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Bitlife What Counts As A Mansion

Earl Hamilton
• Monday, 14 December, 2020
• 10 min read

In this tutorial, we will list out the instructions to buy and sell houses in the Billie game. We usually talk about various in-game aspects like what important decisions you should take during the initial stages of life.


These include a variety of options like vet, chef, dentist, farmer, social media star, or even the President or Prime Minister of the country. These houses aren’t only important for staying purpose, but could also be used as a great investment option.

But there are quite a few things to have a look at before you proceed ahead to buy or/and sell houses in Billie. In this tutorial, we will address all these concerns in detail and how you could make a perfect purchase.

Although it might sound a small sum of money initially, but remember every penny counts. Now once you reach the age of 18 years or older, you could proceed with purchasing a house.

Two of the most important things in this regard is the monthly expenses of the house and the mortgages. So if you initially purchase a house thinking it requires less money, the tables might turn as you could end up spending more in the maintenance part itself.

The reason we are saying this is that after a few years when you wish to sell this house, it might end up regarding you handsomely. During a period of time, you might see a huge list of people waiting to purchase a house.

So always make sure to wait for the perfect opportunity and strike when the iron is hot. Just keep in mind the above-mentioned points and you should have no issues in making a perfect sell of your abodes.

Halloween is a time for all sorts of scary and supernatural fun, but it could also give the weakest of heart some serious heebee-jeebees, considering all the supernaturally-themed television specials and movies that are aired on or around that day. You may be glad to know that Candy writer is keeping with the holiday spirit, as the company has rolled out a brand spanking new update for its most popular game, which we’ll be discussing in this Billie guide.

While this is a fun addition to the game that we feel is very timely for the holiday season, the main thing to keep in mind is that this is strictly cosmetic. The random Halloween scenarios you can encounter as an adult won’t have much of an impact on your life or on the four basic stats, though you can get a slight boost of Happiness, in particular, for most of them.

On a tragic note, there are times when a spirit could terrorize you in such a way that your Citizen could suffer a potentially fatal heart attack! This usually happens once their Health has been sufficiently worn down by the physical and psychological ailments we mentioned above, and once you choose the “scream” option in the dialog box.

Chief among This is the addition of new countries for your Citizens, as the Czech Republic, Ecuador, Hong Kong, Malaysia, Monaco, Morocco, Pakistan, and Syria are now available to choose from. The developer also hinted at the usual interface tweaks and bug squashes, specifying as well that there have been “many spooky stepfamily glitches” that were sorted out.

One thing to mention, with the release of Billie on Android we have had a look back through our list and added some tips to help you out. Some of these achievements are easy and simple, others require blind luck or dedication.

Up to this point, you’ve probably been spending most of your Billie chasing ribbons like a crazy cat. These are, effectively, rewards for living a certain way in Candy writer’s smash hit life simulator.

But did you know there’s a massive achievement system lurking under the surface? You’d be forgiven for missing it up to this point, as it was really difficult to locate.

Thanks to the latest update though, Candy writer has added the list of achievements to the main menu and spruced them up a bit, so they’re nicer to browse. It includes links to all of our other guides, where we’ve covered pretty much every aspect of this awesome game.

Tips: We’ve written a guide on how to live past 100, which should help you with the long life achievements. Become an airline captain TIP: Study engineering or something computer related at university, become a Pilot Trainee and wait.

Post 5 times on social media in one life Get a million followers on social media TIP: Be good-looking and post as many times as you can.

Tips: Basically, do as many bad things as possible while you’re between the ages of 5 – 17 and you run the risk of getting expelled. Tips: Start a life in another country, move illegally to the US, and commit a crime to get deported.

Tips: When you find a hippopotamus in the wild, run away and it will kill you. Tips: Attempt to save the stranger being attacked by a gorilla, and he will punch your head off.

Tips: Rescuing animals is a random event, so be patient until you get the opportunity. Oh, and don’t be ashamed if you accidentally get eaten when rescuing an animal.

Billie just received a massive update that introduces a bunch of new ways to be naughty. Okay, so before we get into the specifics of how the new train robberies work, let’s just give you a quick lowdown on exactly how to initiate the new activity.

So we’ve scoured Reddit and Twitter and tried ourselves numerous times, and it really does seem like pulling off the perfect train robbery isn’t easy. Basically, the time in real life has to match that in Billie when you go to rob a train.

Frustratingly, that would seem like you can’t just endlessly rob trains, but given that it’s such a lucrative source of income, it does make sense that you can’t do it over and over again. Well over a year after its debut, Billie has made Candy writer quite a household name in the app world.

Recommended for players aged 17 and up, Billie is a life simulator where you can make the best (or worst) possible decisions for your Citizens, or virtual humans, guiding their lives from the cradle to the grave, and if you’re a paid player, guiding the lives of their children, grandchildren, great-grandchildren, and so on, for as long as you wish. Billie version 1.30 is all about the Mind & Body menu, and with this new patch, several new features have been added, including one that could help your Citizens become better fighters, and another that could increase their intelligence faster than ever before.

As specified by Candy writer in the official change log, the new update promises a fundamental change to the Billie user experience. To put it simply, the “redesigned game elements” described in the change log are the new-look interfaces that are now more colorful and graphically striking, as opposed to the more bare-bones designs favored in previous versions.

Instead, “all-new people” refers to redesigned Citizen faces, instead of the limited, more minimalist options that were included in previous versions. Back in previous versions of Billie, getting sick was very cut-and-dry, yet also quite alarming, especially for diseases and illnesses that hit your Citizens without any precedent, such as having unprotected sex for STDs or working at extremely high (red) stress levels for high blood pressure.

But if you want to get your Citizens’ Health and Athleticism stats up once they turn 12-years-old onward, you can have them enroll in a Martial Arts course, under the Mind & Body section. The higher your belt is, the more effective you will become, though that also increases the chances of accidentally killing your target and possibly landing in jail for manslaughter.

At that point, the benefits will largely be Health and Athleticism-related, so taking a Martial Arts class even if you’ve reached the highest possible belt does still have its perks. They’ll probably take it that you’re giving up too early on your existing discipline and would naturally want to avoid wasting their money.

At this point, Citizens still do not come with heights and weights, so there’s no way of telling whether your virtual characters are skinny, fat, or right in between. But the new Billie update has introduced something that could add more realism to your Citizens’ day-to-day lives, and that’s the Diets feature, which can also be found under Mind & Body.

We chose that option one time for a character that also had a bit of a drug problem, and his health stayed at close to 100 percent for several years…until he, rather surprisingly, overdosed. Each diet you choose has an accompanying annual cost, so you may want to keep that in mind if you’re on a budget and don’t want to spend too much on food.

Previous versions of Billie had many ways in which you could make your Citizens improve their Smarts stat. For one, there was the organic, old-fashioned way, where making smart decisions and allowing your Citizens to mature could boost the stat.

Just as usual, Candy writer is on top of everything pop culture-related, as we mentioned earlier, and we did encounter some scenarios related to the recent Oscars, including one that asked us what we think about Eminem’s surprise performance at the ceremonies.

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