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Can Rust Run On Macbook Air

Danielle Fletcher
• Monday, 09 November, 2020
• 7 min read

We do also have a sponsor for this video that has made some great screen recording software check them out we have a link in the beginning of the description. 08:00 Tear down and Upgrades, Thermal design constraints.



08:48 Recommended Accessories, Hub, external SSD, controller, mouse. 18:17 I attack a nice guy, I wish I didn't… 18:35 Bonus clips, horse ridding.

Extra speed makes game unplayable. I really enjoyed playing rust on this machine and filming this gaming guide gaming setup, even though it wasn’t a flawless gaming experience I was still able to get loot and survive a few battles killing my enemies, however if you can opt for base model or upgraded GPU MacBook Pro 2017-2020 which will have much better performance I think it will run about 2x as good.

We are looking for a video editor, if you have other skills we could put them to use email us! The Intel HD 6000 has nearly a third of the power of the minimum graphics card.

You could try LowSpecGamers video but I doubt it would be very helpful as he used a lower end discrete graphics card. You can use Nvidia GeForce Now cloud streaming if you have good internet tho.

Apple’s new M1 processors are finally here, and as expected, they are much more powerful than the current Intel-based Macs. Depending on your usage, you could expect 5 to 10 times better performance and better battery life.


Apple made good on its promise that their M1 processors would revolutionize the Mac. The community has been hard at work this past week, performing and sharing as many benchmarks as possible.

The results speak for themselves, but if you just want the main takeaways, there are 2 things to keep in mind: Originally published on November 26th, updated the list of Mac M1 supported games.

Many users have tested some games and shared the list on different platforms. Apple M1 chip comes in the MacBook Air, MacBook Pro 13, and Mac Mini.

If you like computer gaming and you have M1 powered Mac then you can experience some amazing titles such as Borderlands 3, Call of Duty Black Ops 3, Diablo 3, Data 2, Minecraft, and many more. The list is quite big and I hope you also find your favorite game so you can play it on your M1 powered Mac.

As the Apple M1 SoC is a new chip, many gamers with M1 Mac will have one question. All thanks to the developer and designer Thomas Shrank for the complete list.


As it is a new chip, it means users may also face issues with Mac Apps like Google Chrome. And so we are going to share a similar type of list for compatible Apps.

If the game runs at 30+ FPS, you can expect decent performance. These are all our official results so far (you can also find the specs of the Macs used below the table).

In order to effectively figure out what games your Mac Cancun, you should: Download Valley and perform this same test (we explain the entire process in detail here).

From the machines used to test that game, pick the one that resembles your Mac the most. If your Valley result is 20 FPS, you can expect gaming performance somewhere between our two Mbps above.

This method should only be used to give you an educated guess of what to expect from games. Chances are you have a Mac that isn’t wonderful for gaming, at left on paper.

mac installing slow ram running thestonybrookhouse

But slightly older games or modern indies will do just fine. To give you a better idea of what can be possible on an entry-level MacBook (in this case, my 2013 13-inch MacBook), all the games that are above the “unplayable” gray area should play fine on older Macs with integrated graphics.

While it was easy to find the fastest Mac, and hence “best for gaming”, we actually focused on the machines that offered the most value for money. Spoiler alert, it’s the 27-inch iMac (or 15-inch MacBook Pro if you need a laptop).

3.5 GHz Intel Core i5, 8 GB RAM, AMD Radon R9 M290X (2 GB) For all available results and details involving the machines that were used, make sure you visit our “Read more” links.

Geek bench is extremely popular and already benefits from a massive database of results but it only focuses on CPU performance and disregards graphics performance, which is critical for gaming. Cine bench R15 does have a dedicated graphics performance benchmark, but it’s so old and outdated, it’s no longer relevant to modern video gaming.

In an effort to keep these results as accurate as possible, we asked every contributor to use the same benchmarking tool under the same testing conditions : Maintaining the machine plugged at all times (low battery affects performance).

It now looks like we could very well see a 2018 version of the MacBook Air, if a new report by Kg Securities analyst Ming-Chi Duo is to be believed. Duo does not go into details of what to expect from the new MacBook Air apart from the fact that it sport a lower price tag.

I am a cell and molecular biologist and computers have been an integral part of my life ever since I laid my hands on my first PC which was based on an Intel Celeron 266 MHz processor, 16 MB RAM and a modest 2 GB hard disk. From traditional floppy based storage and running DOS commands for every other task, to the connected cloud and shared social experiences we take for granted today, I consider myself fortunate to have witnessed a sea change in the technology landscape.

I honestly feel that the best is yet to come, when things like AI and cloud computing mature further. When I am not out finding the next big cure for cancer, I read and write about a lot of technology related stuff or go about ripping and re-assembling PCs and laptops.

Now dubbed Stain gate, the issue has become so widespread that MacBook owners affected have created a website in a bid to team up against Apple and kick off a replacement or repair program. As of mid October, it looks like the website and persistent complaints from users has attracted Apple's attention, leading the company to reportedly kick off a replacement program to fix the stain gate problem for free.

Apple has yet to publicly confirm that the replacement program is official, but we'll update this article as soon as we find out more. Taking a closer look, Stain gate is the term used to describe the issue that is causing MacBook Pro owners with Retina displays to wear off or peel, leaving what looks like large, ugly and obstructive stains across the screen.

“There is no clear pattern as to how it starts: some experience it in small spots around the edge, on other screens it appears in the middle as large patches. Prior to the reports about a replacement program as mentioned at the beginning of this article, Apple said that anyone suffer from Stain gate should contact the Apple Support Center, but if your Warranty or AppleCare has expired, you might have been charged for the repair or replacement.

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