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Bitlife Join Mafia

Ava Flores
• Tuesday, 08 December, 2020
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Billie ’s Mafia Update is now available, and players can join a family of their choice. There are six mafia families to choose from, but you’ll need to prove yourself before they allow you in their ranks.



Age up to 18 years old Head to the Occupations tab Scroll down and select Special Careers Choose Organized Crime Decide your affiliation Once that’s done, you can head into the occupations tab in-game, navigate to special careers, and then select the organized crime option.

Organized crime syndicates don’t just invite anyone to join them, so you have to prove yourself. However, being a hardened criminal and serving your time in jail might make you a desirable candidate for an organized crime family.

One task you should make sure to do in Billie is a bank robbery because this increases your chances of joining the Mafia. Age up to 18 years old after robbing a bank and committing a bunch of successful crimes.

You’ll either be accepted or denied and start as a lower level rank like an associate. Under the job section, you’ll have a notoriety progress bar and a standing within your Mafia family.

For those looking to commit specialized crimes in Billie, the Mafia is looking to recruit worthwhile candidates into their family. Joining the family does mean you sign over every to be with them, and you’ll be expected to perform a variety of crimes.

mafia join

When you become 18 years old, click on the “Occupation” tab, and scroll down until you find the special careers' category. You can burgle into homes, murder others, shoplift, and perform basic tasks.

You’ll also want to raise your stats as high as possible to ensure you’re a worthy candidate to join the Mafia family. Not only do you have to earn enough reputation to enter the Mafia in the first place, but then you have to work up through the various authority figures to gain their confidence.

© Provided by GamePurTo welcome any of the Mafia families in Billie, you’ll have to commit several crimes. We were able to kill several NPCs and commit smaller crimes, like robbing people’s homes or Grand Theft Auto, before being let in.

In one of our lives, we also spent time in jail, and when we left, a crime family welcomed us in with no issues. This can take several years, so try extorting as many small businesses as you can, completing tasks for the family, and finding ways to work with them to produce more income.

To join the Mafia, you simply have to open the Occupation tab and go to the Special Careers. But don’t think you can just waltz into an underground crime network and expect to be welcomed with open arms.

It should be noted that the Mafia has extremely high notoriety of the six available syndicates, so you really need to commit a large amount of crimes before you’re considered. You could also just be an angry mall Santa who spoils the hopes of kids.

The first thing you need to do is make sure you get through life and into adulthood with decent body and mind stats. When you become 18 years old, click on the “Occupation” tab, there will be a Special Careers category in that menu.

As you get more criminal experience, things will start to populate that list. Each time you’re living in a city, certain families may approach you to join.

Each family type has different tasks to complete, and you need to maintain a certain level of criminal notoriety to be in their ranks. As you commit murders, rob banks and so much more, you build a rep as a criminal.

When you join the Mafia in Billie, you’re putting in a ton of work. There is a lot of things to keep track of when trying to join the Mafia of your choice, and you need to keep trying to rise up the ranks.

As you engage in more criminal enterprises, you can earn more cash and infamy. You will have spent some time raising your criminal Notoriety as you completed more tasks.

It doesn’t seem to matter, as long as you keep making money for the family and not bringing down too much heat. As long as you’re making money for the family though, you can still move up the ranks.

These random events usually involve making a certain amount of money or committing certain crimes. The products below are affiliate links, we get a commission for any purchases made.

Bit life recently got a Mafia update, and players can now live a life of crime ever since. To join the Mob in Bit life, you first need to be at least eighteen years old and have a reputation and a history of committing crimes.

You will also need to commit several successful crimes like bank robberies to increase your chances of joining the mob. As a side note, you can start committing small-time crimes like pick pocketing when you reach the age of eight.

Once you turn eighteen, you can start committing more severe crimes like bank robberies; start committing them, and when you have a few robberies and other crimes under your belt, you can then consider your future mob family options. Go to the Occupation tab and search for the Special Career category at the bottom.

Enter that category and you will be seeing lots of specialized careers that you can join. Each mafia family have different notoriety and you’ll have to prove yourself worthy until they officially accept you.

One of the best ways that you’re capable of being a mafia member is by doing crimes in Billie. In addition, you also need to increase your stats to showcase your worth to join a mafia family.

Make sure to follow Riot Bits for the latest video game guides, reviews, and news. Billie has finally dropped its latest update ‘ Mafia ’, which has taken the world of mobile game on fire.

The latest update allows players to be what they want and if you really want to live a life of the Godfather and the Mob boss then Billie is a game that you will have to play right now. There are hundreds of Billie players who have been having trouble knowing how to become The Don or Godfather and if that’s you then look no further as we have a guide covering the entire process in the simplest way.

When your boss notices your hard work and dedication, he will give you a first promotion when you return after completing a contract. You simply need to accept the promotion and continue committing crimes and one day you will eventually end up becoming a captain then Under boss and then the Boss.

The process is pretty simple, but in short, you need to commit crimes while you’re young. Age up to 18 years old, and apply to join the Mafia family of your choice.

To increase your reputation with your gang, you’ll want to hand over all your earnings to the Mob Boss. You will sometimes have a job that goes a bit wrong, but remember to remain loyal to your own family if you want to climb the ranks.

After working hard and successfully pulling off crimes for your family, you’ll become a made man. At the moment, there doesn’t seem to be any additional options after becoming the boss of your Mafia family.

Billie : Life Simulator has had a couple of updates in 2019 that have added two mini-games to the fun. The original mini-game was the Prison Escape game, but now two more have been added.

This game has you deploying as a member of the military and requires you to avoid landmines. Your goal in this game is to gather enough prisoners to start a riot.

Both of these games provide a fun diversion to the usual Billie insanity. When you first begin the game, your best bet is to tap the squares on all four corners of the map.

The best way to practice the Deployment Game is to either play Minesweeper on your computer, if you own a Windows, or simply to download a Minesweeper app from the App Store or Google Play (there are loads of them). Play the app over and over and practice figuring out where each mine is.

Eventually you’ll be good enough at it to beat the Deployment Game every time. To stay alive, avoid running into walls or into your own line of prisoners.

Once you get the hang of the delay, the game is pretty straightforward, although after you gather about 4 or 5 prisoners, guards will start to appear on the screen. If you are unsuccessful, nothing will happen, generally, unless you get some rather ornery guards.

Billie (version 1.27): New Feature Guide: Multiple Save Slots, Adoption, Doctor Ratings, Circumcision, Funerals, and more! Category: AndroidiPadiPhone Tags: android, APK, Billie, Billie : Life Simulator, iOS, iPad, iPhone Evan Heisenberg named himself after a Breaking Bad character one time, and then got stuck with it.

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