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Bitlife How To Qualify For Law School

Maria Johnson
• Friday, 25 December, 2020
• 7 min read

Chances are you’re not preparing properly and haven’t ended up at the appropriate school for you. It includes links to all of our other guides, where we’ve covered pretty much every aspect of this awesome game.

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Lawyers are no fools so you will have to be a clever individual to be accepted into law school. If you pick a course like dance, arts or information technology you will not be eligible to enlist at law school.

You will need to study hard for a long time, no one falls into medicine so you must devote your Billie into becoming a doctor. If you want to be a medical doctor, then studying Biology, Chemistry or Physics should see you qualify.

Picking any solid subject like English, Psychology or Math is sure to see you qualify. Avoid any silly subjects like dance or anything that would be difficult to gain employment with.

Think of graduate school as a place to enhance whatever degree you studied previously. Nursing is a relatively well-paid profession with ample opportunities to gain promotion, so it is worth doing if you can do no better.

I have lumped these three schools together for good reason, they all require similar subjects and intelligence levels. I am sure you can enlist in pharmaceutical school with many qualifications, but in my experience having a science as your major has always helped.

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Additionally, tap the school button and study hard every turn. once you are graduated from high school, the game will prompt you to choose a career option.

after choosing an education career in English or Political Science, you will have to work hard every year. And, don’t forget to visit the library every year to maintain the smart stats.

To get approved, the virtual character must have 30 years of experience in a law firm. So work hard for 30 years and continue with the same law firm post.

If you have worked hard every year in a law firm or have enough smart stats(over 85), your application for the Magistrate position will get approved. Make sure to attend team meetings, tour while working in a law firm, Magistrate position to progress fast.

Bit life allows you to live another life through your phone, trying to be as successful as possible. The likes of English and Political Science are the subjects that are more often said to see your character qualify, but History is also said to work too.

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Opting for something less traditionally academic, such as Dance or something to do with the Arts will see your application to Playschool in Bit life be rejected. If you follow both these steps, you should be able to complete your training to be a lawyer and then continue your character’s prosperous life and journey towards success.

Then, you need to get a university qualification in something like History, English, or Political Science. An impressive and highly addictive life simulator that allows you to make all the wrong and right choices you wouldn’t dare to make in real life, Billie offers you the possibility to choose a career path and land the job of your dreams.

In Billie, studying hard will not suffice to help you reach your professional dream. In this Billie careers guide, we will offer you all the necessary tips that will allow you to enter the right school and turn your professional dream into reality.

Check out our Billie careers guide and find out how to become a renowned doctor, a top-rated lawyer or an acclaimed actor! Qualifying for graduate school is easy and will guarantee you a well-paid job.

If you want to qualify for the Playschool, make sure to start playing the game with a virtual character who has at least 80% smart stats. If you dream of becoming a lawyer or a judge, make sure to always choose courses directly related to the field: Political Science, History or English.

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Choosing courses such as Arts won’t help you achieve your goal. During your primary and secondary school education, make sure to visit the library each year and study hard.

Once you graduate from high school, make sure to opt for the correct education career. We advise you to opt for higher education and apply for the Playschool.

You can progress even further and apply for different court judge positions. Applying for the Medical School requires pretty much the same criteria as the Playschool : studying hard, having good smart stats and taking medicine-related courses such as Physics, Biology or Chemistry.

In order to make sure that your character is eligible for the doctor position, it is crucial to pay attention to his/her stats. While at school, it is extremely important to study hard every year, maintain your smart stats and visit the library.

Once you graduate from high school, you will need to pay attention to your career choices. If you manage to obtain an undergraduate degree in psychology or biology, your application for the Medical school will get approved.

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While attending the university, you will need to make sure to always study hard and visit the library each day. Once you graduate from college, you will have the possibility to opt for higher education or find a job.

If you get in, you will need to make sure that you visit the library on a daily basis, always work hard and pay attention to your smart stats. Getting admitted is less demanding than qualifying for the Medical School or the Playschool.

If becoming a dentist is your Billie dream, then you will need a graduate degree in Biology. Once you graduate from high school, make sure you choose the right career and opt for Biology as your main subject.

The key to success: study hard, maintain your smart score and visit the library each year. Once you graduate from university, you will be given 3 options: look for a job, seek higher education or take a rest.

In order to be able to get a pilot trainee interview, your character’ smart stats must be over 85. While studying, make sure to maintain your smart stats high and visit the library.

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Once you graduate from university, it’s time to apply for the Medical School. If accepted, you will need to study hard, maintain stats, and visit the library.

However, pilot trainee jobs are not always available and you may need to wait for a vacancy to show up. Just make sure you check vacancies every year until your dream job becomes available.

You will initially have to apply for a Voice over actor job and gain several years of experience. However, there are certain features you need to pay attention to in order to qualify for this position.

Though the educational background doesn’t really matter, we recommend certain careers at the university: Music, Arts, Dance. In order to be able to obtain a Voice over Actor position, you will either need good looks stats or a combination of smartness and happiness.

Choose one of the Fire Departments available in your city and apply for a Firefighter position. When you graduate from high school, you will have 2 options: seek university education or ‘College is not for me’.

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