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Bitlife Spooktober Challenge

Maria Garcia
• Sunday, 22 November, 2020
• 8 min read

You will again, similar to the previous challenges, have to fulfill some requirements to complete the Spooktoberchallenge in Billie. In this Spooktoberchallenge guide, we will cover all the requirements including the mystery challenge that you need to complete.



Encounter a ghost Carve a scary Jack-o-Lantern Give candy to a child Go out in costume ??? One great thing is that you won’t have to restart the game frequently to end up getting born in a specific location, as you can complete it from anywhere around the world.

All you need to do is get a decent job and save some money so that you can afford to buy a house. Once you have the money, head to the Assets tab and look for Haunted Houses in the Real Estate section.

After purchasing a haunted house, open up the Spirits tab and select a ghost to summon from the list. To put it simply, craving a Jack-o-Lantern is a random event and you just have to spend some time with your relatives to complete it.

Spending enough time will bring up a notification that you two just craved a scary Jack-o-Lantern, and this will do it for you. While performing the robbery, your character will wear a costume to hide identity and that will count for completing this requirement.

Encounter a ghost Carve a scary jack-o-lantern Give a child some candy Go out in a costume ??? You will want to make at least some decent money, so focus on doing somewhat well in school and going to college to have enough to buy some property later.


Age up throughout the early stages of your life, graduate High School, and then head to University. Pick a major that will get you on a decent career path, something like an accountant or businessman would be a good idea.

Once you start to accumulate some cash, look for a haunted property under the Assets > Shopping > Real Estate Brokers. Once you find one and you can afford it, purchase it and look to encounter the ghost under the Spirits tab.

Once you encounter the carving prompt, make sure to select the SCARY option or it won't count. Once you find a suitable target, use the gift option and look for Hard Candy.

A new weekend means there’s a brand-new challenge for players to complete in Billie. This one is all about celebrating Halloween at the end of October called the SpooktoberChallenge.

Encountering the ghost is the easiest objective to finish. The quickest way to do this is to purchase a haunted house and wait a few years.

You’ll randomly see the pop-up that the two of your carved jack-o-lanterns together, and that will count for the challenge. This activity, supposedly, only appears when your character is a child and under 18, so make sure to do this one immediately.

As most Billie players know, Sunday is new challenge day, and that’s when the game’s maker, Candy writer, launches a new limited-time event where you will be asked to create a new character (or continue an existing life) and complete a set of requirements based on a certain theme. As of this writing, Halloween is just a few days away, and it wouldn’t be like Candy writer if they didn’t take note of the upcoming holiday and base their next BitLifechallenge on it.

The SpooktoberChallenge, as it’s called, is actually easy to complete compared to most others, but there are a couple components of this challenge that may throw you off at first. Put a priority on houses that have a higher Handedness level than the others, as this would reduce the time it takes before your first ghost sighting.

Instead, we had to think outside the box and see if there are any more organic situations that involve wearing a costume or giving candy to a child. It may be something conventional like an airline pilot costume or something like dressing up as Darth Vader, Michael Myers, or a ninja, but just as long as you’re not settling for a boring old ski mask.

Luckily, that worked for us, so if you’re stuck on this particular requirement, keep in mind that giving, in this situation, could start at home! Completing this requirement, assuming it was the last one remaining, will do it for the SpooktoberChallenge, and you will again be getting a choice of four prize chests and a new set of eyewear or a new hat.

We recommend focusing on doing well in school to get a decent career later, save up some money, and buy a haunted house. After you graduate from high school, get a job, and accumulate some money in the bank, you can start looking for properties.

Head into the Assets tab and search for Haunted Houses under Real Estate. The Jack-o-Lantern carving event is random, so you’ll need some luck on your site to encounter it.

Halloween is all about trick-or-treating, and you’ll need to show your holiday spirit by giving some candy to a child. You can complete this at any point, and an easy way to do it is if you have some siblings or relatives under 18 that you can give some candy.

You’ll need a costume to do so, and you can always restart your app if you manage to fail the robbery. The final requirement shows up as a bunch of question marks in Billie.

This time it has come up with a challenge that is befitting of the Halloween season for it is scary as hell. SpooktoberChallenge on Bit life is finding traction among the players as well as attracting those who haven’t been around to play this game before. Noob or a pro, everyone is having some sort of difficulty completing this challenge which, otherwise, isn’t a hard nut to crack.

Before we go deep into the said challenge, isn’t it appropriate that we talked about the Bit life game a little so the new gamers have an idea about what I am rambling about? This game gives people the chance to make mistakes for which they don’t have to pay as is the case in real life.

It is, therefore, pertinent to delineate the steps so you can have it easy when you decide to complete the challenge : The last step is shrouded in mystery, it can be anything so the players are better advised to prepare for the worst.

So much for the introduction of the challenge, let’s go deeper and find out how can you complete the SpooktoberChallenge on Bit life. Grow up as an educated person, have a job to save enough money to buy real estate.

Once you have the money go to the required option where you can buy a house that is haunted: Assets > Shopping > Real Estate Brokers. For this to happen, you will be required to go to the relationship window where you need to opt for options that can get you through this step, that is, finding a person who is younger than 18 years old.

It is a hard task in the sense that there is always this chance that you will be caught and thrown into jail. I advise you that you leave this step for last because it won’t matter if you go into a lockup after you are caught.

To complete the step and with it the SpooktoberChallenge, you need to find a dead relative or friend in the relationship window. This time Bit life it is up with the SpooktoberChallenge to celebrate Halloween in the last week of October.

Billie (the top simulator game on Apple Store) gives the variety of challenges to its users every week. Using some set of rules, commands and random events it enables the gamers to experience a virtual life.

The users start the game as infants, who also will be given virtual parents tasked to take care of them. As they age, they can make certain decisions like, going off to school, choosing their desired subjects, getting a job, spending money and having a partner as well.

The wrong decisions will often take them straight behind the bars or the character will simply die. To celebrate Halloween this season, the Bit life users are given a spooky challenge named as SpooktoberChallenge.

If you are facing any trouble, just restart from the beginning or increase the age of your character. This event occurs multiple times in a single life so; you don’t have to put any special efforts.

The hidden task for this spooky challenge is to mourn a dead relative. If you make wrong decisions then your happiness will drop to the lowest level.

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