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Bitlife What To Do After Escaping Prison

James Smith
• Saturday, 21 November, 2020
• 7 min read

Billie is a fun simulation game where you can live out the life of your character from birth until death. Every choice has its consequences, similar to how things are in real life.


One of the choices you can make in the game is to turn to a life of crime. The game’s latest update, however, has added a new category of life events related to crime that opens up a world of possibilities to explore.

It would be safer for you to choose a stranger as your target to avoid wasting your effort in establishing a relationship with family members. There may be a lot of ways to commit murder, but that does not mean you should randomly choose one.

If you were able to save up enough money before you committed your murder, you should be able to afford an attorney and appeal your sentence. The second option is to just stay in prison and cause trouble by starting riots.

The more trouble you cause, the higher the chances of adding to your sentence. Feel free to choose whichever sounds the most fun for you.

The game realized it also takes skill, so the new update now gives you a better chance of escaping on purpose. If you choose to escape, you get to play a mini-game where you need to outwit a guard.

You might need to put yourself in danger of getting caught in order to lure the guard into a trap. If you successfully escape from prison, you could live out a normal life, but it won’t be as easy as before.

Make sure you avoid drawing attention to yourself by staying away from high-profile jobs, like a CEO. You would also notice that it will be more difficult to get a decent job now that you have a criminal record.

Regardless of the kind of job you get, you will still be able to earn money and raise your kids. The chance of living to see old age is still there as long as you play it safe moving forward and avoid causing any more trouble.

Press question mark to learn the rest of the keyboard shortcuts Every time I get out I get caught and sent back to prison the next year.

View Entire Discussion (3 Comments)More posts from the BitLifeApp community The challenge for the weekend is called Shaw shank, after the famous book by Stephen King.

It varies from the week’s previous challenge where you had to play the game for three hours straight, so players may have a few more complications attempting to complete this one. After that, when you have the opportunity to participate in a crime, attempt to kill any family member or friends.

You can keep yourself healthy and busy by staying there, and whenever you have the opportunity to fight any character in prison, do so. It’ll likely stir a fight between you and any gang member inside the prison.

You don’t want to do it too often to run the risk of your character potentially dying from a fatal wound while in prison, though. It’ll probably be a good idea to participate in a side job and then use whatever small amount of money you secure to escape.

When you attempt to break out of prison, you will be getting one of the following layouts. Arrow: Designates the direction you should be traveling at that point of the line.

Video The first layout we're looking at requires a bit of looping back on your path, but isn't too hard. This one isn't too difficult, you just need to do one quick double back, and then a longer one as you get deeper into the map.

Make sure you do every one of the small backtracks listed on the map, or you won't get the cop into the right place. Video Tight quarters in this 5×5, and you'll need to do a fair amount of going back and forth to complete this one.

All you need to do is get the police officer into the little U shaped walls, and once you've done that you can breeze on through to the exit. Pretty standard one, you'll have to do some trekking across the jail a couple of times to get the cop where you want him.

Video You'll have to do kind of a big loop and then come back again to keep the officer off of you and to get to the exit. Another one where you're doing quite a bit of backtracking, especially in the bottom right corner where you'll need to go back and forth to get the cop in the right place.

Video The smallest current layout, has you doing a bit of back and forth to escape. However, now that there is a mini-game to get out of prison, you actually have a chance at determining your own fate.

Minimum and medium security prisons have maps that are relatively easy to get through. Maximum security prisons range between hard and nearly impossible to escape from, with much, much larger maps and more twists and turns.

We have all the maps and solutions collected, and we are constantly monitoring for updates so that we can add more of them. So if you get to a specific prison map and you don’t see it in this article, check to see if any of the other videos are flipped, rotated, or mirrored versions of the prison that you’re stuck on.

Read on for every walkthrough and all the solutions for every prison escape map, so that you can get out 100% of the time, in Billie : Life Simulator! There are multiple ribbons that require you to escape from prison in order to earn them.

Now, you know how to get to jail and prison, and you know what ribbons are influenced by escaping ; here is the list of every president map in the game, and a full guide with the videos included for how to escape from every single one of these prisons. This is the easiest of the prison maps, so if this is the first one you got, count yourself lucky.

That means that, in addition to what you see in this video, there are a variety of other routes, and other methods of manipulating the guard, that can get you out of prison. This one is chock-full of right angle walls and looks impossible at first because all that the guard has to do is not move, and he’ll get you every time.

Yes, there is no way that you can get out of this level just by relying on the guard to stay in the current position that they are in now. NEW: January 2021 Active Promo Codes for Pokémon GO: The Full List and How to Redeem Them But being that it’s fairly easy to trick the guard into doing whatever you want, this level is much easier to beat than you might think it is.

This makes it a little easier to escape from because you have a ton of space to work with. This level is a good combination of two things: Like with the previous one stated above, you have a lot of space to work with in order to escape.

The 6×6 prison map gives a lot of room to work with. But there are also a ton of walls in here, so the guard has a lot of space to trap you.

Essentially, you have to trick the guard into getting stuck behind one of the many walls on this level. HOT: Here’s Ten of the Most Underrated iOS/Android Games Another version of the 6×6 map but with a different layout.

Basically, you have to get the guard to chase you all over the level until they follow you to the one square that is surrounded by three walls and one opening. Literally, all that you have to do with this one is to move straight out so that you can trap the guard behind the only wall that blocks his path to the exit.

So take advantage of this to leave the guard marooned behind the wall and exit the map. But you can fairly easily trick the guard by imitating this video.

Simply get them stuck there and you’ll easily be able to get out of prison and be free. More than any of the other 4×4 maps, this requires you to essentially lead the guard completely around the level in order to get them trapped.

Luckily, though, considering the tiny floor space in this map, it doesn’t take long to trap the guard, so the back-and-forth goes by extremely quickly. Get that done and change your name as well, and all of a sudden the government doesn’t recognize the old version of you that has done so much time.

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