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Bitlife What Do You Do With Heirlooms

Earl Hamilton
• Monday, 26 October, 2020
• 7 min read

Family heirlooms are items you can find in an attic mini-game. You may discard it, donate it, play with it, refurbish it, or sell it.

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An example is the Lucky Dice, which has little profit if sold and should stay kept. If player cheats (changes the time) to get more heirlooms, they can only get Alarm Clock, fine china set, prayer beads, teddy bear, umbrella, and wind chime.

The character who you've selected to start the new generation gets all the heirlooms, unless the player writes his/her will decree all assets to whichever child they chose. Holding valuable heirlooms can help a character achieve the Rich or Loaded ribbon.

If you play with the Holy Grail, you get all stats maxed and you get the Sacrilege Achievement. The Lucky Dice increases your lottery/gambling luck, although it's hard to find it.

The latest Billie update (Version 1.21) added a bunch of features for us iOS users to enjoy. One of these new features involves a mini-game where we search in the attic for a family heirloom.

Keep in mind that the Android version of the game still does not have this function. The Heirloom appears in the assets tab if you discover it during the virtual character’s life progress.

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Navigate to the game menu and enter the Heirlooms collection. Go to the Assets tab there you will see the Heirloom tap it choose to sell or scrap or donate to charity or refurbish.

Painting Sextant Atari 2600 Holy Grail Lucky Dice Rolex Watch Newspaper 1995 Sony Movie Camera Chopsticks Canoe Microphone FIFA World Cup Ball Art of the Covenant Piano Keyboard Megaphone 1960 Rote 66 Gas Pump Diamond Ring Crystal Ball War Drum Basketball Scissors Seashell Toaster CD of Michael Jackson’s Thriller Graduation Cap Roadmap of the USA Umbrella Top Hat T-Rex Fossil Telescope Medieval Dagger Greek Amphora 1988 Family Reunion VHS Tape Edison’s Lightbulb Mic Saxophone Prayer Beads Spelling Bee Trophy Knife Used Tissue From Billie HQ Wine Bottle Fountain Pen Trumpet Crown Violin Cowboy Hat Floppy Disk Baseball Slot Machine Paint Set Diary Teddy Bear Toolbox 2008 Coachella Ticket Stub A Rock Wind Chime Paul’s Wig Fine China Set 1987 Fax Machine Nagar Amulet Leather Briefcase Compass DVD of Inception Microscope Briefcase Skateboard Titanic Anchor Alarm Clock Funeral Urn Pager Scooter Film Reel Camping Tent Kimono Wind Chime Boxing Glove If you have discovered an unique one, please share in the comment section below.

These relics to be able to find them, you have to wait at least 17 hours after having obtained the last one, you will see a dark room and a flashlight, you use the flashlight to find the relic, when you have it, it can appear in the asset window, when you have it located you can decide what to do with this relic, sell, give away, play or even improve, depending on the relic they have a different price, if you think about playing, you must be careful since it could break without obtaining any kind of profit. Billie is a text-based life simulator for the iOS and Android platform where you help a character live a good life through a string of decisions.

One thing that everyone wants to do in this game is to get rich, and make a ton of money. The primary way to make a ton of money is with your job, and the more that you prepare for jobs and promotions, the better career you ’ll usually get and the further you ’ll go in your chosen field.

In school, tap the “study harder” option constantly. These will increase your intelligence level, and with many careers, your looks come into play as well, which the gym helps.

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This improves your chances of getting scholarships and landing high-paying jobs when you apply for them later on. When you graduate from high school, pick a smart major.

Some, such as nursing and information systems, have a better shot at landing you a great job than others; medical professions, in particular, pay a ton, as do law, computers, and others. Watch out for student loans when applying for university, though.

You ’ll need them often, but if they are too high, they could drain almost all of your income every year. Apply for scholarships or, if you have parents with money, ask them to pay for college.

Oftentimes you ’ll end up starting a character and their financial drain will be sky-high for no apparent reason. If this is bad enough, it can cause you to be unable to purchase any real estate or do anything cool.

Sometimes this is due to student loans; other times, it’s a complete fluke. If this happens, simply start over with a new character and try again with their life.


Minimizing annual money drain is one of the keys to getting and staying rich. This includes acting, directing, singing, dancing, and other types of jobs.

Do a regular job to keep the money flowing in, and just continue playing the lotto over and over. So, of course, buy what you can afford that’s in the best possible condition, sit on it, and sell it later on.

Every year, check the would-be sale price of your real estate. NEW: January 2021 Active Promo Codes for Pokémon GO: The Full List and How to Redeem Them If you decide to enlist in the military after high school, then go to college later, then a good way to go after college is to go back into the military as an officer.

You can also stay enlisted, make it to the top rank, which is E-9, retire for a pension, then go into some other field, or even sit back and collect your money. Of course, put your money away while you ’re enlisted, too, so that you can invest a ton at the end.

There is a new component to Billie where you can get a random family heirloom by searching in your attic with a flashlight. These extremely rare heirlooms can either be kept for future generations, or you can sell them and take them money instead.


So if you want to increase its value as much as possible, your best bet is to keep it around for a long time, pass it down to your kids or even your grandkids, and then have them sell it. When you engage in a relationship, keep in mind how much money the other person has.

If they do have a lot of money, not only can you potentially share in that if they die (due to inheritance), but you have a higher chance of getting better jobs. If your parents have no money from the beginning, don’t count on getting much from them in general even if their generosity ratings are high.

HOT: Here’s Ten of the Most Underrated iOS/Android Games Emigrating can make you more money, but the difference in income between the same job in, for example, Nigeria vs Norway is far less than it would be in real life. A six-figure job with low expenses will allow you to buy more real estate in shorter amounts of time.

Buy as many houses as you can, with cash, making sure to leave enough money in your account for all the maintenance. By that same token, if you divorce your spouse, you ’ll get half of what they have.

If they have a ton of money, then you ’ll get a huge divorce settlement. Choose how much money to bet, and then you will be able to play the casino game.

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Start off low, at first, and then once you get the hang of how to win more than half of the time, you can increase your bets. If you get wonderful at blackjack, you can use it to make massive amounts of money without a lot of time spent.

Cars never do, so if money and riches are your goal, don’t buy more than you need. When you find lost wallets or purses, most of the time you will get no reward for it.

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