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You have the option to undertake the challenge of learning how to play instruments in Billie ’s Music Update. For those looking to become a famous musician with these skills, it takes a lot of talent, patience, and commitment to excel in this profession.

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The singer option is on the Mind & Body tab, further down, where you can take vocal lessons. You can start learning how to play an instrument as young as six years old, and if you want to become a professional, that’s the key thing you want to do.

Becoming a professional musician or a famous singer takes a lot of time. You can expect to hear back from record labels and bands when your skill with an instrument hits around 90%.

To reach this limit, you need to practice every time you age up with the skill, and it helps to have a decent amount of income. If you’ve ever wanted to rock with the rest and become a legend, you can now become a famous musician in Billie.

To do this, go to the activities screen when you’re at least six years old, and pick from one of the instruments you want to play. If your parents agree, you can start taking lessons with that instrument, and from there, it’s like all the other skills in the game.

When you’re ready to try and become a musician, go down to the bottom page of the occupation tab, and there will be an option for special careers. A band will be able to take several instrument options, whereas the solo artist has a limited amount.


We notice that the bands and record labels began to reply to us when we reached about 90% skill talent with our instruments, so it can take a long time for them to reply, and you need to work on your talents. Candy writer’s Billie has gotten its fair share of updates since its release in September 2018, and the version you may have just downloaded, for sure is, is almost unrecognizable compared to the original edition that rolled out way back then.

That’s because the company has kept rolling out new updates for both iOS and Android versions that don’t just squash bugs and improve stability but also add a plethora of new features. The all-new Pop Star Update (version 1.45) now lets you choose which instrument you want to master in childhood, whether to take vocal lessons or not, and whether you wish to join a band or become a solo artist once you reach adulthood.

But before you set off on your quest to create the next Beatles, Jimi Hendrix, One Direction, or Post Malone in the game’s fictional universe, we suggest you check out our latest Billie strategy guide, which goes in-depth about all the new features included in the Pop Star Update and talks you through the things you need to do to become rich and famous in the world of music. Prior to the arrival of Billie ’s Pop Star Update, musical stardom had become pretty much cut-and-dry for most players.

Be born with good Looks, apply as a Background Vocalist out of high school or college, and work your way up the ranks until you become a Lead Singer and eventually become famous enough to star in commercials, pose for photo shoots, and the like. That goes all out the window with the new update, though it is still strongly recommended that your character starts out with good Looks and remains attractive till the time comes to apply for a music-related job.

That also applies if you don’t have God Mode, in which case newly created Citizens will randomly come with Music or Sports talents, or none at all. As we’ve noticed, you’re going to have to wait till you reach your 18th birthday before you can audition for a record company as a solo artist or join an existing band.

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And you can keep taking lessons as an adult, so it is entirely possible to become very proficient at any instrument or at singing at a rather advanced age, then go enter the music business if you feel like it! Although there seems to be some level of randomization when it comes to your performance in an audition, it will certainly help if your Skill at your chosen instrument or in singing is as close to 100 percent as possible.

If the Skill bar isn’t completely filled up, record labels might not even consider letting you audition, especially if you’re trying your luck as a solo singer! Sadly, it doesn’t look like voluntary mid-career genre changes à la Gwen Stefan, Taylor Swift, or Machine Gun Kelly are in the cards at the moment, though that’s a feature we would certainly hope Candy writer adds in subsequent updates.

For those who choose to join a band, it is important to remain on good terms with your band mates if you don’t want to get kicked out unceremoniously. Of course, you can also insult them if your Citizen is that type of musician with an attitude problem, most likely the dreaded Lead Singer Disease we hear so much about.

Regardless whether you’d rather go solo or join a band, you will always have the option to release a full-length album or a single with the new Billie Pop Star Update. Not all of your releases will turn out to be successful, and that’s especially true if you join a band with their Popularity bar in red or orange territory.

This only applies if you’re a solo musician, and if you bolt from your label while you’ve still got some time remaining on your deal, that will essentially turn you into a pariah in the Billie universe’s music industry. You can still circumvent this by auditioning for a band, though if you choose to go solo afterward, chances are the labels will still treat you as if you’re yesterday’s news.


Be on the lookout for such random events, as similar things do happen in real life, albeit with less ludicrous circumstances! Sometimes in life, people are born with special talents that give them an edge over the competition.

The Music Special Talent is essential in the Pop Star Update. It significantly increases your odds of becoming a pop star, joining a band, and ultimately becoming a famous singer or musician.

If it’s green on the first lesson, there’s a good chance you have the Music Special Talent. It’s essential to take two lessons to verify you definitely have the Music Special Talent.

When you start a new life in Billie, you can scroll down to select your special talent. Within the special talents section, you can find options for music and sports.

Another important job you can have is becoming a pilot, where you travel the world, taking people to other exotic and foreign locations. It’s a highly regarded profession to have, and obtaining it takes a bit of time.


© Provided by GamePurTo become a pilot in Billie, you need to focus on keeping your smart stat as high as possible throughout your early years. One of these two choices works fine, and then while in college, you need to continue doing the same thing you’ve been doing through in high school, where you study hard for your classes and maintain your smarts stat.

You’ll do this until you graduate, and then you want to apply for medical school, hence choosing biology or psychology is essential to continue towards a pilot’s career. You’ll spend the next few years in medical school, continuing the rinse and repeat process of studying hard, keeping your smart stats up, and staying out of trouble.

If your character finds themselves going to jail at all during this time, they could make it more difficult to continue your schooling. Go to the activities section and look to sign-up for pilot’s school, and have your character attend the program for at least 40 hours.

What is the airfield landing marker of a red background with two yellow lines down the middle? You should find it appear in the job’s list underneath occupation, but it’s pretty difficult to see appear, so you might have plenty of difficulty to have it appear, unfortunately.

Mostly, it’s a patient game of working hard, keeping your life balance, and ensuring you don’t cause too much trouble with your co-workers. Microsoft may earn an Affiliate Commission if you purchase something through recommended links in this article.


In September 1928 he first tested some revolutionary new instruments, items that would allow improved situational awareness for the pilot and safe passage through clouds. Those two advances were the precursors to the modern gyroscopic attitude indicator and directional gyro, the two main devices in the instrument pilot's arsenal.

You may have picked up a bicycle wheel by the axles and tried to deflect it side-to-side while it was spinning; you would have noticed that it initially resisted the movement. In the AI, the gyro wheel is free to move about two axes, thanks to the construction of its gimbals mount.

This means simply that the gyro is being held by an apparatus with pivots in two axes, which provides for both pitch and roll information on one instrument. The heading indicator, on the other hand, places its gyro wheel spinning on the horizontal axis, the pivot aligned with the aircraft centerline.

Its gimbals allows only one axis of freedom (vertical) and connects the mount to the card on the instrument's face through bevel gears. In fact, the attitude indicator contains a set of weights intended to drive the instrument toward level flight by sensing gravity.

So if you were to maintain a 30-degree coordinated banked turn for 10 minutes, you would look down to see the AI indicating level flight. A tube aligns incoming air pressure to act on these cutouts to spin the gyro disc.


By evacuating the instrument chamber with help of the vacuum pump, ambient-pressure air comes rushing in, propelling the gyro wheel. They are free to move inside the hub's slots, drawing in air from one port and forcing it out another.

In the event of a vacuum pump failure, debris will not be scattered through the system and deposited into expensive, sensitive instruments. Its gyro wheel spins on the horizontal axis, but the pivot is oriented transversely, parallel to the wing span.

If you hear one of the gyros whining over the sound of the engine, it's a good bet the instrument will not be long for this world. Also be alert for proper suction indications for the pneumatic instruments ; the gauge should be in the green arc not far above idle speed and most definitely by the run-up rpm.

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