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Can You Get Famous On Bitlife Android

Maria Johnson
• Monday, 02 November, 2020
• 7 min read

Ribbons haven’t arrived in Billie on Android yet, but toucan bet that they will soon. In this guide, we’re going to detail exactly how toucan achieve fame and fortune and unlock the awesome ribbon.

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Ideally, you ’ll want a character with a naturally high Looks rating and rich parents. Either way, we recommend hitting the gym once per year as soon as you ’re able to start increasing that Looks rating.

You ’ll also want to avoid having too many plastic surgery ops as the chances for them to fail increases each time you do so. Toucan still make it as, say, a stripper or dancer, but it will prove a lot more challenging.

The last step is to grow your fan base, and the easiest way to do that is to use the power of social media. Then, when you start working, toucan kick this into overdrive by posting a lot as a famous adult.

The three career paths that we highly recommend becoming famous in Billie are author, reporter, and movie star. If you want to be a famous movie star, then become a lead actor and keep working hard.

Pass the interview question, get the job, work hard, and you will become a famous movie star in the next 13-15 years. Additionally, don’t forget to join social media.

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To become famous in Billie, you are going to need to maximize your looks and approach a low level job like Lounge Singer, Voice over Actor, Disc Jockey, Puppeteer, and even doing social media. Work hard each year to maximize your ability to get a promotion, and you will eventually reach the apex of each career.

You will gain the fame bar and be able to participate in commercials, magazine shoots, writing of books, and going on talk shows! The main factor in becoming famous will end up being your career, but you will want to start out with a character who is at least pretty high in the looks department.

When the Mind & Body activities open up, start heading to the gym, going for walks, and even doing martial arts every year. Keep being active and meditating, and if you have some extra money head to the Salon & Spa and get a manicure which will continue to increase your looks.

You don't need to go into higher education, but there's been some rumor that going to Community College potentially helps open up some fame categories you are looking to get. Look for a job that cangetyoufamous, these include Disc Jockey, Singer, Puppeteer, and even anything to do with Porn.

Some lower rank stuff will eventually promote you into higher positions. This requires that you do a lot of using Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, or TikTok.

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There's not a lot of rhyme or reason to this path, because you will just randomly go viral with different post types. Once you reach the apex of whichever line of career you have decided to pursue you will get a new Fame bar.

This shows a percentage just like the rest of your stats, and doing social media posts plus participating in Fame (new activities will show up under this tab) based activities will help grow the percentage. With its second year fast approaching, this game has become much bigger and better than we ever thought it would, what with the numerous challenges we’ve covered in recent months, as well as the many, many updates that have expanded its features in so many ways.

The first thing you may notice when you check the Social Media features in Billie is the option to reply to celebrities, which is available on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. The folks at Candy writer have added dozens of celebrities who may randomly show up as people toucan interact with, ranging from famous actors and actresses (Brad Pitt, Jennifer Aniston, Mark Weinberg, Seth Roger, etc.

These would feature your character, well, doing random things like shouting, sneezing, speaking in different accents, or even creating Play-Doh sculptures. Challenge and Dance Videos, which are available on all platforms, generate some attention and sometimes go viral but not as often as you think, while Sexy Pics and Thirst Traps, which essentially require you to wear skimpy clothing (if any at all) and titillate your fan base, serve as a cheap and easy way to get those views and add some followers, with the tiny chance of going viral.

Endorsing sportswear, lingerie (yes, even for male Citizens), breakfast cereals, snack foods, noodles, and other every day, oftentimes trendy products usually result in a green Response bar, which is where you want to be if you want to see significantly more followers per year. So if a company asks you to promote their new penis pump or erectile dysfunction medication on social media, you ’re better off rejecting that offer and moving on to the next one, if one is available.

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A red or orange Friendliness meter may leave you with no choice but to get down and dirty and Scuffle with them, or possibly insult them in person like they did to you on the internet. Otherwise, toucan choose to take the high road and befriend the troll, or if you want to take a chance on an unlikely love story, you could even ask them to go on a date with you.

What you ’ll want to do, in that case, would be to Block them, thus erasing them from your online life forever, though toucan always expect for more trolls to come along as long as you ’re on social media. Apologizing is the best option if you were in the wrong (i.e. you really did troll somebody), but toucan choose Act Confused or Claim a Misunderstanding for those mystery suspensions.

Additionally, it is also possible for your social media accounts to get hacked, resulting in abusive behavior that doesn’t come from your end, or perhaps some adult videos suddenly appearing on your feed. This will result in some people unfollowing or unsubscribing, and once this happens, toucan either delete your account, apologize to your followers, or laugh it off.

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