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Can You Have Great Grandchildren Bitlife

Earl Hamilton
• Saturday, 02 January, 2021
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This has been a growing question on the lips of Billie players, but there is no definitive answer. Well, here at Gazebo we think every question deserves an answer, no matter how ridiculous.

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View Entire Discussion (1 Comments)The super fun text-based life simulator for iOS & Android. It is a text-based game that lets you control your life through a series of decisions.

As you could probably imagine, studying hard will help improve your intelligence rating in this game. The bonus is only available once every year, so there is no use in spamming this option multiple times before progressing.

You should also drop by the library once a year in order to get that extra boost in your smarts rating. Stay away from alcohol and drugs throughout your lifetime in order to protect your smarts.

You have the option to go to the gym once a year in order to boost your looks, but unlike smarts, you might not be able to max it out no matter how many times you lift those weights. The problem with plastic surgery is that there is always a chance that it will get botched, and you end up in a worse position than what you started with.

While becoming a great-grandparent isn’t currently tied to a ribbon that toucan achieve, there is always a chance that it will be added in the future. This is a natural requirement since you want to live long enough to see your grandchildren grow up and start their own families.

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In order to live a very long life, you need to ensure all your bars are at least 90% full. Living the best life possible requires a lot of work in Billie.

Make sure you remember our Billie tips and tricks listed above to help improve your chances of success! Not only do you have a large amount of money available to you when you first start, but everything feels really easy to do.

The only negative about it is you probably can ’t commit as many crimes as you might as an average citizen because the country’s populace might not agree with your actions, causing your respect to lower, which is another bar you have to manage while you ’re royalty. If your character does not start in any of the countries listed below, they cannot be born into royalty, no matter how many times you refresh your choice.

The game is not a slog that will require you to grind until toucan afford in-game stuff. In Billie Simulator, toucan be a prick, a living saint, or just an average Joe who just wants to go through life.

Face decisions without the pressure of real-life consequences, but rest assured that there are in-game reactions that can change the way you play! Just like in real life, toucan succeed in real-life if you invest your money right.

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If fate decides so, toucan also be an average child whose life story is not worthy of an award. While your starting conditions can be dire, toucan still beat your path to success.

Likewise, toucan still drastically fail even if you are the richest kid in town! In Billie, toucan hang out with friends, pets, and family to boost your mood and relationship with them.

Toucan also do various interactions with them to damage your relationships, so feel free to become the most hated person in town. Just like in real life, toucan utilize the law to mess up with people or to get back to those who wronged you.

The AI will also file lawsuits against you if you mess up with them, so make sure that you will be a good in-game citizen unless you intend to be Citizen’s enemy number 1. Achieve all the goals in the game like reaching your dream in real life.

Let’s get started with our how to be a king or queen in Billie tips and cheats guide! Belgium, Denmark, Japan, Jordan, Kuwait, Malaysia, Monaco, Morocco, Netherlands, Norway, Qatar, Saudi Arabia, Spain, Sweden, Thailand, UAE, and the United Kingdom.

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The chance to be born into royalty is moderately high, so don’t give up if it doesn’t work out the first time around. This means that you ’ll need to date around rapidly in hopes of finding a princess or prince of the royal family.

The royal family has very high standards, so you ’ll need to look good, be intelligent, be in shape, and of course be somewhat wealthy. This pretty many means that you ’ll need to have a perfect life, which is very hard to do for reasons out of your control.

Keep a close eye on their happiness levels and make sure to compliment them, take them out on dates, and spend lots of time with them. For 4.99 USD, players are able to customize every single thing about their Billie, including the option of royalty.

If you don’t mind paying real money, God Mode is the easiest and quickest way to become royalty. Toucan also switch generations in the middle of a life, opting to play as your children while you ’re still alive.

Doctors will take care of you, you ’ll have plenty of money to do whatever you want and buy every single thing on the market and more, and you ’re free to even enact your own laws. The lower your respect goes, the greater chance that the country will vote against you and try to kick you out of power.

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Every choice you make will put you on your desired path, and you now have the chance to live the life of your dreams. It doesn’t matter if you like to study hard or to be a lazy snob, since everything that you do will get you a ribbon that toucan show off to your friends.

Write and run a set of commands to automate repeated tasks. Eco Mode Keep your PC running smoothly even with multiple instances.

Respond to your destiny with the click of a button and choose the path that is suitable for you. Choose the right friends, get into the habit of a healthy lifestyle, and increase your karma if you want to live a happy life.

Toucan also turn to a life of crime, get plastic surgery and emigrate to another country, just for the fun of it! Don’t worry about battery life, processing speed or internet connection when you are playing Billie from the comfort of your own PC.

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