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Can You Have Triplets On Bitlife

Danielle Fletcher
• Tuesday, 10 November, 2020
• 8 min read

Trying to get pregnant with three kids isn't easy, and in this game it's particularly simple to do either! You will need to do quite a bit of baby having to make it happen, so be prepared for repeating the same process over and over again.


To have triplets in Billie, you will want to be after the age of 40 and go to the Fertility option under Activities. Once there you will select the IVF option and hopefully get pregnant.

There is a trick to making this go a lot faster and that is closing the Billie app over and over again to reset what happens. Keep doing this until it succeeds and toucan then close the prompt to basically set that it has happened.

Now that you know you are pregnant, you will want to age up and see what kind of pregnancy it ends up being. I was able to get it to work in about 5 – 10 minutes, so this method makes it a lot faster.

In this tutorial, we will show you how to have twins and triplets in the Billie game. Once you have graduated from college and have found a perfect job that might meet your desired necessities, then you might consider settling down in your life.

But rather than just one single addition, some people are looking for ways to make welcome two or three new members to their family. But the ability to have twins and triplets in Billie is proving to be an altogether different challenge in itself.

Today, we will be listing out all the requirements that need to be met from you and your partner’s end to achieve the aforementioned quest. The first one is having the birth the normal way and hoping that it might be a twin or a triplet.

However, that is completely based on luck with the probability on the lower side. Some users have even tried this for continuously three-four eyes but weren’t able to achieve success.

While both these methods have a much higher chance of offering twins and triplets in Billie, it comes with its fair share of issues as well. If it fails to give out the desirable results, then you will have to wait for a year and then retry it.

You have a lot of freedom in Billie, the mobile game simulator, where toucan do almost anything with zero consequences. Another thing toucan do is have twins, but there are a handful of ways to increase this possibility.

For those who are looking to have twins, toucan roll the dice by naturally going through the process of having a child with your partner. Toucan do Artificial Insemination in same-sex marriages, which have a lower chance of arguing with your partner.

If they do agree by going several conversations, you and your partner have a much higher chance of your offspring being twins or even triplets. If you ’re attempting to have any twins or triplets, though, continue down these two routes to make it possible.

But when they peg it you ’ll likely possess the inheritance cash. It will certainly help beginners to possess limitless cash for completing several jobs quickly.

It's entirely lucked dependent, in my current game I got 2 sets of twins in 2 consecutive years. I'm trying to get higher just keep having babies every year and your chances increase.

Answer from: Madison As I was looking at these I went back to my game and got pregnant with triplets ! Answer from: Big changes If you are not happy with the amount of babies you get then toucan close the tab and re-enter the game.

Answer from: Buckyballs I have had triplets irl, so I was wondering but I went and played and got twins so it's just random Answer from: Llama Drama Once I was on a trip, and I was playing the game with my friend and that is the first and only time I got triplets.

Answer from: Elyssa It is completely random I believe I just had my first set of triplets in Billie Answer from: Jasmine It's totally random and lustful but the younger you are the more twins or tripletsyou'll have.

Answer from: Yamumgaylol I had 4 sets of twins and 2 triplets I had 64 kids in total, it's generally lucked TBH If they decide to go off birth control, they can choose whether to tell their partner (if they have one) or keep it a secret.

Birth control is very effective when you are dating someone, but hook-ups who claim they are on birth control may be lying or misusing it and could still get pregnant if your character does not use protection. If your character is a male, usually when the couple turns 18, the female partner may usually go on birth control.

After age 55, women will no longer need birth control. If fruitless, you & your partner will have to wait until the next year to try IVF again.

But, this is not always efficient as in some rare cases, people can still reproduce after a successful sterilization procedure. Unspecified reasons may include having a disease, having a criminal record, having too many children, or having donated too many times in a lifetime.

Sometimes the reasoning will simply show up as “No Sperm Needed”. When you press Surrogate, a menu will pop up and present you with different women.

You can check their stats and choose whether to use their eggs for the baby. If they accept, you will have to choose whose sperm to impregnate the woman.

If a surrogate fails at getting pregnant, your character can be reimbursed half of the expenses. Some surrogate mothers will keep the baby for themselves and dishonor your contract; should this happen, your character may file a Lawsuit against them.

To get pregnant you must not use birth control and certain diets or it will prevent pregnancy for females. When pregnant, women may not have certain types of Plastic Surgery and may get Pregnancy massages.

Other massages can be done, but run the risk of miscarriage, with Pregnancy the only one fully safe. Pregnancy massages are only available to characters who are female and pregnant.

You need to be born and operate in certain countries, such as Afghanistan, India, Iran, and Japan. How an arranged marriage works is your parents choose someone of the opposite gender for you to marry.

You may see your parents attempting to offer you to marry the same person multiple times over your play through. Whenever they arrange the marriage, though, you do have the option to refuse to marry the individual they offer you.

Toucan choose to take them at your discretion, but don’t feel forced, unless your relationship with your parents is important to you. Mostly, if you start your Billie character in one of the above-mentioned countries, toucan expect an arranged marriage to popup from your parents.

Twins, Feb 8, 2019 Answer from: Heather Totally random Posted on: Feb 19, 2019 Answer from: Bitlifetriplet It is always happens randomly.

Posted on: Feb 20, 2019 Answer from: Josh's If u have three kids in a row in front of the future twins. Posted on: Feb 25, 2019 Answer from: Modal As far as I know, completely random which adds to the unpredictability of Billie.

Posted on: Mar 17, 2019 Answer from: Gungohammy12344 This is so random it's not funny I've had it a couple of times but twice I had triplet two girls a one boy Posted on: Mar 22, 2019 Answer from: Bitlifeperson It's random, I only got mine one time before.

Posted on: Apr 8, 2019 Answer from: Guest I think it's completely at random I have been trying for ages and on Billie I have had no twins or triplets yet. Posted on: Apr 13, 2019 Answer from: Eggcorn I wish Billie would make twins more common.

Posted on: Sep 2, 2019 Answer from: Bitlifegirl I had over 40 or 50 people on bit life had never twins triplets its so rare and so random that I just go with the flow till I get some Posted on: Sep 9, 2019 Answer from: BitLifeisthebes I was 49 got IVF and had twins at 50 and was so surprised.

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