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Can Trump Still Win Arizona

David Lawrence
• Monday, 04 January, 2021
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To base this decision on network vote totals and projections and to call Biden the president-elect is irresponsible. The networks currently give Trump 214 electorate voters (270 is the victory level).

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Trump has likewise led in North Carolina (15 votes) all week and his margin of 75,000 has not diminished. Like Alaska, the media will not call it for Trump to promote the illusion of a Biden victory.

Is fully counted, it will go through a recount subject to the pro- Trump bias identified in point 2. Like Arizona, Trump may still win the count and, if not, would have a very good chance of prevailing in the recount.

The Supreme Court provisionally allowed ballots to be counted if they arrived before Friday, Nov. 6 and were postmarked before election day, Nov. 3, and ordered late votes to be segregated. The number of late arriving ballots likely far exceeds this total (the state has not published this information).

Justice Alioth and a Court majority may throw out the late ballots, likely delivering the state to Trump. Additionally, for the reasons stated above, a recanvass is likely to give Trump a decisive advantage.

And remember, four Justices wanted to reconsider whether to allow late ballots entirely but the high court deadlocked 4-4. Now with Justice Barrett in the mix it may take a different view, particularly IFF the presidency hangs in the balance.

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The Pennsylvania State Legislature, solidly in Republican hands (both houses) may choose to demand a recount before appointing electors. Already, the leader of the State Senate in Pennsylvania and the Speaker of the State Assembly have held a press conference announcing their intention to “audit” the vote counting process.

He wrote on Twitter that Trump “got over 59% of this first small AZ vote dump, above the 57% pace he needs to surpass Biden & win Arizona. Fox & AP made a hasty call in AZ, a state the President will still win.

Nate Cohn, who covers elections and polling for The New York Times’ Upshot page, wrote on Twitter that there are too many unknowns to say whether Trumpcanstill pull it off. Last night’s ballots were good for Trump, but there just isn’t as much precision in our understanding of what’s left as there is in the other states.

“One key piece of info in AZ: do we have late ballots that arrived in the mail, those dropped off on Election Day, or both? On November 4, Cohn wrote, “Tonight’s vote dump in Maricopa was Trump+18, which confirms that the state’s going to get a lot tighter.

Trump campaign officials have been expressing optimism about Arizona on Twitter and anger over the early call by Fox News and the Associated Press. Some of our best gains have come from Election Day voters in blue municipalities,” campaign strategist for Trump, Jason Miller, wrote on Twitter.

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© Provided by Daily Mail Mainline logo The result of the election is still unclear today with several key swing states still in play including Arizona, where Joe Biden's comfortable lead over Trump shrank overnight, wreaking havoc on the results and prompting a posse of armed Trump voters to descend on counting centers. That number includes Arizona, which Fox News and the Associated Press called for him early on Wednesday despite votes still being counted.

Video from outside the count center showed the angered crowd as they shouted that the vote was being suppressed Video footage from outside the Maricopa count center on Wednesday showed the angered crowd as they shouted and chanted that the vote was being suppressed and that the election was unfair.

Some fumed about a rumor that was circulating from right-wing social media accounts throughout the day that claimed that the ballots of some Trump supporters were being disregarded because they were filled out using a Sharpie. On Wednesday afternoon, officials said that there were still 600,000 votes left to be counted which suggested that it could be put back in play.

The AP is standing by its call, saying the outstanding votes are in Biden strongholds that will not flip back to Trump. Maricopa is the largest county in Arizona, home to Phoenix and 62% of the state’s 7.28 million residents.

Meanwhile, in Michigan, Trump protesters also surrounded an election center in Detroit where they called on the count to be stopped as the state was declared for Biden. In Georgia, the lawsuit claims that a GOP poll observer witnessed 53 late absentee ballots added to a pile in Chatham County while two additional actions in Pennsylvania claim a Senator there has given Biden back-door votes to try to push Trump out.

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And like in Michigan, the Trump campaign is suing to halt vote counting until 'meaningful transparency' is guaranteed. In a press conference held in Philadelphia on Wednesday afternoon Giuliani and Eric claimed the president won the state, despite roughly one million mail-in ballots still needing to be counted.

Angered protesters descended in the center in Phoenix where the majority of the remaining votes are still to be counted Donald Trump yesterday filed a lawsuit in the battleground state of Michigan seeking to halt vote-counting and review counted ballots.

President Trump and the Georgia Republican Party have filed a lawsuit against election officials in Chatham County, asking a judge to order all late ballots be secured and accounted for. It was filed after a Republican observer claims to have witnessed mail-in ballots which arrived after the 7pm deadline added to a pile of lawful votes to be counted.

The Trump campaign last night announced it would demand a recount of ballots in Wisconsin after an ultra-tight race. Wisconsin state law allows campaigns to pay for a recount if the margin of defeat is less than 1 per cent.

The Trump campaign yesterday said it will wade into a case currently before the Pennsylvania Supreme Court, over whether late mail-in ballots can be counted. Like in Georgia, he also said Trump would be suing to stop 'Democrat election officials from hiding the ballot counting and processing' from GOP poll-watchers.

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He claimed that Republican observers in Philadelphia were ordered to stand 25 meters away from counting staff, making it impossible to watch. And like in Michigan, the Trump campaign is suing to halt vote counting until 'meaningful transparency' is guaranteed.

Goal made the claim after Fox News faced outrage for deciding to call the state's eleven electoral college seats for Biden before midnight on election night. The Associated Press has since also called a Biden victory but the New York Times and CNN are among the major news organization believing the race is still there for either candidate.

FiveThirtyEight's Nate Silver, who has himself been criticized for wildly inaccurate polling data, also said that Fox and the Associated Press should retract the projection. They have also said they are considering contesting the result but have not indicated what action they would take after calling for a recount in Wisconsin and filing lawsuits over vote counting in Pennsylvania, Michigan and Georgia.

'Fox News is a complete outlier in calling Arizona, and other media outlets should not follow suit,' fumed Trump campaign senior adviser Jason Miller on Tuesday night. 'Election Day votes are not fully reported, and we haven't even started to count early ballots dropped off at the polls.

#Variegate emerged on social media on Wednesday as Donald Trump supporters suggested that election officials in Maricopa County provided voters with the felt-tipped pens to interfere with their ballots. On Wednesday the Republican Attorney General’s Office in Arizona said they were investigating complaints from Maricopa County voters over the Sharpie fiasco.


Trump himself was enraged by the call and rang Rupert Murdoch in a fury on Tuesday night, according to reports. A source told Vanity Fair that Trump phoned Murdoch, who owns Fox, 'to scream about the call and demand a retraction'.

Even within Fox, the Arizona announcement allegedly angered staff, Vanity Fair reports. 'The Trump campaign is, how shall I put this, livid about the fact that Arizona was called,' Fox White House correspondent John Roberts reported around 12:20am Wednesday morning.

'We're four standard deviations from being wrong,' Arson Mishkan, director of the Fox News Decision Desk, said of the network's statistical model. He also acknowledged that there were outstanding votes to be counted in the state but that they were mainly in areas in which Biden was performing well, according to Politico.

'I'm sorry, the president is not going to be able to take over and win enough votes to eliminate that seven point lead' Mishkan added. Donald Trump increased his support among black and Hispanic voters to clinch several toss-up states and keep his reelection bid alive.

The president's support among ethnic groups even be higher than exit polls suggest because of a 'shy Trump factor that threw pollsters leading up to the election. The president also dispelled claims his base was largely non-educated, winning 42 per cent of college grads.

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On Tuesday, false stories were circulating among right-wing social media accounts that votes cast for Trump were not counted in Maricopa County because voters used Sharpie pens. Dubbed 'Sharpie gate' by conservatives on social media, the allegations could be used to try to undermine election results in the historically Republican state.

Attorney Alexander Borodin is representing an Arizona woman named as Laurie Aguilera by 12 News as well as ten other unidentified voters in the state. Elsewhere, the Republican Party themselves have filled lawsuits in Michigan, Pennsylvania and Georgia and called for a recount in Wisconsin, claiming that fake mail-in ballots for Biden were being created in order to hand him the win.

Back in Arizona, it was also revealed earlier Wednesday that a data feed informing media organizations of the voting tally in the state was incorrectly showing that 98 percent of its votes had been counted for a period on Wednesday morning, casting further skepticism on the early calls. In fact, only 86 percent had been tallied at the time, leaving hundreds of thousands more votes still to be taken into account.

Edison Research data incorrectly displayed the percentage of votes counted for a brief period before being rectified, according to The Hill. The error was noted by New York Times editor Patrick Large, whose publication has shown a Biden lead throughout Wednesday but do not believe that his victory is yet certain.

It means America is inching closer to an election result but still does not have one almost 24 hours after the first polls closed thanks to record voter turnout, which is slowing the counting process. The President is demanding a recount in Wisconsin, and he has filed lawsuits in Michigan and Pennsylvania to halt counting, claiming his people have not been allowed to oversee the process and ensure it is being carried out fairly.

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Donald Trump supporters chanting 'stop the vote' stormed a Detroit counting hall Wednesday afternoon as the president sued Michigan for not providing 'meaningful access' to counting locations and Joe Biden won the crucial swing state. The TCF Center in downtown Detroit boarded up its windows and shuttered its doors after hundreds of poll watchers descended on the building while ballots were being tallied.

Hundreds of challengers had shown up at the center in response to the president's claims earlier Wednesday that the GOP should have 'access' to counting locations. Democratic poll watchers also showed up as both sides eyed Michigan as one of the states where the White House may well be won or lost.

A protester who wants every vote counted from the 2020 presidential election, carries a sign as they march down Woodward Avenue on November The scene grew increasingly heated and authorities halted any more poll watchers entering the counting center saying maximum capacity had been reached as Biden inched ahead in the afternoon with a 0.7 percent lead with 99 percent of votes tallied.

More than 100 demonstrators had flocked to the center as Biden took the lead Wednesday afternoon joining the more than 200 already on the scene. 'We have exceeded the amount of challengers,' an election worker told more than two dozen people who showed up at 1 p.m. to monitor the process, reported Detroit Free Press.

Poll watchers had calmly checked in earlier in the day near the entrance to the convention center's hall and strolled among the tables where ballot processing was taking place. Republican challenger Timothy Griffin, an attorney from Virginia, told the Free Press he had been at the TCF since Tuesday night because the voting system was 'not fair'.

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On the other side, Democratic challenger Liz Likewise from Harrison Township said she was there to help ensure the rights of American people to vote was upheld. Outside the counting room, demonstrators carried 'Count every vote' banners and marched along Woodward Avenue.

The Trump campaign said it was filing the lawsuit against Michigan claiming it had been denied access to the count. The campaign didn't immediately make public a copy of the lawsuit and it wasn't clear what areas they argue they were denied access to.

Trafalgar Group chief pollster Robert Canal says polls are getting it wrong because people are scared they will be CANCELED if they admit to being conservative © Provided by Daily Mail Trafalgar Group chief pollster Robert Canal has insisted major polls are wrong because people are scared they will be canceled if they reveal they are voting for Donald Trump Trafalgar Group chief pollster Robert Canal has insisted major polls are wrong because people are scared they will be canceled if they reveal they are voting for Donald Trump.

'It's mainly because they attract an audience of people who feel the same way they do,' Hume shot back, to nods from Carlson. In 2020, opinion pollsters have once again proved badly wrong in the US Presidential election, four years after Hillary Clinton was widely predicted to win and lost.

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