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Bitlife How To Reconnect With Abandoned Child

David Lawrence
• Thursday, 29 October, 2020
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It ranges from various family members, lovers and exes, and friends, to coworkers and classmates. Under each name are bars which show how good the main character's relationship with them is.

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Options are based on the relationships' level: If their relationship is low, characters are less likely to respond positively to conversations, compliments, and gifts, and are more likely to insult, argue with, or assault the main character. Relationship stats also help to achieve certain Ribbons.

The Family Guy ribbon can be given to a married male or transgender male character who is a father and devotes his life to making his family happy. The Fertile ribbon can be given to a character who has at least 6 biological children.

The Mooch ribbon can be given to someone who constantly asks family for money, even after they refuse. The relationship bar will go down as the character ages up, so it is best to constantly keep in touch with others.

Depending on the action performed, the relationship will either increase or decrease. Parents are the main character's mother and father.

From the October 2019 update, characters may be adopted with a reason why their birth parents could not keep them. Depending on the conception method, the main character's father may be unknown.

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The main character will have them if they were adopted or if one of their parents remarries. If you are over 18 and your sibling is under 18 or vice versa, you cannot rumble due to the laws.

Unlike rumbling, you can squabble if you are over 18 and your sibling is under 18 or vice versa. A Lover is the person who the main character is dating or married to.

They will argue with you at times if you do something that harms the relationship, or could do it out of their own cattiness. They do not approve of your pet or exotic animal because they were scared of it.

While famous, you appeared nude or topless in a magazine cover. When divorcing, you will be told how much to pay or collect if you or your spouse owes money.

Sometimes you may be told there is no amount to settle the divorce if you have a prenup signed or if you decide not to bother with a prenup because the partner refused to sign it. In Android, this option was previously called Baby and its purpose was just to have a baby with the partner and had no minimum age requirement.

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You must be engaged and at least 18 in order to get married (If you click the “Wedding” button if under 18, it will say “Eager beaver. Before marrying, you may make your partner sign a prenup or not.

The partner may agree, increasing their relationship, or refuse, lowering it. If a female lover gets pregnant when cheating on you, and you are not the biological father, the baby will be shown as adopted.

For the first child, you can also choose whether to vaccinate them (presumably, this choice is applied to all children). Similar to the Kidnapping scenario of spouses and pets, there is a Choking scenario where a child is dangerously choking on food and your character may either call an ambulance, perform the Heimlich maneuver, or sit and watch.

The correct choice is always randomized and choosing incorrectly results in that child dying. Sitting and watching will never save the child and will lower relationship bars with other relatives.

If a character abandons their children, they will lose connection to them and their grandchildren of that child. If an abandoned child or grandchild dies, your character will not be notified of their death and will only know that they are dead if they find that person in “Late Relatives”.

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The relationships between the main character and the abandoned children will be emptied, as so the player will need to put efforts in order for the bar to start rising up again. Flings (who the player character hooked up with but never had a relationship with) are also considered exes.

As of 21st June 2019, characters may now interact with their exes: calling or texting them (with the standard options such as compliment), “texting” them (sending them an inappropriate image when texting) sending gifts, or stalking them (a warning will appear on-screen if the player tries to pick “Stalk”). Characters the player hooks up with but has relations with outside that (such as co-workers and friends) do not go in the “Exes” tab.

When an ex dies, your character will not be notified but will know that the ex is dead by looking in the “Exes” tab. Interacting with exes may have an effect on current significant others, and they could get mad at you if you get too romantic with an ex.

Some actions require being over the age of consent (16 in all countries), such as calling and texting for a “booty call”, sending a “text” and stalking, as these are considered sexual actions like making love to current lovers. During childhood, a child may also randomly offer to befriend you (even if you are in the Infant stage).

If your friend is under 18 and you are over 18 or vice versa, you cannot ask them out because of legal reasons. Your friend may refuse to go to the concert if their relationship level is low.

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Hooking up is not allowed also if you are over 18 and your friend is under 18 or vice versa. Attending one of your friend's exclusive “Let's Play Billie parties.

I attended one of my best friend's exclusive “Let's Play Billie parties. Attending your friend's family cookout I went to my friend's family cookout Doing keg stands at an epic Roger I impressed the entire crowd by doing a 30-second keg stand at an epic Roger I attended with my friend.

Dressing in full cosplay with your friend to attend Comic-Con's Anime Dance Bash. My friend and I went to Comic-Con's Anime Dance Bash dressed in cosplay from head-to-toe.

Eating scones and sipping Earl Grey with your friend at an afternoon tea party. My friend and I got our dunk on with some scones and a cuppa at an afternoon tea party.

Enjoying charcuterie and okay reds at a wine tasting party with your friend, and some of his/her homelier friends My friend and I enjoyed some charcuterie and okay reds at a wine tasting event with some of his/her homelier homes Enjoying some libations at a cocktail party with your friend My friend and I drank some mint juleps that tickled our fancy at an elegant cocktail party. Forehead crushing juice boxes at your friend's birthday party I forehead crushed juice boxes at my friend's birthday party.

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Getting the inside scoop on a listening party for the new album by Chance the Rapper. My friend and I attended an exclusive listening party for the new album by Chance the Rapper.

Going to a holiday office party at your friend's work I got hammered and embarrassed myself at my friend's work party after drinking six glasses of eggnog that someone secretly spiked. Going to a home party with your friend, at which the host presented and sold makeup products I felt obligated to buy a makeup product at a home party I attended with my friend, but I ended up purchasing three items because I loved them so much.

Going to a house party and playing beer pong with your friend My friend and I owned the beer pong scene at a house party we attended. Going to a New Year's Eve gala at a swank nightclub My friend and I shared a midnight kiss when the clock struck midnight at a swank New Year's Eve event we attended.

Going to a raging tailgate party with your friend My friend and I indulged in an abundance of meats and beers at an epic pregame tailgate party. Going to your friend's family holiday party and playing games I played games at my friend's family holiday party.

I enjoyed some celebratory cake with my friend at his/her cousin's high school/college graduation party. I created a shower of money at the strip club with my friend.

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I went to a house party with my friend, in which we all played spin the bottle/suck and blow. Sipping Mai Ties and hula dancing at a luau with your friend My friend and I got a taste of the aloha spirit when we got lei'd at a luau Sipping martinis at a masquerade ball My friend and I sipped dirty martinis and tangoed with masked strangers at a masquerade ball.

Wearing your favorite pajamas to a sleepover party at your friend's house. I wore my favorite pajamas to a sleepover party at my friend's house.

Wearing your sexiest swimsuit for some fun in the sun at a pool party. My best friend and I both got second-degree sunburns when we spent several scantily clad hours baking under the sun at a pool party.

Your friend hosted a crazy themed party at his/her house. The friend will sometimes insult your character or start a rumor about them back.

List of Rumors Your friend compulsively touches everything he/she sees with both hands. Your friend hates all genres of music and can't stand melodic tones.

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Your friend is the Arabian prince that scammed hundreds of people out of their hard-earned cash. Your friend is turned on by the mere sight of Hagrid the gamekeeper from Harry Potter.

Your friend makes out with a photo of every time he/she uses the restroom. Your friend's father said that he/she was the biggest mistake of his life.

Your friend's mother fed him/her like a bird for five/six/ten years. Your friend won't let anyone see a picture of him/her without meticulously Photoshopping it first.

Possible Pranks Anonymously gifting your friend a delicious, caramel-dunked onion. Cutting out a cardboard silhouette of a and placing it on the inside of your friend's lamp shade.

Dressing up in a Ghost face costume and scaring your friend when he/she left his/her house late at night. Giving your friend a plate of Oreo cookies, after replacing the sweet cream filling with toothpaste.

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Giving your friend a plate of oatmeal raisin cookies and told them they were chocolate chip. Licking the flavoring off all of your friend's and then put them back in the bag.

Posting an advertisement online for free purebred golden retriever puppies and using your friend's name and phone number as the contact information. Replacing your friend's family photos with a variety of different pictures of yourself.

Sending your friend a secret glitter bomb package that blew up in his/her face. Setting separate alarms on your friend's phone for a couple of hours before he/she needs to wake up.

Stealing your friend's gargoyle from his/her lawn and placed it in your garden. This sound will not play if your friend refuses to watch YouTube with you.

List of YouTubers Annika Sterling Ahmad AyChristeneGames Zealand Bijou Mike Call Me Kevin CaptainSauce Carmen King Clare Siobhan Danny Jesse Dan TDM Daria Rain Delicacy Does Marmots Draw Drew During Fernando Flounce unable Gloom Haley Jean ASMR Amanda iHasCupquake ItsFunneh Jacksepticeye Jelly jennxpenn Joey Graceful Jr e Mi Kelsey Impicciche Kwebbelkop Pub Scouts Lavender Town LaurenzSide LazarBeam Lonnie Rubato Lucas MacNcheeseP1z Multiplier Matt Shea Maxillary Mr Plays O Jean Luca compatible On Console PewDiePie Umbrella Wazowski Simplynessa15 SSSniperWolf Sounded T3ddy Tanya Began TheOrionSound VanossGaming Villa windy31 Tammy ZaiLetsPlay Nieces & Nephews are the children of siblings of the main character.

Pets are animals that are bought and taken care of in the main character house. Sometimes pets will misbehave, and your character can yell at them, train them not to do what they did, do nothing, or reward their behavior.

However, it appears as “your (pet)” in the Late Relatives section. Your parents may also offer to buy you a specific pet.

If spouses are kidnapped and not found, they will be presumed dead and show up as Late even though their status is unknown. If pets are kidnapped and not found, they will be presumed dead and show up as Late even though their status is unknown.

For child classmates, they are more likely to respond positively to compliments if the player's popularity is much higher than theirs. This is more likely to happen for child classmates with much higher popularity than the main character, or coworkers with high professionalism.

On the other hand, the child classmate or a coworker with low professionalism may insult the player character instead, decreasing relationship even further. Complimenting a faculty member and failing may result in them warning you that it is inappropriate to do so.

If the character has emigrated to another country and the other person isn't there, they may do so with a form of technology such as: Even if the other person fought back as well, they could still call the police on your character.

This is more likely to occur for child classmates with higher popularity. Coworkers with high professionalism and low coolness will instead tell the player character to shut up (and get back to work, if it is a supervisor).

Even at higher relationships, a coworker with high professionalism may ask you to stop so that they can focus on their work. NPCs' appreciation is determined randomly most of the time, but the player can sometimes predict if a person will like a present (for example the majority of NPCs will dislike lewd or vulgar presents like used vibrators or penis enlargement pills, or even too cheap and plain presents like can openers or fake desk cactus).

If their appreciation is low, the relationship will lower and it may cause an argument with that character. Attempting to give a gift to someone with low relationship may cause them to reject it even if it is something they would like.

A failed attempt to give a gift to a coworker may cause them to complain to HR. This option is where the player character says something bad about another person, in sharp contrast to a compliment, thus decreasing the relationship level (and potentially causing them to insult them back).

People can also insult the player character at random, and the player can choose how they respond, by insulting him/her back, forgiving them, or lunging towards them (and fighting). Probably one of the most used options in the list, spending time with relations is an easy way to boost relationship.

If the player is not a Citizen, they must watch an ad before they “Spend time with all”. There is also a chance if your relationship is low, they will refuse to spend time with you.

If in a good relationship, there is also a chance that someone may ask to go out with the player, and they can decide whether if they go with them. Spending time with a supervisor is considered sucking up to them and will decrease your relationship with other coworkers.

Breakups, which are pretty straightforward, easier to fight than divorces. Crazy significant others may overrule your decision as well, such as getting an abortion/forcing you to get an abortion when you selected to keep it and vice-versa, but lovers rarely force you to keep the baby.

You can choose to agree (equivalent to the spend time option) or disagree, lowering relationship. You can choose all the usual options that happen when fighting with relatives.

The player can apologize, agree to disagree, or assault the other person. Deaths, your family may die at any moment, sometimes leaving you money.

Children misbehaving, giving the option to yell at them, ground them, have a talk with them, or do nothing. When your character divorce him/her, your stepchildren will no longer be in the relationships tab.

You can agree (which can potentially get you addicted), make an excuse (resulting in a slight decrease but no real harm in relationship), or outright decline (decreasing relationship).

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