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Christina Perez
• Tuesday, 17 November, 2020
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The new Influencer Challenge offers players a chance to become the ultimate social media star, but in order to complete it, you’ll need to have verified accounts, as well as 2 million followers on each of the five available platforms. It won’t be easy and it might take quite a bit of grinding to get there, but with this Billie guide, we hope we can at least simplify the process and help you complete the Influencer Challenge with as little effort as possible.



Of course, it will be a great help if those updates do go viral, but instead of purely leaving things to chance in that regard, it’s better to get that fan base through something more guaranteed, while earning some real money in the process. In other words, you want a sure thing if you want to get a ton of followers fast, and with that in mind, we would suggest embarking on an entertainment career after high school, or even after college.

Of course, we’re talking about the Porn Actor career, and the reason why we wouldn’t recommend this is the fact that most adult film stars in the Billie universe are terminated from their jobs by the time they reach their early-to-mid 50s. By following the steps in this guide, you’ll likely reach the 2 million mark for all social networks by the time you’re in your 50s or older, so don’t go for the career where you can be fired because of your age.

As we had advised you to go on an entertainment career (except Porn Star, that is) and remain famous for as long as you could, your followers will keep increasing organically by the thousands (and even by the millions, if you’re especially popular on one social network) even if you don’t do anything before hitting the Age button. As such, you’ll probably spend a good few years trying to get your Twitter following up to the 2 million mark, and if you’re thinking of deleting your account, opening a new one, and getting it verified while you’re already a celebrity, it won’t help you that much.

So, make sure to go to the gym, take walks, do martial arts, and even hit the Salon & Spa once you have some money. I found YouTube and TikTok to be completely random, so focus on whatever video type you want and hope you hit it big.

Also, they do lower your happiness stat, so make sure to keep an eye on that and boost it when it gets low. At that point, you can start posting on one of the other platforms, or you can just move forward a year.

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It seems once you start posting a certain type of content consistently, you are pretty much locked into it. If you try to post radically different stuff on that social media channel, you will usually lose followers.

Once you have this you can access the fame area where you can write a book, do a commercial, pose for a magazine, and go on a talk show. I would make sure to only attempt commercials early on while your fame is low.

Continuing to post on your social media platforms will get you additional fame. Learn how to become more popular and reach stardom on your social media accounts in Billie.

Unlike in real life, it is pretty simple to become a social media influencer in Billie. The life simulator game gives you access to many careers and lifestyles, so with the various options, sometimes you might overlook something.

Those who care about connecting with an audience, read on to find the easiest way to get to social media stardom. You used to bypass this by putting on airplane mode, but an update made that not bring in any rewards.


You are going to want a job that makes you famous for gaining followers quickly. An actor, porn star, singer, or other careers that put you in the spotlight are the best ways to do this.

If you have poor attributes on your character, you can start a new random life to reroll your stats by pressing the menu button. Like in real life, the people who are more attractive and smarter tend to be recognized more than the average Joe.

If you are attractive and looking for a cheap, easy way to gain followers, start posting sexy pics or thirst traps to quickly grow your base. Your organic intake might remain about the same and not get better until the things you share are more interesting to people.

To also help yourself gain followers fast, you can invest in real estate or buy as many cars as possible. The attributes combined with your progressing career will be the most significant factors in your social media following continuing to rise.

Once you reach a larger range of followers, you can start promoting things. Once you reach the 350,000 follower range, you can start tracking your fame and can write a book, do a commercial, pose for a magazine, and go on a talk show.


Be mindful though, if you fail these opportunities, your fame will drop, slowing your ascent. In Touch Tap Play’s Billie guide, we will show you how to start your own social media career and how to grow your follower base.

There are many steps to take, so let’s get started with our Billie tips and cheats guide to be a social media influencer ! You’ll need high smarts in order to sway the public into following you.

If your looks are too low you will have trouble getting popular on social media, which unfortunately is a lot like real life. In order to increase your brand name and influence reach, you should sign up for all five social media platforms.

The earlier you create your social media profiles the better, as you will naturally begin to accumulate followers. Now that you’re all grown up at you can enter the working force, you’ll want to aim for a job that gives you more fame.

You don’t necessarily need to go to a university for these kinds of jobs, but you can if you have the time to spare. It’s best to start with a small part-time job for now to give yourself some pocket change, as you’ll need some money to better yourself for the next big hit.


With a job that will help you get famous, a smoking’ bod, and all of your social media accounts set up, it’s time to make your move. First off, the best way to naturally gain followers is to simply post content to all of your social media accounts.

We found that the easiest social media platform to do this with is YouTube, but your mileage may vary as there is a lot of randomness factored in. In the event of an account suspension, you can appeal the decision by choosing between five different explanations.

When you have at least one verified account and gain a bunch of followers, you’ll eventually become social media famous! Once you’re social media famous you can promote whatever you want and interact with celebrities, upping your followers by even more.

If you’re on YouTube and your account is monetized, you’ll earn lots of money from ad revenue. To help increase your fame and gain more followers, you can start doing events like book signing, commercials, magazines, and more.

In this challenge, players must show off their social media skills and take it to a new level. The requirements are all straightforward, but we’re going to show you some steps for quickly completing this one.


Try to avoid political messages on social media and go with entertainment or challenge videos. Try and post five times per year, and you will begin noticing you stop getting followers.

You can get lucky and go viral, but there doesn’t seem to be any concrete way to make it happen. When you stop getting a ton of followers, continue your life, and keep your smarts up by studying.

Try and get a scholarship to a proper school and pick a focus that has a high chance of getting you famous. Ignore all trolls and negative comments on social media, because interacting with them can get you banned.

If you end up getting kicked off the social media platform, submit appeals whenever possible. A high amount of trolls will take its toll on your happiness, so be sure to counteract that with vacations or spending time with friends and family.

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