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Bitlife How To Live In Los Angeles

Elaine Sutton
• Wednesday, 09 December, 2020
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In this new Billie challenge it looks like we're going to be pretending to be Brad Pitt or Angelina Jolie! This will require you to live in Los Angeles, become a movie star, have a net worth of $200m+, and then adopt three foreign children.

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We will be increasing this in future years, but it's important to start high. Age up until you can start taking walks, going to the gym, and doing martial arts.

Do this every year and continue to age your way through your education and then completing High School. If you don't find it when you look, you can either age up or close out of Billie completely and get a new batch of jobs when you open it again.

At this point, you might want to join all the Social Media platforms, because they will help you out once you're famous. You will need to up your Fame stat, so start posting on social media, do commercials, and pose for magazines.

Once you reach over 100,000 followers on any social media platform, make sure to get verified which will also boost your fame. Writing a book is fine, but wait until your fame is very high to do it.

Right from the day you are born up until your deathbed, the possibilities stand endless. From a chef, dentist, farmer, to an overnight internet sensation (or even the President or Prime Minister) the list goes on.

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Add to the fact that the game brings in new challenges regularly, and one couldn’t have asked for more. In this guide, we will list out all the requirements that your character needs to qualify in order to successfully complete this challenge.

Live in Los Angeles Become a famous movie star Build a net worth of $200 million Adopt 3 Children Not only for this quest, but a high look will come in handy for the other three requirements of the Angelina Challenge in Billie as well.

As soon as you pass out of high school, search for the Voice over Acting job. If it isn’t available as of now, age a year and then search again, or you close the game and relaunch it.

Just make sure to keep and maintain your looks and fame stats pretty high. Talking about the former, you should have a healthy diet, regularly go to gyms, and parlor and keep a safe distance from alcohol and smoking.

As soon as you turn 14, create social media, and be an active user of the same. Once it reaches 90, then you could also participate in talk shows to further push up your fame.

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Keep these points in mind and you should have no issues in completing the second of the four quests in the Angelina Challenge in Billie. Then you could also purchase a house earlier one in your career and then sell it at a later date for a higher price.

Then head over to the assets and finances menu and check your income. The adoption will first have a look at a few requirements- whether you have enough income to bear the expenses of these three children, your current age and whether you have a permanent abode.

However, depending on which city you live in can change many factors in the game such as name, race, schooling stages, and nationality. The Teammate ribbon can be unlocked if a character is an app developer from Tucson or Miami in the United States.

The first part of this challenge forces you to move your character to Los Angeles, California, or you can choose to start a new life there. This means avoiding fights with other people, working out every day, changing your diet, and going to the barber to clean yourself up.

The film studio career does not require any prior education, so you don’t need to think about having to go to collect for a degree. It’s important to achieve fame, so try to increase your overall character’s notoriety as often as possible through social media and other outlets.

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To achieve a net worth of $200 million, it’s all about using your money wisely and purchasing some nicer homes available to you. The agency may reject you depending on your age, wealth, or the fact you don’t have a home.

It is clear from the name that you have to imitate the famous Hollywood couple Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie. Now since we know the requirements, let’s delve deep into how to complete the Angelina Challenge in Billie.

Once you start your life in Los Angeles, you will have to worry about the much harder requirement to complete the Angelina Challenge, i.e., becoming a famous movie star. Looks and physique are the basic requirements to become a famous movie star.

Also, make sure that your character regularly goes to the gym and performs physical activities. Once you have completed your high school, it’s time to kick off your acting career.

Hence, you should start by getting a voice over artist job (you have to enter the industry one way or the other). Keep doing voice over artist job unless you get promoted to an actor, this might take a few years.

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Hence, you will have to head over to the jobs section and select work harder whenever you can. If you don’t get promoted to a lead actor within a few years, you should consider taking some other acting gigs.

While earning millions as a lead actor make sure to start starring in news and magazines. The next requirement to complete the Angelina Challenge is to build a net worth of $200m+.

Making correct investment decisions is the best way to increase net worth and that is what we will be doing. When you are earning a lot of money, invest it in some beautiful houses nearby.

The last task in the list is to adopt 3 foreign children as Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie did. Investment in houses that we made for increasing our net worth can come in handy here.

Looking for a new place to live in Los Angeles is both exciting and exhausting, and because we’ve got hundreds of neighborhoods in LA County, it can be more than a little daunting to pick one. Here we break down more than 20 of the most popular areas, highlighting the stuff you really care about (like landmarks, vibe, transportation, bars, restaurants, and what the burrito scene looks like) so you can pick the perfect one for you and all your cats.

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Offering gourmet food, specialty shopping, and artisan coffee & drinks, it’s one of the few neighborhoods in LA where small businesses rule and you get none of the corporate chains.... yet! Let’s hope it stays this way.” -- Heidi FM & Gonzalo Motorola, Owners, Black Elephant Coffee Sites & Landmarks: Griffith Park is nearby, and the same goes for the LA River.

It’s a little more removed from the party vibe of Silver Lake and Los Felix, but that doesn’t mean you can’t get funky if you want to. You’ll find family recipes at Viva Tacos Aztec (get league), delicious popular from El Been Gusto, and even a tasty restaurant in the back of India Sweets & Spices, an Indian grocery store.

Glendale Boulevard is loaded with great restaurants (Dune, Hail Mary Pizza, and Proof Bakery are pure magic), and bars (Looking at you, Club Tee Gee). So when opening my first shop, I knew I had to keep it in the neighborhood.” -- Paul James, Owner, Uncle Pauline’s Sites & Landmarks: Beverly Grove takes its name from its location and its greatest landmark: The Grove: The sprawling outdoor mall has truly taken its place in the pantheon of LA tourism, alongside places like Santa Monica Beach and The Getty.

Your favorite part of the Grove, though, will be the Farmers Market : an outdoor marketplace full of tasty food stalls and novelty shops (shoutout to the store that sells only hot sauce). Also, a food and drink haven, the sandwiches from Uncle Pauline’s, the Afro-Indian fare from Bahamas, and the unbeatable bakery items from Canter’s all help make the neighborhood a destination for dining.

Though many other big-deal restaurants and bars are closed for COVID-19, expect the area to quickly rise back to prominence when this is all over. While Beverly Hills is often the place to see and be seen, people go to Wolfgang Puck at Hotel Bel Air to feel as though they are on a private estate with protected exclusivity.” -- Michael Creator, Executive Chef, Wolfgang Puck at Hotel Bel Air Sites & Landmarks: Take a winding drive through the canyons and you’ll see the area’s biggest landmarks: the houses.

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Perched at the top of mountains, homes around here can sell for preposterous amounts of money; it’s the unabashed 1%, and everything that comes with it. Elderly movie producers, your friend’s grandparents, Jed Clamped... they all live in Beverly Hills.

It’s the sort of place that reminds you that yes, some people who moved to LA to achieve success in TV, film, and music actually did. Downtown’s culinary explosion has lessened it a bit, but some of the most impressive dining experiences are still found around here: Fog ode Chão, which can only be described as the Disneyland of churrascaria, as well as Wolfgang Puck’s best restaurants (Cut, Sago, and the Hotel Bel Air).

You can tell yourself you’ll resist the over-the-top trendiness of URT Cafe, but you won’t, and the same goes for Aaron -- a charming coffee shop grinding some of the best beans around. Bio Ergo Sum is a stunner, as well, with a secret(is) entrance leading to a beautiful space full of no-joke cocktails.

During these trying times Chinatown still has our back!” -- Alvin Caiman, Chef/Owner, Am boy Quality Meats Sites & Landmarks: The newly renovated LA Historic Park stretches throughout Chinatown, and in a world where people are allowed to go outside and gather in groups, it’s one of the best park experiences in the city, located right off the Metro Gold Line. Along the edge, you’ll also find Philippe The Original, LA’s oldest restaurant famous for its French dip sandwiches.

Back in the late ‘30s, Chinatown was a highly desirable spot for immigrants seeking to open new businesses. Already known as a haven of dim sum legends (like Golden Dragon and Ocean Seafood Restaurant), the dining scene was expanding steadily beyond the classic spots including the arrival of Howling' Ray’s (the Nashville hot chicken specialists are known to have a line that can reach four-hour wait times).

Today, the food and drink scene is more serious than ever, boasting hard-to-snag reservations at David Chang’s Majordomo, beautiful cuts of meat from burger wizard Alvin Caiman at Am boy Quality Meats, and some of the best beer you can drink from Highland Park Brewery’s second tap room. The Platform seems to be at the epicenter of much of it, with big tech companies, apartments, hotels, restaurants, retail and more all popping up within a half mile radius.

It's all so accessible from almost anywhere in the city.” -- Michael Williams, Executive Chef, Margot Sites & Landmarks: In the ‘20s, Culver City was home to Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer, making it one of the biggest studio areas in Los Angeles. A huge outdoor mall called Platform is the center of Culver City’s rise in popularity, featuring everything from a SoulCycle studio, to an art gallery, to a best-tortilla-in-the-city contender at Louis.

Culver City is big and expansive, so for a long time it wasn’t exactly full of hip and trendy things, but like everywhere, that’s changed. A lot of Sony and Columbia employees have settled over here, trying to avoid what would otherwise be a hellish commute, though the Expo Line helps that out.

Between Angel’s Flight, Grand Central Market, Bunker Hill, and everything else you can see, this is one of those places that feels instantly familiar -- you’ve seen everything here in a movie at least 10 times. After a period of stagnation and decreasing population following WWII, Downtown’s “Skid Row” neighborhood became synonymous with urban decline.

Thanks in large part to legislation passed in 1999, residential development saw an upswing and an area formerly dominated by empty spaces and warehouses regained enough population to draw restaurants and retail businesses back into the fold. The eastern section of DLA is called the Arts District, and as more and more new spots open around there, it’s hard to deny it may be the “coolest” area of LA.

Some of our most decorated chefs have opened restaurants in beautifully designed spaces here (like Spring, Redbird, Shibuya, and Q). Something less beautifully designed, but no doubt the prize of the Los Angeles dining scene: Grand Central Market.

Echo Park is hipster-y -- almost as much as Silver Lake, in fact -- but it’s also fun as hell and lush with history, easy-going people, and a ton of great stuff to eat and drink. Restaurants, bars, and cafés flourish on Sunset Blvd, stretching all the way to the edge of Chinatown and DLA; Guido’s is doing it big with slow-cooked tacos, Button Mash is doing it even bigger with a bar/arcade full of excellent craft beer and Asian small plates, and Ostrich Farm has kept it simple with new American plates that define a major part of the neighborhood’s cooking.

“Elysian Valley, also known as Frog town, is a magical mix of kind-hearted neighbors, artists, manufacturers, innovators, and small businesses alike. No matter what you do in Frog town, make sure your first stop is Wax Paper, a tiny shipping container serving some of the best sandwiches you will eat anywhere.

Today, you can choose between restaurant openings from places like Bacardi, Din Tai Fun, Satsuma, and The Sunita. Sometime in the last few years, Glendale’s dining scene grew to include new businesses beyond those owned by its Armenian and Middle Eastern residents.

At Mini Nabob, a family-run operation serves elite-level grilled meats despite being literally the smallest restaurant in Los Angeles. Where else am I always walking distance to true ceviche Sinhalese, Re-imported dumplings, and some of the best hazy IPA's in all of LA?” -- Javier Cabral, Editor, L.A. Taco Sites & Landmarks: There aren’t many tourist attractions in Northeast LA, and that’s exactly the way they like it -- save for Eagle Rock’s eponymous eagle-shaped rock, the 50+ year old San Antonio Winery, and Glass ell Park’s Grassland sign.

Highland Park is hundreds of years old, officially incorporated into Los Angeles back in the 1780s, and because of this rich history, there aren’t many other places in LA where you’ll see such a special mix of old and new. The area’s demographic has been largely Latino since the ‘60s, and you’ll find longtime Highland Park families running barbershops, food trucks, bakeries, and many others.

Over 100 years ago, Hollywood was incorporated as an LA municipality, and ever since the name alone has held a more loaded meaning than most other places on Earth. Yes, it’s Grammar’s and the El Capitan and way too many bad nightclubs, but it’s also the physical manifestation of everybody who has ever chased a dream in the entertainment industry.

No matter how obnoxious and touristy Hollywood gets, somehow it manages to keep that old magic, the spark that began back with the first studio in 1912. The newly refreshed menu at EP & LP is great as well, and the food tastes even better when you’re looking down at the city from their rooftop bar.

Korean immigrants began to settle and open businesses here in the ‘60s, taking advantage of the inexpensive real estate. What probably cemented Korea town as its own tight-knit community though, were the LA Riots -- residents famously claimed they felt ignored throughout, which created a “let’s stick together” kind of vibe, and it’s been that way ever since.

Today the neighborhood has the largest Korean population outside of Korea itself, and is packed to the gills with cheap dive bars (god bless HMS Bounty), karaoke, and an absurd number of restaurants. There are lots of charming, independently owned restaurants, shops and bars, where people actually know your name; and cute dogs at every corner, a bonus for dog-crazy people like me.” -- Jean Trina, journalist Sites & Landmarks: Because of the smallish size of Los Felix, if you live here, chances are high that the Greek Theater is a relatively walkable distance.

Alright, the parking is admittedly not great, but Los Felix has a strong shot at the title of Best LA Neighborhood -- and it’s one of our favorite places to spend a weekend. Hilliest and Vermont Avenues make up most of the hustle and bustle, lined from top to bottom with shops, restaurants, and bars.

Most residents have a favorite spot picked out, generally describing them as “the one in the corner of the strip mall.” SAP Coffee Shop is a cash-only institution with rock-solid jade noodles. Pasadena is the biggest section of the San Gabriel Valley, a vibrant community full of families, restaurants, and -- ever since GPL was built in the 1930s -- rocket scientists.

“The Westside defies LA’s car-centric stigma by offering easily walkable and likeable neighborhoods with plenty of excellent dining, drinking, entertainment, and shopping options. Spend enough time strolling around either hood, and you’re bound to start recognizing faces and striking up conversations with strangers -- a rarity in a city as big as LA.” -- Danny Jensen, writer and regular Thrilling contributor Sites & Landmarks: Look west.

The west side beachfront neighborhoods of Santa Monica and Venice have become some of the richest areas in the city, and probably what most out of owners picture when they think of LA. It’s pricey, so if you’re inclined to go the opposite direction, there’s always for a cheap lunch at Piano Café (Jim Morrison’s favorite haunt), a dive bar serving what a lot of people consider to be one of the best burgers in town.

Families both local and vacationing flock to the beach each day to take advantage of the movie-esque Santa Monica sunshine. You’ll find some of the nicest hotels down here too, (like the Viceroy and the newer Santa Monica Proper) just a few blocks from goofy restaurants like Jimmy’s Famous American Tavern (where you can get a Bloody Mary garnished with bacon, blue cheese, shrimp, pepperoni, jack cheese, pepperoncini, and a jalapeño deviled egg...

Well, thanks to the ocean and the exploding tech scene, the rent is very high, and (maybe even worse) you’d have to take the 10 any time you wanted to go to the Eastside. We’re very far from the ocean, but we’ll live.” -- Natalie B. Compton, journalist Sites & Landmarks: The reservoir, for starters, remains one of the most popular places to jog, and any Laurel & Hardy fan knows the 133-step stairs from The Music Box.

It’s easy to write Silver Lake off as annoying due to the overabundance of textbook hipsters, but there’s no denying the excellence this neighborhood has to offer. Night + Market Song is a perfect example, a tiny/funky space exploding with inventive takes on Thai street food.

The Taiwanese small plates at Pine & Crane are unreal, while just down the road you can pop into Freedman’s, an exciting Jewish deli serving elevated versions of the classics you love. Almost as trendy as running around the reservoir is hanging out at one of Silver Lake’s many coffee shops; Dinosaur is a local favorite (double points for the rock star food trucks that park outside).

-- Mikey Segerstrom, Chef DE Cuisine, Little Sister Sites & Landmarks: The Queen Mary, a retired ship that plays host to tons of events every year, might be the South Bay’s biggest claim to fame (you’ll want to find an excuse to watch fireworks there), but don’t discount the beaches. The entire South Bay Area has a pretty universal pros and cons list, so we’re grouping it all together for the purposes of this guide.

Admittedly, distance from LA isn’t the biggest deal, as you can take the train all the way from Long Beach to DLA. Beachside dining and drinking is plentiful (check out Love & Salt, Manhattan Beach Post, Little Sister, and Barn’s 2239), and the sunsets are completely ridiculous.

Rooftop hangouts like BO-beau give off a DLA feel, and institutions like Gus’s Fried Chicken have secondary locations down here. “Since moving Scratch|Bar & Kitchen to Engine in 2015, Margarita and I have enjoyed watching many great new restaurants open nearby over the years.

The Valley wasn’t “cool” for a long time, and while it’s not the burgeoning hotspot that, say, DLA is, it’s still changing every day. The rows of bars, restaurants, and community theaters create a special atmosphere; people actually walk around.

2,” it’s home to editing houses, color correction facilities, and a slew of studios (including Warner Bros, Nickelodeon, and Disney). Unlike most of the gentrification the rest of the Valley has seen, it doesn’t feel like Burbank has made much of an attempt to change into a trendy hotspot.

At the family-run Pinocchio Restaurant they’ve been doing things the same way since the '60s; same deal at Pamela’s, a sandwich shop you will fall in love with. “The Brentwood neighborhood remains a community environment with loyal residents, families and local businesses.

It’s also home of Westwood Village Memorial Park, one of our most beautiful cemeteries (and the resting place of famous people like Marilyn Monroe and Rodney Dangerfield). The neighboring Brentwood has a distinctly more mature vibe, mostly full of families and people with a fair share of disposable income.

Pizza (which Jonathan Gold once compared to the best pizzeria in the entire world) operates here, as well as a number of other killer high-end restaurants and lounges, like S Bar and Satsuma. Just south of where Westwood and Brentwood meet is Satellite, an area full of excellent Japanese food that somehow gets robbed of credit thanks to the existence of Little Tokyo.

The appropriately named Killer Noodle, from the wizards behind The Sunita, specializes in insanely spicy ramen. Wilder Shaw grew up in the Valley and has lived in Los Felix, Silver Lake, At water Village, and Highland Park.

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