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Bitlife How To Rob Bank

Maria Garcia
• Wednesday, 06 January, 2021
• 8 min read

In this tutorial, we will show you how to rob a bank in Billie without even getting caught. Likewise, there are many career options available for you, including the likes of a farmer, dentist, chef, and even the Prime Minister of your country.

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However, if you wish to live a lavish lifestyle, then there’s a truckload of money that you need to have at your disposal. Well, even living a normal life requires you to have a decent amount of money.

You could work in a business, do some side quests, or even try out gambling and betting. Although it doesn’t sound legal, count it as necessary: it will help you to earn loads of money in no time whatsoever.

In this tutorial, we will list out all the prerequisites needed to successfully rob a bank in Billie, without even getting caught. First off, decide what costume you have to wear, the weapon that you have to wield, and a getaway vehicle at your disposal.

So now that you have decided all this, here are all the required steps to successfully carry out the robbery in Billie Within that, you will have to select your escape vehicle first, under the Grand Theft Auto section.

Before proceeding ahead, we would like you to inform that although there are tons of weapons available to choose from, the Stun Gun is something that has heaped maximum rewards. And with that, we also conclude this guide on how to rob a bank in Billie without getting caught.

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About Syed Sadie Hassan Did his MBA from Delhi but then something about the Android ecosystem intrigued him so much that he made Tech Blogging his permanent job. Any criminal worth their salt wants to rob a bank, and have a nice clean getaway on their resume.

Robbing a bank in Billie isn’t easy, and there is no real way to guarantee success. Go into the Crime options, then pick Grand Theft Auto and select the car that you want to steal.

You must pass the exam to earn your license, otherwise you will fail and have to retry the test. If your family is not in the red and you have been nice to them during your early years, there is a good chance they will offer to buy a car for you.

The game will ask you about four different things: the bank you want to rob, your weapon of choice, your disguise, and your getaway vehicle. We have found that targeting credit unions has resulted in more successful robberies, but that could have just been luck.

Your weapon of choice is also randomized, but we honestly cannot tell if this makes any difference. Once you make your selections, hit the Rob it” button and hope and pray.

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So if you don’t want to end up bleeding out on the floor of some warehouse, you best listen up. To rob a bank in Billie, you will first need to head to Activities and then Crime section.

You need to case the bank, weapon, disguise, and plan your getaway. The selections you make here will be vital in determining your success.

Go into the Crime options, then pick Grand Theft Auto and select the car you want to try and snatch. Disguise is another point where people suggest taking the time to choose an option that fits your target.

A smaller heist is likely to take a little less time, and lead to lower chances of getting caught. You will need to get lucky when robbing a bank, despite your prep work.

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A clown lifestyle is simple, and it’s an occupation you can choose without any education, so feel free to do this whenever you’re ready. You’ll need to wait for the job to pop up as an available occupation, so you may need to refresh it every year until it appears.

The item, silly string, is a weapon you can choose to use before you rob a bank. You may not see it the first time, so if you’d don’t, refresh it for another year and then try to rob the bank again.

The Prince of Crime will be proud, and you might even fight Batman trying to put you back behind bars. Billie just received a massive update that introduces a bunch of new ways to be naughty.

Okay, so before we get into the specifics of how the new train robberies work, let’s just give you a quick lowdown on exactly how to initiate the new activity. So we’ve scoured Reddit and Twitter and tried ourselves numerous times, and it really does seem like pulling off the perfect train robbery isn’t easy.

Basically, the time in real life has to match that in Billie when you go to rob a train. Frustratingly, that would seem like you can’t just endlessly rob trains, but given that it’s such a lucrative source of income, it does make sense that you can’t do it over and over again.

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Age up until you’re 18, and head into the occupations tab to find a job as a clown. Becoming a clown may take you a few tries to see it under the jobs section, so consider aging up or restarting until you see the option.

Eventually, you will find the clown job, so make sure to pick it. Head into the crimes tab and choose Bank Robbery as the option.

Under Pick your weapon, tap the dropdown and choose Silly String. It’s easy to kill people in Billie by opening up the crime tab and going into the murder section.

Moving on, the fact that you can become a clown without even graduating from high school is an important note because of the next couple of objectives. It doesn’t matter what bank you choose, just make sure that your weapon of choice is silly string.

Our favorite move to do is what we like to call “the zombie,” which is to attack using a bite while aiming for the neck or throat. Once you’re an adult, you can purchase a vehicle and use it commit hit and runs, or you can just straight up murder people you know from the activities and crime tab.

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As you’re trying to take out people and rob banks, don’t resist arrest as you’ll need to head to prison eventually. When you start an escape, you’ll be placed in a grid with walls and empty spaces.

The trick to these mazes is that you need to get the guard caught against walls, because their AI is programmed to prioritize horizontal movement before anything else. You’ll notice that most of them have little pockets that can catch guard and keep them in place while you work your way to the exit.

Important note: juvenile hall has smaller and easier layouts than regular adult prisons does, so you might want to try to intentionally get thrown in Julie earlier on to knock this objective off early.

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