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Bitlife What Age

David Lawrence
• Monday, 02 November, 2020
• 8 min read

After your character passes away, it will turn into a sperm that looks like a tadpole, indicating to start a new life. New lives start as 0 years and are infants with their only information being their name, country, house (2019 update), parents, birthday, siblings and pets (if any), and conception method.

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When passing into a new generation, the character starts at the age that they were when their parent died. Every time a player ages their character, sometimes random events will occur such as deaths, surprise pregnancies, emergency situations, and encounters.

Following a new update on emojis, it is possible that characters can have gray or white hair from age 45-64. Even though the game is text-based and is largely PG, it does include some mature concepts.

This is necessary to make a comprehensive life simulation game. The Billie game completely depends on the Age button at the bottom of the screen.

Old age complications are the most common way to die in the Billie game. This death can happen at any time after you pass the 70 years mark in your life in Billie.

The newborn baby can surrender his life in Billie, but it is not practical in the real world. Some diseases are easily curable by visiting a proper doctor.

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Even if you had a curable disease, but you did not bother to visit a doctor and get treatments, you will end up dying at a younger age. If the Character lives in Pakistan, Iraq, Afghanistan, or any other country in which terrorism is a common thing, it has a random chance of dying by a terrorist attack.

But more significantly, you should pay your attention to the Health and Happiness levels of your Character in Billie. Improving your health is a key factor if you want to live a longer life in Billie.

If you have a sudden illness, you should need a doctor as soon as possible to get proper treatments. Frequent medical checks are good to have to improve your health.

Regular visits to the gym are a must if you want to live a longer life in Billie. Proper and regular exercises in the gym will improve your health.

Having too much alcohol and drugs will drastically reduce your health levels. You must maintain maximum health levels if you want to live a longer life for more than 100 years in Billie.


If you are a sick and weak person, you won’t live a longer life. You need to maintain the maximum Happiness levels of your Character if you need to live a longer life in Billie.

To improve happiness, your Character can spend time with his family and loved ones. Spending time with our family is an important thing as it increases our happiness.

Reading books, visiting the library, and meditation will not only improve your smartness. Having a maximum level in your Happiness score is very important if you are planning to live a long life in Billie.

Above mentioned, higher levels of health and happiness would help you to live a longer life. But to live a longer life, you need to avoid mistakes, which can cause sudden accidents and deaths.

So if you are planning to have a longer life for your Billie Character, do not enroll in the military. We're updating our reviews to better highlight authentic stories and accurate, diverse representations.

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The game gives players lots of options, but few are mandatory, letting people explore at their own pace. After a player chooses to have sex, a moaning sound effect is played.

Get full reviews, ratings, and advice delivered weekly to your inbox. Players live a simulated life and have the choice of playing it straight and narrow or making a series of riskier decisions to see the impact those would have.

These can range from one-night stands and threesomes to murdering family members to dropping out of school early to ignoring your health. Often, the choices don't have consequences, but other times it can result in the player being jailed, breaking up with a spouse or paramour, or dying.

With so many options available to you (whether that's a night at the casino, getting plastic surgery, experimenting sexually or not factoring in your financial situation). In the first life of the review, for example, the character's mother's occupation was “porn actor” (and she kept getting promoted).

PreviousNextCommon Sense Media's unbiased ratings are created by expert reviewers and aren't influenced by the product's creators or by any of our funders, affiliates, or partners. The health bars and star signs decide the type of death for each character on this platform.

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The kids play Billie with excitement, and gradually they will start to neglect their real life. In this imaginary environment, the kids have a lot of fun with the other players in the form of relationships like mother, father, brother, etc.

The immature minds start to live in this unrealistic world, thereby causing unnecessary emotional issues in the family. This type of video game becomes a great threat to the kid's and teens' real life in the end.

Parents should learn about this game in detail to avoid unnecessary emotional and psychological issues for their kids in the future. The Billie app simulator provides a comfortable zone for the kids to live according to their desires without any compromises.

This environment is free from difficulties, which enhances the continuous stay of the kids despite their real-time duties in life. When your kids play the Billie game consistently, it affects the academic performance badly.

The kids find it difficult to focus their attention on studies, important responsibilities in their day-to-day life. When your kid chooses their favorite characters as mother and father in this online space, it would ultimately lead to the intervention of strangers.


There is a possibility of porn images, videos sharing in this gaming mode between the stranger and your kid. The behavior and the attitude of your kids become strange when they play the Billie game in the long run.

The continuous usage of this video game makes the kid forget reality and live a fabulous virtual life without their knowledge. There is no strict supervision implemented on this platform during the download and installation process to ensure the age specification applicable to this app.

Even kids can install this app by entering a fake date of birth on the relevant page effortlessly. You have to follow the three normal ways to protect the kids from these types of life simulator games available for download at this online space.

Only through proper interactions, you can assist your kid in getting rid of life simulator games like Billie. You must guide the kids to share their daily activities regularly to avoid serious issues in the future.

Through constructive interaction, you can figure out whether your kid is on the verge of addiction to life simulator games like the Billie app. Encourage outdoor games to your kids and help them to shine on their favorite sport under the coaching from professional hands.


You can arrange for a daily coaching class related to their desired sports field without any regrets. You must divert their thoughts in a progressive path and inculcate the fire in them to achieve something great in the area of their interest.

Your kid will obtain better knowledge if he/she learns about the worst consequences of video games from specialist perspectives. You can provide an awareness platform for your kids to realize the problems related to smartphones and video games' consistent usage.

The Famine parental control app from Wonder share is the perfect tool to monitor your kids' gadget activities. From the listed details, you can sort out the obsessive gadget usage of your kids swiftly and take respective measures before the situation goes beyond your control.

The kids can use their smartphone within the time limit and gradually will be able to get rid of any sort of addiction issues. The Smart Schedule option guides the kids to manage their time wisely for productive outcomes.

Therefore, the Famine parental control app is the necessary tool to guide the kid's gadget activities towards the right path. Only through effective supervision you can protect your kids from unnecessary internet threats like Billie app simulator, Hall, etc.

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