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Can You Be Queen In Bitlife

Ellen Grant
• Saturday, 02 January, 2021
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The Royal Update in Billie introduces Kings and Queens, giving you the chance to serve as the monarchy’s head. When you first start a life, you have to be lucky to have your character end up in a royal line.

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The only way to enter a line of Royalty is through birth, or by dating someone royal, and then marrying them. It’s the highest title available, but they can choose how they handle the citizens, execute people they don’t like, enact laws, and assist the citizens by engaging in public services.

The Royalty Update in Billie bought a number of interesting into the game which includes allowing players to hold hundreds of royal titles in monarchies all over the world. Once you are in charge of the Throne you can head on to the Royalty Tab in the game to do a variety of stuff including executing people and changing laws.

If you want to become a king or queen in Billie then you are going to need to be born in a country that features a monarchy. This can be places like Belgium, Denmark, Japan, Jordan, Kuwait, Malaysia, Monaco, Morocco, Netherlands, Norway, Qatar, Saudi Arabia, Spain, Sweden, Thailand, United Arab Emirates, and the United Kingdom.

Toucan also try the date option under the Love tab and hope to run into someone. You will also want to make sure that the country has a king or queen, it's possible they have some kind of lower designation.

Now that you've gained some kind of rule, toucan go ahead and engage in the Royalty tab that can be found under Activities. Toucan Abdicate your title, mingle with celebrities, execute someone, choose how you'd like to be addressed, review laws, engage in some dastardly disservice, or perform royal duties for the commoners.

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Make sure you have high respect before attempting it or you might end up a victim of execution yourself! Billie ’s new Royal Update is officially live, so toucan now find out which kind of ruler you will be.

Seeing as how there’s lots of new content in the game, many people are wondering how to become a King or Queen in Billie. However, other countries include Belgium, Denmark, Japan, Jordan, Kuwait, Malaysia, Monaco, Morocco, Netherlands, Norway, Qatar, Saudi Arabia, Spain, Sweden, Thailand, and UAE.

If you ’re the heir or heiress, toucan try to get the king or queen killed, or wait until they die. When you get a Royal title, toucan head into the Activities tab and then into Royalty.

There are many options to choose, including socializing with celebrities, relinquishing your title, executing someone, reviewing laws, causing chaos, and performing royal duties. The Royal tab’s options require you to gain respect, sort of like how fame works as a celebrity.

The royal update in Billie has caused the gamers on a move to become the king or queen of a country. One thing to note here is that you should choose a country that has a monarchy to be born in a royal family.

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Such countries with monarchy include Denmark, Sweden, Barbados, and many more. Despite choosing these countries, chances are low that you are born in a royal family.

What toucan do is start the game from fresh every time until you spawn in the family of a king. The other way is to marry a royal family member, and this can again be very tricky.

You need to head to the date section on the menu and expect that you might run into someone from a royal family or gets hit upon while in the gym. Once the respect stats are high, toucan also take decisions to execute someone.

When your character is born into royalty in Billie, they must patiently wait to inherit the throne from their parents before having power over the country. That can take time, and many may choose to kill their older siblings or parents to make it happen sooner.

The most powerful titles include King, Queen, Emperor, Empress, Emir, and Mira. When your character assumes these ranks, they can do quite a bit while running a country, regularly performing executions, and dealing with laws.

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When your character has a child while in this role will be a Prince, Princess, or a Duke or Duchess. For close to two years, Candy writer’s Billie has been immensely popular among iOS and Android gamers, and the game just keeps getting better.

Based on what we’ve seen, the countries where royalty is an option are as follows: Belgium, Denmark, Japan, Jordan, Kuwait, Malaysia, Monaco, Morocco, Netherlands, Norway, Qatar, Saudi Arabia, Spain, Sweden, Thailand, United Arab Emirates, and United Kingdom. Choosing Prince and Princess gives you a chance to eventually take over as King or Queen or Emperor or Empress, as we mentioned above.

It probably won’t happen right away, but if you become King/ Queen or Emperor/Empress and see your Respect dip down to zero for at least a few years, that brings up the possibility that the people of your country will organize a revolt and potentially overthrow you from power. Obviously, choosing the Apology option is your best bet if you want to quell the revolt and return to the public’s good graces (eventually), though it’s not always assured that you ’ll be forgiven by the people, especially if they were quite angry with your rule to begin with.

Mostly, the celebrities seem to enjoy these activities, and with that in mind, we’ve yet to see what happens when a famous person ends up hating the time they spent hanging out with you. From the moment you enter school as a royal, you will notice that things are more than a little different as opposed to those old walkthroughs where you played as a commoner.

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