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Bitlife Organized Crime

James Lee
• Thursday, 22 October, 2020
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The player is able to commit multiple crimes directly; including murder, pick pocketing, burglary, and Grand Theft Auto. Your character is given the option to kill someone such a friend, family member, coworker, current lover, ex-lover, or a random person.

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Unlike murder, hiring a hitman is for adult characters only and comes at a price. It will say “He/She died from his/her injuries” after the description of assault and if caught, your character could face prison time for manslaughter.

Following an update in June 2019, assaulting a spouse after arguing with them will get you charged with domestic violence if they call the police on you. Following the January 2020 Crime Update, your character may also be convicted of larceny if they are caught stealing a package from a neighbor's porch, by shoplifting at a mall.

If shoplifting, they may be stopped by a mall cop and cooperate, assault, or try to escape which may or may not get them sentenced, or pick pocketing a random person. There is a probability that if the player throws a party at their estate, the police will arrive due to the neighbors reporting the noise.

The former will result in the police searching the house and discovering some guests using drugs. In rare cases, when the player finds a bag containing drugs, if the player tries to turn in a bag of drugs to the authorities, they might arrest them while bringing the bag and will charge them for drug possession, this will most likely happen if the player is on the run after escaping jail, killing someone, deserting the military, and/or illegally immigrating to another country, but this could happen even if they are not on the run and get unlucky enough.

The player will not be arrested immediately however, they must get caught in another crime or join any of the military jobs again to be deemed guilty of desertion. If you select “Bribe a college official”, you could go on with it, but you risk getting caught and facing one year in prison for bribery.

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If you try to run for it, you have a good chance of getting caught by the security guards, or in some cases, manage to evade security and escape from debt (however, try reentering, and they will remember you and you will immediately be arrested). You can also plead them to forgive your debt, depending on how much luck/debt you have, if they refuse, the casino workers will call the cops on the player and you will be arrested, however, if they decide to take pity and agree, they won't have any more debt, but they will be banned for life from the casino.

Even if found not guilty after being arrested or escaping from their debt they won't be able to enter that casino they went to anymore. Following an update from June 2019, your character can receive restraining orders from exes.

Characters who date and have exes in high school can have restraining orders against them and be sent to jail if convicted of violating a restraining order, making this the only crime that a character under 18 can go to jail for. Your character may act alone, with a friend, with a lover, with a sibling, or with a random stranger who will accept or reject the idea.

Reckless endangerment These are any delinquent acts that could potentially harm others or put them in a dangerous situation. If caught, your character faces 4 years in prison if found guilty.

If caught, your character faces 4 years in prison if found guilty. Criminal mischief These are any delinquent acts that damage or interfere with another's property.

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If caught, your character faces 4 years in prison if found guilty. Piracy These are any delinquent acts that break copyright laws, such as selling pirated copies of films.

If caught, your character faces 4 years in prison if found guilty. Fraud If your character tries to sell a piece of jewelry that was bought from a fake jewelry store, they can be convicted of fraud if the person they try to sell it to identifies it as a fake and calls the cops.

If caught, your character faces 4 years in prison if found guilty. If caught, your character faces life in prison if found guilty.

Prior to the January 2020 Crime update, fellow prison inmates can be in for aggravated twerking. There are three random trains and 5 set times: sunrise, high noon, 4:20PM, sunset, and midnight.

Should they get caught, they could face a higher sentence because they ran from the police. The police may beat up your character for doing so, but they can get sued if the player sues them.

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If you run as a politician and get caught accepting the bribe, you might get sentenced for at least 25 years in prison. When a player joins an organized crime syndicate/Mafia, They have the option to extort a local business in order to gain income for the Family, the player has four options if the owner of the business refuses to hand the money : Leave the place, Shake them out, Whack them out (kills, no income), or Scare them (this will most likely not work) If the owner of the place is scared enough the owner could offer an amount of money, the player has a new option to accept the offer, or shake/whack them out anyways.

If the owner is low on fear, and player tries to Shake them out, they will still refuse to give the money, or call the cops on you, if they call the cops on you and get caught you might face 5-10 years of prison. If they got out of jail by escaping, there is a chance that the police will find and arrest them.

This will also happen if they try to enlist in the military, gets caught illegally immigrating to a new country, or argues when the police arrives to a party for noise complaints. The player can choose to ignore them, assault them, intervene, or call the police.

If the player intervenes, they have a chance to get assaulted by the person committing the crime. Assaulting may get the player in jail, but intervene then calling the police has a high chance to work.

Your assailant can be sued following the Lawsuit update and has a higher chance of winning the suit if your character didn't say or do anything nasty to provoke them, but just called the police. Billie ’s Mafia Update is now available, and players can join a family of their choice.

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Once that’s done, you can head into the occupations tab in-game, navigate to special careers, and then select the organized crime option. Organized crime syndicates don’t just invite anyone to join them, so you have to prove yourself.

However, being a hardened criminal and serving your time in jail might make you a desirable candidate for an organized crime family. One task you should make sure to do in Billie is a bank robbery because this increases your chances of joining the Mafia.

Age up to 18 years old after robbing a bank and committing a bunch of successful crimes. You’ll either be accepted or denied and start as a lower level rank like an associate.

Under the job section, you’ll have a notoriety progress bar and a standing within your Mafia family. You can put out hits on people, shake down business owners, and earn money for your family, all while building up your notoriety and standing.

You can put a Contract on a fellow syndicate member’s head by delegating the dirty deed to someone below you in the pecking order. The mechanics are very similar, though you will generally want to avoid Pickpocket, Porch Pirate, and Shoplift due to the fact that these are very low-stakes endeavors, and even more so when you’re in the mob.

Lastly, shaking down an owner would involve injuring them by taking a sledgehammer to their kneecap, pulling their teeth out, or ripping apart their toenails, among other brutal choices. As usual, you’ll need to turn in the money you extort to the bosses in order to maintain good standing within the family.

Grand Theft Auto is a fairly easy way to generate income, unless you’re trying to steal an expensive car like a Ferrari, Lamborghini, or (especially) a Bugatti or a Rolls-Royce, and that also applies to Burglary, albeit with lesser cash rewards. Most of the other options bring in a negligible amount of money, and Train Robbery only works at certain times of the day.

But if you carry out a big heist at the bank or are able to steal an expensive car, you can expect to be sent for by your boss for some complimentary words and then some. Building up Notoriety is also key to quick promotion, and aside from whacking uncooperative business owners, getting arrested also helps in boosting this stat, albeit only slightly.

Although their effect won’t be that significant in the grand scheme of things, some random scenarios may have some bearing on your Notoriety and/or Standing, especially the latter. For example, if you encounter a situation where you’re asked if you wish to take the opportunity to pocket some extra cash or turn it in to the family, always pick the latter.

About a few years after officially joining a criminal organization as a Soldier, it will be your fellow syndicate members who will assign you a random nickname. But as we explained earlier, you will always start out at the very bottom of the barrel, and you’ll need to make the higher-ups happy all throughout your stay in the mob if you want to move up the ranks.

The most organic way to do this would be, as previously advised, to bring in lots of money and use Work Harder whenever possible to improve your Standing, keep your Notoriety high by roughing up or killing lots of people along the way, maintain a good Relationship with the rest of the family, and always follow orders. However, one occasionally risky, yet potentially rewarding path you could take is to scroll to the very bottom of the screen when viewing an Under boss or Boss profile and choose the Whack option to kill the people ahead of you in the pecking order.

Notice that crew member who keeps asking you to join them at a concert, eat dinner with them, or do any one of the many activities you can do in Billie via the Spend Time option? Some family members may actually be nice people if you don’t take their penchant for criminal activities into account, and it’s also possible you may have gained their trust to the point they’re willing to make friends with you.

The case progress, as seen in the Confidential Informant tab on the top part of the Job menu, will move faster if you, for example, snitch on a Mafia Godfather/Godmother or Under boss, as opposed to a lowly Associate. Even if the Evidence bar is red or orange, you should get a solid amount of info from the top officers, though you’ll only want to do this once per year before hitting on the Age button.

While you may continue committing crimes on behalf of your boss while working as an informant, to maintain your good standing and not arouse any suspicions, you should, at all costs, avoid getting arrested! This becomes trickier due to how it appears much harder to successfully pull off all crimes (except Grand Theft Auto) while working behind the scenes as a rat.

Pretty much, your best and only choice should be to enter witness protection if you’re trying to clean up your act and go back to living your character’s best virtual life after that stint in a crime family.

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