, you ’ll get injured, which mostly leads to drops in your health and happiness.

Be sure to go to the doctor to take care of any ailments that occur when you hit a mine. Go to the gym, the library, the movies, and meditate in order to get happier and healthier.

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If you do get polished off, then you automatically get the “Hero” ribbon for your efforts, but your life ends. If you do successfully clear out a minefield while you are deployed, then you will receive a medal for your efforts.

There are many things toucan do in this game, but surprisingly, going AWOL is one of the toughest ones to figure out how to do. Most ways of leaving the military involve simply being discharged, but you need to go AWOL in order to unlock specific achievements.

To do this, say yes to every opportunity to drink, to use illicit substances, or gamble, and at random, you ’ll develop an addition. HOT: Here’s Ten of the Most Underrated iOS/Android Games Be sure to go to the nightclub and the casino as often as possible to maximize your chances of getting something offered to you.

If you go to the nightclub frequently, you might end up addicted to alcohol, or even illegal substances. More than likely though, you ’ll get kicked out and dishonorably discharged immediately if you go to any form of prison, in which case this method becomes useless for going AWOL.

You ’ll enter into AWOL status because you are literally absent without leave. NEW: January 2021 Active Promo Codes for Pokémon GO: The Full List and How to Redeem Them Alcohol and gambling are the most common addictions, and are the ones with the least likely chance of ending you when you try them.

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Also, for some reason, fleeing to another country won’t put you into AWOL status if you ’re in the military. If you do, then you ’ll be caught, sent back to the country that you ’re from, and imprisoned for desertion, but that won’t count as AWOL.

This guide is for becoming a general if you are in the Army, Air Force, or Marines, or becoming an admiral if you are in the Navy or Coast Guard. Once you get past Captain rank, literally every aspect of your life goes into effect here.

Even if you are born and raised dumb, toucan fix the smarts rating by going to the library and doing every self-care thing available (meditation, gym, etc) as often as possible. Keep going to school, and go for your graduate degrees (masters, doctorate, etc) while you are in the military as an officer.

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