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Bitlife What Are Your Salary Expectations

Maria Johnson
• Monday, 28 December, 2020
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Google Play User Rating: 4.4 When career coach Joel Crawford worked in recruiting, the main reason she asked about salary was to gauge a job candidate’s expectations relative to the budget allocated for the role.

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So unlike many other common interview questions, your response to “What is your desired salary ?” could disqualify you from consideration for a job. But that isn’t necessarily a bad thing, since you might not be able to accept or enjoy a job that doesn’t pay enough for you.

You might also be afraid that the interviewer will judge you harshly if you price yourself too high or too low, but that generally isn’t the goal. This question is more about finding a salary match, says Crawford, who is also host of the podcast Career View Mirror.

Discussing salary early on ensures neither the candidate nor the company will “waste time and effort on several rounds of interviews to find out that the salary is wildly off from what you want,” says Muse career coach Jennifer Fink, CEO and founder of Fink Development. “Ideally, employers and recruiters would be upfront with information and volunteer it first, but that’s not often the case,” Fink says.

Either way, “Some processes won’t move forward until they know that a candidate is a good fit salary -wise,” Fink says. Start your salary research by looking up your desired job title by name, geographic location, and years of experience through free resources like the Department of Labor,, and Salary .com.

Fink also recommends 81cents, which helps job candidates, especially women and underrepresented minorities, improve the outcome of salary negotiations. You have to pay for their in-depth, personalized reports on your individual market value, but you can also check out their resource library for general information on salary and negotiation.

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Asking people in your network who have the job you want what they’re making is another way to gain insight, Fink says. Use multiple sources to get a good sense of the going rate for the kind of job you’re interviewing for and take into account any additional skills and qualifications you have, the size of the company, the industry, and the location.

Take all these factors into account ahead of time so you’re prepared to respond based on your actual needs and don’t accidentally accept a salary “where you’re eating Top Ramen and Moon Pies for dinner each day,” Crawford says. For example, you might decide tuition assistance or the ability to bring your dog to work is worth more to you than another $5K a year.

Responding to questions about salary with a single number limits your ability to make something work with the company, Crawford says. Her secret recipe for successful negotiations is to “come from a place of collaboration and service.” By giving a salary range, you show that you’re willing to be flexible and work with your prospective employer.

Showing that you’ve done your research and you know what you’re worth tells an interviewer that you’re serious about your skills and what you can bring to their company. You might also want to reiterate what you bring to the table for a prospective employer when formulating your answer to support the range that you’re giving, Crawford says.

“Taking into account my experience and Excel certifications, which you mentioned earlier would be very helpful to the team, I’m looking for somewhere between $42,000 and $46,000 annually for this role. However, compensation isn’t the only thing that matters to me and I’d love to learn more about the job, the company, and the work environment here.

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Your website mentions childcare benefits, which signals to me that this is a company that values working parents, which is definitely important to me, and I could be a bit flexible with salary for the right fit.” When you’re still learning the scope of a position and what benefits the company offers, you might prefer to delay answering questions about yoursalaryexpectations.

I’d love to learn more about the job, the company, and the entire benefits package before we talk about numbers.” Figuring out what that value is and telling potential employers will only help you ultimately get the pay you deserve.

Before joining The Muse, Regina worked scooping ice cream, attending parking lots, breaking into cars (legally! Careers are forms of employment that provide characters with varying levels of income.

Certain careers pay more than others but normally require a greater level of education and certain schooling. Income is the same number of money, no matter what currency.

Some careers rapidly provide more social media followers and a massive increase in income after reaching a certain 'breakthrough' (Acting and Composing) while others rely on a gradually increasing wage (Doctor and CEO). Most medical careers require a PhD but can give a rewarding wage.

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Choosing careers relies on steady planning and where you live. Most careers also provide raises based on performance or, depending on the job, looks and smarts.

Another key thing to remember is that jobs typically go from Jr. X to Sr. X or Apprentice X to X. Characters are required to attend an interview to get hired.

The following is a list of all medical careers including both mental and physical health. Many require either PhDs in medical fields or other schooling.

Job Promotes To Company Education Required and/or Work Experience Average Jr. Pharmacist Medical Office Pharmacy School $75,000 Pharmacist N/A Medical Office Pharmacy School/Jr. Physical Therapist Medical School $50,000 Physical Therapist N/A Medical School $60,000 Associate Nurse Clinical Nurse Hospital Nursing School $40,000 Clinical Nurse Advanced Clinician Hospital Nursing School/Associate Nurse $45,000 Advanced Clinician N/A Hospital Nursing School/Clinical Nurse €50,000 Apprentice Midwife Hospital University Midwife N/A Hospital University/Apprentice Midwife $80,000 Brain Surgeon N/A Hospital Medical School $95,000 Dental Hygienist N/A Dental Office Community College $65,000 Dentist N/A Dental Office Dental School $115,000 Family Physician N/A Hospital Medical School $95,000 The following job/job descriptions are all corporate.

Job Promotes To Education Required Average Starting Wage Jr. Internal Auditor University €53,000 Internal Auditor Sr. Internal Auditor University €56,000 Sr. Internal Auditor N/A University/Internal Auditor €65,000 Jr. Financial Analyst University €42,000 Financial Analyst Sr. Financial Analyst University €50,000 Sr. Financial Analyst N/A University/Financial Analyst €55,000 Jr. Computer Programmer University €42,000 Computer Programmer Sr. Computer Programmer University €60,000 Jr. Engineering Manager €75,000 Director of Engineering VP of Engineering University/Engineering Manager €90,000 VP of Engineering University/Director of Engineering €85,000 Apprentice Telemarketer N/A €20,000 Telemarketer N/A Apprentice Telemarketer €25,000 Apprentice Trucker High School €32,000 Trucker N/A High School/Apprentice Trucker €36,000 Database Administrator N/A University €60,000 Business Analyst N/A University €64,000 Receptionist N/A High School €21,000 Factory Worker N/A N/A €23,000 Janitor N/A N/A €18,000 The following is a list of jobs within city police departments.

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The salary usually does not get too high and the pension may leave you barely able to get by. Job Promotes To Education Required Average Starting Wage Cadet Patrolman High school $29,000 Patrolman Trooper High school $38,000 Crime Scene Technician Forensic Investigator University $38,000 Forensic Investigator University/Crime Scene Technician $49,000 Jr. Detective University $39,000 Detective University/Jr.

Branch Category Average Starting Wage Ensign Lieutenant Junior Grade University Coast Guard Officer $44,000 Lieutenant Junior Grade Lieutenant Ensign Coast Guard Officer $54,000 Lieutenant Commander Lieutenant Junior Grade Coast Guard Officer $66,000 Lieutenant Commander Lieutenant Coast Guard Officer Commander Captain Lieutenant Commander Coast Guard Officer Captain Rear Admiral Lower Half Commander Coast Guard Officer Rear Admiral Lower Half Rear Admiral Captain Coast Guard Officer Rear Admiral Vice Admiral Rear Admiral Lower Half Coast Guard Officer Vice Admiral Rear Admiral Coast Guard Officer Admiral N/A Vice Admiral Coast Guard Officer The following is a list of all jobs that are for a small business. The requirements are typically just high school or even nothing, but usually don’t pay too well (with some exceptions).

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