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Can You Cure Hiv In Bitlife

David Lawrence
• Monday, 19 October, 2020
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The game will give a pop-up of any diseases or ailments a character has when they contract it. Following the Mind and Body update, the character might experience symptoms when having a disease, along with a bar showing their level of concern.

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They may surf the internet for symptoms but could be misled by unreliable sources. The Sickly achievement can be earned if a character gets 10 different diseases in a lifetime.

In June 2020, erectile dysfunction (males), vaginal dryness (females) and hemorrhoids can be contracted if a character trolls BitLifeApp on social media. Examples of these are the common cold, the flu, pneumonia, tonsillitis, bronchitis, and some STDs.

These include croup, chicken pox, mumps, and measles. Kids can also be diagnosed with lactose intolerance, which is hard to cure but will not affect their health.

Some childhood diseases can be easily treated but are dangerous enough to kill your character if untreated. Examples include gonorrhea, genital herpes, HIV, chlamydia, and hepatitis B.

Dying of HIV when your character is under 30 and had very few one-night stands could give them the Unlucky ribbon instead. When depressed or anxious, happiness is harder to go up and the character will have to get it very high to be cured of it.

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Other lesser-common mental illnesses seen in the game are schizophrenia, and post-traumatic-stress disorder, the latter only affecting deployed military characters. Schizophrenia and PTSD can also occur after paranormal activity in Haunted houses, just like high blood pressure.

Examples include migraines, gout, hives, and itchy bottom. Examples include appendicitis, hepatitis C, esophageal cancer, sickle cell disease, heart disease, some cancers, bubonic plague, epilepsy, rabies, and coronavirus.

Hair loss is more likely to be experienced by male characters and can happen before age 65. Those conditions appear randomly in the game and have no direct cause although these occur most often when a character is lazy and doesn't do much in life other than aging up.

The only way to find out if a pet is ill is to read the character bio carefully. Sometimes, it will mention the pet acting atypically, such as not eating, having wobbly legs, or being lethargic, etc.

If the player refuses to euthanize the pet, they might contract rabies and get the achievement. Pets who are old, with low health, and multiple diseases can also be euthanized if the vet determines they are in too much pain.

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Possible symptoms Emoji Symptom Description “Browse the web” button “Visit the doctor” button Abdominal Pain Your stomach is hurting so much it feels like someone punched you in the gut. You've been sitting on the restroom for minutes with an awful case of the Hershey squirts.

Body-Aches YYou'vebeen lying in bed all day today because you are feeling achy and weak Common Cold Ebola Fibromyalgia Swine flu You are trying to relax in bed, but your chest area hurts with each breath you take.

Bronchitis Common Cold Coronavirus Hay fever Laryngitis Difficulty Urinating You feel like you have to pee but when you try to use the trestroomytoucan't make it happen.

Anorexia Middle ear infection Restless leg syndrome Your head has been throbbing so severely that it seems like a good idea to dunk it in an ice bath.

Common Cold Coronavirus Flu Genital Herpes HIV Malnutrition Middle ear infection Migraines Rabies Shingles High Fever Your forehead feels extremely warm but you can 't seem to stay warm You are experiencing a high/bad fever, and you feel like the only thing that could possibly help you would be a prescription for/someone llaysdown that cowbell.

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Bronchitis Diarrhea Flu Genital Herpes Gonorrhea Shingles Syphilis Burning Paints You've felt some burning paints in your wiener over the last couple of days Itchy Your feet have been terribly itchy all day and ytoucan't stop scratching them Joint Pain Your joints have been feeling really achy lately.

Loss (Hair) While trimming your public hair/pubes/bush, you discover a bald spot down there. While looking in the mirror, you discover a significant bald spot on your head that you hadn't noticed before.

Loss (Hearing) You've recently noticed in conversations with friends that you are constantly asking them to speak louder Loss (Weight) YYou'vebeen losing a lot of weight recently without making any effort to do so. Off Balance After standing up quickly you suddenly feel off balance Orange Hue While looking at yourself in the mirror, you notice that your skin and your eyes have an abnormally orange hue to them.

Pooped your Pants You almost soiled/pooped your pants/shorts, but thankfully found a toilet to relieve yourself just in time. You've been feeling some sharp pains in your stomach that may be due to the fact that you haven't taken a dump in several days.

You feel like you may be impacted since you are having some abdominal pain and haven't been able to defecate for a couple of days. Skin Dry Whenever you scratch an itch on your back, skin flakes off of your body like a snowfall Short Breath You just experienced an unusual shortness of breath while walking down the street.

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Stinky Vagina You have spent the last week trying to identify where the stinky grouper/putrid salmon smell has been coming from, before finally identifying that it's coming from your vagina Bacterial vvaginitisChlamydia While standing in line at the supermarket/scrolling Instagram, you suddenly double over with stomach pains.

Stool Blood While sitting on the trestroom you notice there's blood in your stool Swelling Your throat is a bit sore and when you feel your neck, you discover that your lymph nodes are really swollen Athlete's foot Bubonic plague Testicles Swollen You feel like yyou'rehanging a bit heavy today, and when you look down south to see what the issue might be, you discover that your testicles are quite swollen Toilet Increase It's only early afternoon and yoyou'velready peed 17 times today Lately it seems you can 't go more than 15 minutes without having to pee.

Vomiting Just after consuming the tastiest fish n' chips of your life, you suddenly hurl it all back up. You're watching a movie with some friends when suddenly you feel an overwhelming urge to vomit, and run to the bathroom just in time.

Speech Slur: People have been pointing out that you've been slurring your speech recently Tender Muscles: The muscles throughout your body have been really tender recently Confusing Situations: There's been some situations recently where you have felt strangely confused and alienated No Pee: You also can 't seem to pee without experiencing a burning sensation Raging Migrant: You also have a raging migraine Discharge: You also have some bloody/gooey discharge coming out of your penis/vagina No Appetite: You also seem to have totally lost your appetite lately Red Bumps: You are also dealing with red bumps all over your skin High Fever: You are also experiencing a high fever Tension Headache: You are also suffering from a terrible tension headache Menstrual Cramps: You are also suffering from painful menstrual cramps that are more intense that what you typically experience Headache: You are dealing with a drumming/splitting headache Dry Cough: You are dealing with an awful dry cough Breaking Wind: You can 't seem to go an hour without breaking wind/farting. Low-Grade Fever: You have a low-grade fever Dry-Heaved: You have already dry-heaved multiple times today Raging Fever: You have a raging fever Ear Pressure: You have also been feeling a ton of pressure in your ear Indigestion: You have also been suffering from persistent indigestion Face Blood: You have also discovered blood in your feces Blisters: You have also discovered disgusting blisters on your skin Blood Level Higher: Your blood levels are above the normal range of 60-140 mg/DL Nagging: You're also dealing with a nagging/killer sore throat/cramps Running a High Fever: You're currently running a high fever Itchy Eyes: Your eyes have become annoyingly itchy lately.

Sore Jewels: Your family jewels are extremely sore Nuts on Fire: Your nuts/gonads are on fire Tender Joints: Your joints have also been really achy/tender in recent days Puffy Legs: Your legs have become puffy Swollen Lymph: Your lymph nodes are painfully swollen/inflamed Swinging Mood: Your mood has been like a roller coaster lately, constantly swinging up and down Congested Nasal:Your nasal passages have been extremely congested lately Running Nose: Your nose won't stop running Gooey Phlegm: Your phlegm has also been unusually gooey as of late Bloated Stomach: Your stomach has also been quite bloated lately Swollen Testes: Your testes have become swollen Diarrhea Spurt: You've also been dealing with random spurts of diarrhea Dry Skin: You've also been dealing with some seriously dry skin. Python Constrict: You've also been experiencing chest tightness that feels as though you are being constricted by a python Fatigued: You've also been feeling very fatigued lately No Energy: You've also been so tired lately that you haven't had the energy to do anything.

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Irritable: You've been quite irritable lately, where the littlest things are setting you off Mouth Struggle: You've been struggling to get the words out of your mouth the way you intend to Body Emaciated: You've noticed that your body has become quite emaciated lately Many can be contracted while a character is a child or teen and dying from one of these under age 30 will get the Unlucky ribbon.

A web search may diagnose a deadly disease but it does not necessarily mean that your character will have one. Disease Average difficulty to cure Average quickness of death Likeliness of dying Notes Cancers Medium About 3 years if untreated, can be much longer in adulthood Very likely Some cancers are very irrelevant, such as cancer of the scalp and eyebrow.

Yellow fever Extreme About 1 year if untreated, extremely likely; if treated, very unlikely Scarlet fever Easy About 1 year if untreated, extremely likely; if treated, very unlikely Can only be contracted when your character is a child or teen Epilepsy Medium About 5 years, longer if treated very well Moderately likely Can only be contracted when your character is a child or teen HIV Extreme Ranges based on treatment Moderately likely Contracted exclusively by an unprotected one-night stand and the hook-up had HIV. One of two diseases that are STDs, with the other being Hepatitis C and one of three that are not randomly contracted when aging up, the other being rabies.

One of three diseases that are not randomly contracted when aging up, the other being HIV and the only one of the two not to be sexually transmitted. Whooping cough Easy About 1 year if untreated, extremely likely; if treated, very unlikely Can only be contracted when your character is a child or teen Mad cow disease Extreme About 1 year if untreated but 1-4 years if treated (unless it's fully cured) If untreated, extremely likely; if treated, likely Tuberculosis Easy About 1-3 years if not treated Likely Contracted only as an adult Diabetes Hard Chronic, about 10 years Somewhat likely Appendicitis Easy About 1 year if untreated, extremely likely; if treated, very unlikely Coronavirus Easy About 1 year if untreated, extremely likely; if treated, very unlikely Community content is available under CC-BY-SA unless otherwise noted.

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