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Can You Derust A Bike Chain

Ava Flores
• Saturday, 12 December, 2020
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If that still doesn't work, try soaking the chain in a bottle filled with degreased for 20 minutes. For a more natural alternative, use steel wool wet with lime juice to scrub away light rust, then rinse away the lime juice with soapy water.

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It is an inevitable chemical reaction that occurs when a bike chain comes in contact with salt, water, mud and other elements. It can be confusing; some sites recommend one method while others tell you that it’s the absolute worst thing toucan do.

Some people state that cleaning a rusty bike chain is a waste of time. However, it is recommended that you learn how to replace a bike chain as it is one of the easiest things to do on a bike.

The best degreased is one that effectively removes grease and other dirt, that is safe for your hands, and also for the environment. Green Move Prep, Finish Line Citrus Bike Degreased, WD-40 and Diggers Mineral Turpentine can also be used.

Wear latex gloves every time you handle bike chain degreased. Pour it into a clean plastic container, preferably one that hasn’t been used before (any residual chemicals can react and have unexpected results).

You can use a rag or soft brush to get the chain completely free of grease. Lime juice contains citric acid which is excellent at stripping away rust.

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Both lime juice and steel wool are rough on the hands so make sure you wear latex gloves for this stage. Soak the steel wool in lime juice and then scrub the parts of the chain that are rusted.

The wool will get clogged with rust as you clean; discard, get a new piece, soak it in lime juice and keep working. After a few minutes working on the chain, wipe it clean using a soft rag to see how much rust is left.

Once all the rust is gone you need to rinse the chain completely to remove all traces of lime juice and steel wool. If you hadn’t removed your chain from the drivetrain toucan lube it straight away.

If you don’t oil it properly it will rust again, and you will need to repeat the process of cleaning it or replace it altogether. Lime juice is an excellent bike chain rust cleaner, but if you don’t take care of the chain after you have cleaned it toucan expect problems down the road.

Clean it of excess grease and debris and add lubricant where needed. You should oil your bike chain to prevent rust if you ride it in conditions such as mud, dirt, rain, and snow.

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If you notice that the chain isn’t moving smoothly or makes creaking noises when you ride it’s time for a clean and lube. Review them carefully before you buy to ensure that they perform as stated in the marketing material.

You may feel tempted to use something that resembles bike chain lube, such as motor oil or something as simple as Vaseline. Motor oil contains finite particles and chemicals that will damage the chain over time, and Vaseline will not provide the required protection from the elements.

You may find products like WD-40 recommended is some quarters; they may help remove rust but only for a short period. Finally, if you don’t lubricate the chain after cleaning you shouldn’t expect the job to hold.

Choose your lube carefully, and make sure that it is recommended for bike chains. If the chain is heavily rusted don’t waste your time cleaning it.

It will not work, not to mention the rust may start to affect other parts of the bike such as the drivetrain and frame. Rust and bike chains have an affinity that seems designed to frustrate even the most fastidious biker.

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Keep rust removal simple with regular cleanings and lubing that help prevent the orange-brown stuff from accumulating. Accumulated rust removal is a much more difficult task and affects the chain ’s pliability as well as the bike ’s overall performance.

Letting rust accumulate usually means making a trip to the bike shop for a new chain. You might need several sized brushes to get into tight areas between side plates and center rollers of the chain.

Dampen a plastic or steel scouring pad with lime juice and scrub out surface rust spots from the chain. For hard-to-remove rust, remove the chain for soaking in a citric acid solution, such as lime juice.

Soak the chain in a bowl of lime or lemon juice for 60 minutes to two hours. Add lubrication sparingly, one to two drops at a time, between the side plates and center rollers along the chain.

Creating a seal between the bike chain and the elements with proper lubrication prevents rust. Tips Cleaning and lubricating the chain after riding in wet conditions can especially help prevent rusting.

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Heavy rust freezes chains and makes them more susceptible to breaks. Here we have shared an amazing article on removing rust from bike chain with vinegar.

Like all other vehicles, your bike needs maintenance and proper care as over time the environmental factors such as air and moisture tend to take their toll on it. Being primarily made of metal bikes are often prone and susceptible to rusting and corrosion if not taken care of on regular basis.

Being simple in their aesthetics bikes are often forgotten and not taken care of by their owners ending up corroding and eventually the parts break down. Make sure you read one of our great article on best bike chain lubes.

Rust is a product of a chemical reaction, it is produced when the oxygen and moisture present in the atmosphere reacts with metal. Now rust is a pretty bad thing and when it starts to show up you know that you are in trouble as it can happen to any part of the bike.

Rust starts slow and small but tends to grow fast and spread to the rest of the metal and it is not like it is will disappear on its own, so must know how to remove it properly without damaging your bike. It is a cheap food item that is readily available in most households or toucan find it in any supermarket or corner store and surprisingly vinegar has rust removing abilities too and that is what we are going to explain how to remove the rust off of your bike chain in simple, easy and quick steps.

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Now, you have made yourself familiar with the tools and it is about time we learned how to get that stubborn rust off of your chain. Now simply take the bottle of white vinegar and pour it into the container.

Repeat the process of dipping and rubbing with vinegar and once you are done with removing the rust, you are to give it a good clean with water so the remnants of vinegar and rust come off, giving your chain a well finished and shiny look. Make sure the rag is clean, toucan also use any piece of cloth but it should be soft and shouldn’t have any lint that could get stuck in the chain.

Skip tooth chain and sprocket, shock master fork with a broken spring. I still wind up with two pairs of pliers on some links breaking the rust.

Any organic acid is going to dissolve rust at 160 degrees and two pH. I technically hd two profiles because the capital and the browser forums were I couldn't figure them out at one point.

Some of the phosphoric acid rust removers leave a “shell” behind and then you are still left with what could be a stretched chain. I soak them in gasoline then wrap in a rag and blow out with compressed air, may take a few times.

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Scrub brush and dish soap, dunk in vinegar or I prefer italic acid to debut. I dunk the chains in my used motor oil or used trans fluid for final lube.

I was reading on a build off thread the other day when I think someone was fixing up old chains by using a short vinegar bath followed by a soak in automatic transmission fluid? Anyone got some good tricks on reviving an old chain ? Taking the opportunity to document my progress as part of the discussion.

Carefully drained the liquid and replaced fresh vinegar (without dish soap). I never got a clear rinse from this so I removed the chain from the jug smeared on dish soap and scrubbed with a cleaning brush.

As toucan see, a mix of shiny metal and rusty pieces. I have had success with zip locking them in a bag with penetrant for a few days.

They ran quiet and looked ok. like someone else said, I would only do this for a skip tooth chain. 1 inch chain is too inexpensive and used ones regularly available on discarded bikes to bother.

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If you use any kind of acid soak on a skip tooth chain or a lucky seven seat post then you will find a deeply pitted seat post or a pile of pitted chain side plates pins and rollers, all loose in the bottom of your acid soak. This metal is soft and parts of the steel grain are extremely susceptible to acid erosion.

Degrease the chain with solvent and spend all your winter evenings brass brushing with gun oil, picking and hand DE rusting. Other bike nuts have asked me where I got the new skip tooth roller or blockchain.

Reactions: John Delgado, Indians, RustySprockets and 1 other person I ran my thumbnail across a couple of those rough spots you see in the photo, caked on debris flaked off.

I mix hot water with a citrus cleaner and run the tank until no visible clouding is seen coming off the part being cleaned. Afterwards I warm the chain up until almost too hot to touch and wick an industrial PTFE lube into the pins & rollers.

Reactions: El Diablo Guano, John Delgado, sandman and 2 others I mix hot water with a citrus cleaner and run the tank until no visible clouding is seen coming off the part being cleaned.

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Afterwards I warm the chain up until almost too hot to touch and wick an industrial PTFE lube into the pins & rollers. I mix hot water with a citrus cleaner and run the tank until no visible clouding is seen coming off the part being cleaned.

I should add... the evening following the vinegar rinse, water rinse, and drying in the sun, I placed the chain in a freezer bag and sprayed in some chain and cable lube- anti-sling penetrant”. As a rule I try to use my best chains for my bikes, BUT I keep all/most of the (crusty) chains I remove in two medium-sized plastic bags, speedy and the kind i usually use, the bags live in a plastic tub.

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