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Bitlife Requirements For Actor

Carole Stephens
• Sunday, 08 November, 2020
• 9 min read

Stats such as looks, smartness, happiness, and health matter a lot. Just after you start a new life, check the virtual character’s looks stats.


But, we would recommend you to go for one of these education careers at the university; Arts, Political Science, Dance, and Music. As we mentioned above, to become an actor in Billie, you need to apply for Voice over Job.

If you have good looks or smart stats + happiness, you will get approved instantly. If not, then you should start strong with a good-looking character(As mentioned in the first tip).

After getting a degree from the university, you will have to apply for a job to make a living. All you need to do is tap the age button then occupation/job check the Jobs/Job-listings(every year) and look for the Voice over actor job.

If you have any kind of disease, visit the doctor immediately Go to the Gym every year Meditate Don’t work hard every year(while studying) Don’t fight(In bully event) It might be possible that you have good looks, high smart stats but the game would not show this Voice over Actor job.

Along the same lines, one could also become an athlete or be a famous personality and earn more than 100 million dollars. Add to the fact that you could even become an actor in Billie, and it makes the matter all the more difficult for the users.

While no doubt it does require your full dedication and hard work, but it eases you out from the education qualifications perspective. Follow all the below-mentioned points and the actor job will be waiting for you at the other end of the crossroad.

Not only will it affect your health (see next section), but it might also lead your character to unnecessary fights. Apart from that, you should also make it a habit of going for evening walks daily and gym once a week.

And not to mention that you should maintain a safe distance from alcoholic drinks, drugs, and other such unhealthy practices. All this will have an adverse effect on your health and might put a pause on your dreams of becoming an actor in Billie.

There isn’t any educational degree or high school diploma that you might be needing for this job. However, if given an option, we would advise you to select subjects related to the acting domain only.

For example, you might select the Arts, Political Science, Dance, and Music as the subjects. Another pretty important requirement, we would advise you to have various social media accounts.

Likewise, doing photo shoots for the magazine or featuring in promotions and advertisements will also help your character to achieve fame. You cannot directly apply for an actor ’s job in Billie, you will have to slowly climb up the ladders.

To begin with, as soon as you pass out of high school, search for the voice actor role, and apply for it immediately. Although it wouldn’t increase your chances of getting the Voice actor job in Billie, still it's better to add new skills to your resume rather than just aging.

Moving on, once you have applied for the Voice actor, you will have to work there for a total of six years, minimum. If you work with complete dedication without engaging in any illegal actives, then you should be rewarded with a promotion.

Bit life is one of the most popular games on both Android and iOS. You can also boost your looks stat by going to the gym, avoiding fights (from the bully event) or as a last resort by getting plastic surgery (just like in real life, there are certain risks attached to it).

As we’ve said, you need good looks and high smart stats to become an actor. Apply for the voice over job, if you have good looks, smarts and happiness it shouldn’t be an issue to get hired.

Once you get the voice over job, word hard on it and eventually you’ll get promoted to actor ! If you’d like to learn more about fame in Bit life, check out our guide.

Now, go follow the steps and get that acting job you’ve always wanted! Before attempting to apply for an acting role and looking to make it big, you want to focus on your character’s look stats.

It’s important to keep this stat as high as possible throughout your character’s life to give the biggest advantage in landing a role. When you’re old enough to go to the gym, try to visit it at least once a year to work out, and then go for a walk, preferably for one hour at a normal or brisk rate.

The entry-level career for a movie star SS the voice actor role, so you want to try to apply for it immediately. Because it’s random, becoming a famous movie star can be troublesome to maintain, but once you have the voice actor role, you need to work hard in it every year.

You also want to keep a high follower count on your social media pages to increase your fame. Social media accounts are a good way to develop your fame before you enter the actor role.

Doing any form of plastic surgery runs the risk your character coming out of it looking even worse than before, and it wastes a lot of money. The less of a problem you are to everyone at work, the faster you can receive promotions to make it to the big times.

An impressive and highly addictive life simulator that allows you to make all the wrong and right choices you wouldn’t dare to make in real life, Billie offers you the possibility to choose a career path and land the job of your dreams. In Billie, studying hard will not suffice to help you reach your professional dream.

Qualifying for graduate school is easy and will guarantee you a well-paid job. Qualifying for the Law School is one of the biggest challenges in Billie.

If you want to qualify for the Law School, make sure to start playing the game with a virtual character who has at least 80% smart stats. If you dream of becoming a lawyer or a judge, make sure to always choose courses directly related to the field: Political Science, History or English.

During your primary and secondary school education, make sure to visit the library each year and study hard. Once you graduate from high school, make sure to opt for the correct education career.

We advise you to opt for higher education and apply for the Law School. You can progress even further and apply for different court judge positions.

Applying for the Medical School requires pretty much the same criteria as the Law School: studying hard, having good smart stats and taking medicine-related courses such as Physics, Biology or Chemistry. In order to make sure that your character is eligible for the doctor position, it is crucial to pay attention to his/her stats.

While at school, it is extremely important to study hard every year, maintain your smart stats and visit the library. Once you graduate from high school, you will need to pay attention to your career choices.

If you manage to obtain an undergraduate degree in psychology or biology, your application for the Medical school will get approved. While attending the university, you will need to make sure to always study hard and visit the library each day.

Once you graduate from college, you will have the possibility to opt for higher education or find a job. If you get in, you will need to make sure that you visit the library on a daily basis, always work hard and pay attention to your smart stats.

While at university, make sure to take Mathematics or business-related courses and you should be good to go. If becoming a dentist is your Billie dream, then you will need a graduate degree in Biology.

Once you graduate from high school, make sure you choose the right career and opt for Biology as your main subject. The key to success: study hard, maintain your smart score and visit the library each year.

Once you graduate from university, you will be given 3 options: look for a job, seek higher education or take a rest. In order to be able to get a pilot trainee interview, your character’ smart stats must be over 85.

While studying, make sure to maintain your smart stats high and visit the library. And this is where things get a little weird: in order to become a pilot, you will need to apply for the medical school.

So make sure you opt for Psychology or Biology as your university main subject! Once you graduate from university, it’s time to apply for the Medical School.

If accepted, you will need to study hard, maintain stats, and visit the library. However, pilot trainee jobs are not always available and you may need to wait for a vacancy to show up.

Just make sure you check vacancies every year until your dream job becomes available. You will initially have to apply for a Voice over actor job and gain several years of experience.

However, there are certain features you need to pay attention to in order to qualify for this position. Though the educational background doesn’t really matter, we recommend certain careers at the university: Music, Arts, Dance.

In order to be able to obtain a Voice over Actor position, you will either need good looks stats or a combination of smartness and happiness. Choose one of the Fire Departments available in your city and apply for a Firefighter position.

When you graduate from high school, you will have 2 options: seek university education or ‘College is not for me’. When you graduate from the community college you will be asked again to seek higher education or find a job.

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