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Bitlife How To Join Student Council

Ellen Grant
• Monday, 14 December, 2020
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Press question mark to learn the rest of the keyboard shortcuts The super fun text-based life simulator for iOS & Android.


A character will be a Student every time they are in a school and start at age 4, 5, 6, 7, or 8, depending on the country they live in. When a character dies, their highest level of education completed is on their tombstone.

Following the September 2019 update, students may interact with teachers and other classmates, and get popular and join clubs. The amount of years varies from 4-8 because of how different countries have their schooling system.

When you start elementary school, you can click on the orange graduation cap to get choices. Firstly, it shows what type of school you're in, how many years you've completed, how many years you've left to go, the choice to study harder, and the choice to drop out of elementary school.

If your character drops out or gets expelled before graduating, they can get their General Equivalence Diploma if they pass. Without it, they can be rejected from jobs that require at least secondary school/high school education.

A character may attend community college before university to boost their Smarts even if they do not need it. If a character is rejected from University, it is encouraged that they try to go into community college first.

Community college is free and will always accept your character unless they drop out of high school and do not get the GED. Certain jobs like the Dental Hygienist and Massage Therapist will require at least community college education before applying.

After high school and/or community college, your character will attend university for 4 years. Higher education/ Graduate Business Dental Law Medical Nursing Pharmacy Veterinary Accounting Yes Yes No No No No No No Anthropology Yes No No No No No No No Archaeology Yes No No No No No No No Architecture No No No No No No No No Art History No No No No No No No No Biology Yes No Yes No Yes Yes Chemistry Yes No Yes No Yes Yes Communications No No No No No No No No Computer Science Yes No No No No No No No Criminal Justice Yes No No Yes No No No No Dance No No No No No No No No Economics Yes Yes No No No No No No Education Yes No No No No No No No Engineering Yes No No No No No No No English Yes Yes No Yes No No No No Finance Yes Yes No No No No No No Graphic Design No No No No No No No No History Yes No No No No No No No Information Systems Yes Yes No No No No No No Journalism Yes No No No No No No No Marketing Yes Yes No No No No No No Mathematics Yes Yes No No No No No No Music Yes No No No No No No No Nursing No No Yes No Yes Yes No No Philosophy Yes No No Yes No No No No Physics Yes No Yes No Yes Yes Political Science Yes No No Yes No No No No Psychology Yes No No No Yes No No No Religious Studies No No No No No No No No Depending on their major, they can seek higher education afterward.

If they did not major in the subject needed for higher education, they will be rejected because they were not qualified. In some countries, university is free and does not need a tuition payment but higher education will.

Cheating on a test Insulting a classmate or teacher/professor Giving a gift to a teacher/professor (only if refused) Skipping school and getting caught It is possible a character can go through graduate school but still be rejected from higher education and vice-versa.

A character may attend graduate school to boost their Smarts even if they do not need it. A character who studies Biology or Chemistry as their major can get into dental school and become a dentist.

Dental Hygienists do not have the “Dr.” title before their names, unless they seek the optional higher education. A character who studies English, Finance, Criminal Justice, or Political Science as their major can get into law school and become a lawyer.

There is also a Paralegal job but this does not require Law School, only community college. A character who studies Biology, Chemistry, Nursing or Psychology as their major can get into medical school and become a doctor.

A character who studies Biology or Chemistry as their major can get into pharmacy school and become a pharmacist. A character who studies Biology or Chemistry as their major can get into veterinary school and become a veterinarian.

However, if it is rejected, their relationship will lower and the character loses happiness. However, if it is rejected, their relationship will lower and the character loses happiness.

Compliment: This will increase the relationship with the classmate by a random amount. Flirt Gift: Increases or decreases relationship by a random amount.

The main character can also potentially get bullied by another student for a specific reason. Each morning waits for you to get off the school bus and then takes your lunch money.

Tells you that two wrongs don't make a right, as proven by your parents. If you keep trying to join a club you have been denied entry from, the sponsor will tell you to go away/get lost.

This stat is completely random, and it is used on determining whether the player can get into certain sports clubs. In university, the player can rush a fraternity or sorority, if they are from the United States or Canada.

In our Billie Version 1.23 Guide, we detail all the changes included in our favorite text-based life simulator’s latest update. This update is all themed around school life, which is apt timing given that many of us have actually just returned to one of the world’s worst institutions.

You can now interact with your classmates and teachers, participate in extracurricular activities like joining a sport team or a band, join a clique, getting involved in frats and sororities, and go to grade school. Now, provided you’re studying at school, you’ll encounter a bunch of new means of interacting with your classmates and teachers in Billie.

Judging from chatter on Twitter, these new interactions include fighting off bullying, having relationships or flings with your classmates or teachers, and receiving detention and other punishments for behaving badly. These include all the clichés from sports types to nerds and band geeks.

For example, you may have to join the school football team or band, or even have a high looks score. Frats and sororities are similar to cliques in that they’re social groups for like-minded folks.

That should help make the school system more familiar to you no matter the country you live in. Here we’ll round up the remaining changes and features that were included in this update that aren’t quite big enough to get their own section.

We love being involved in the school as much as possible, and we want to make sure that everybody has a memorable year. We have many talented groups and programs at Waylaid High School, so we would strive to reach out to every student and ensure that their needs and ideas are met.

We believe that we have the leadership skills and the best connection to all the students and Waylaid High School. Having been part of StudentCouncil for multiple years, we feel that our qualification separates us from the other candidates.

To add to this we also hope to change advisory and make it a much more interactive time when students get to know each other and become more connected. Overall, our main goal if we are elected is to bring the school together and pass any ideas that students have onto administration to ensure that everybody has the most fun year possible.

We know that school activities are often thought of as boring and unnecessary, but we want to ensure that they are things that people look forward to and really want to attend. We plan to bring new exciting events to both Spirit Day and Winter Week.

Also, Evan is working over the summer with people from the Berk lee College of Music to create a state-of-the-art recording studio right here in our school. If these contributions are listened to, changes can be made that would benefit all types of student at WHS.

We have been involved in activities at the school, and because of this, we know which aspects make WHS a better place and which could be improved upon. In addition, we have taken advantage of other extracurricular activities at the school, including sports and dance.

Both of us feel that it is important for people to run the school who are responsible and willing to apply themselves in order to make changes. We think that we are qualified to do so, listening to ideas of others and putting forth effort to create a better environment at WHS.

Even though we might not know everyone at the school, we want to reach out so that everyone feels they are equally represented in the decisions that StudentCouncil makes. If elected to this position, we will fulfill the promises we have made in the previous statements.

We will listen to the ideas of all students and try to be the driving force behind making their thoughts count for the changes at the school. For example, we would try to implement a Spirit Week, a field day and possibly more tailgates.

We would also like to make other changes such as alterations to certain aspects of advisory that we feel would help benefit the school. May 21, 2021 The purpose of the SGA is to be the official representative voice of the student body’s interests, concerns, and needs on ….

Freshman elections typically happen within a month of starting school, so no one knows each other why they don't. Often applicants find an easy way to relate and write an essay that could have been written by anyone StudentCouncil is a student -based civic organization designed to help promote school spirit and leadership among students.

We are looking for some dynamic, enthusiastic, and committed Middle School students to join the StudentCouncil for this year. If you go for a re-election, then the major student council speech idea has to be: state in one catchy phrase what your mission statement has been the past years and how you will.

**The attached form and essay answers are due to Ms. Student councils. Serving on student council at your school allows you to participate in the student government process.

As a Student Ambassador you have the opportunity to get involved with many types of work allowing you to develop skills you already have as well as gain new ones. This is a brief presentation on why I, Tammi DeMo or, should be in council Here are some great reasons to join Stu Co: Networking As a representative of the student body, you will participate in a variety of student government conferences, meetings, summits, and field trips.

Apr 13, 2018 · Plan to joinstudentcouncil your freshman year, but don’t expect to be elected president. We’ll show you how you should confidently respond to the question, “Why do you want to be a leader?” Stop for a moment and think about it Student Government and College Admissions: Tips and Tactics.

Winning provides an opportunity to improve your school and make meaningful change. I mean this is our LAST year of high school essay on why I want to joinstudentcouncil, and we all want it to be the best. I remember last year some spirit days didn’t make sense and there were many complaints Good afternoon, My name is Mary Joy, and I am running for student council.

Once elected to the StudentCouncil, members will meet once a month as a whole council to discuss ideas and opportunities for Sharon Elementary. Attendance is mandatory in StudentCouncil, so if your child is a part of another club in school, we need to know in order to work out special arrangements.

Funny things to say in speeches student council. On a trip to the museum of natural history with his father five-year-old Stephen was captivated by the giant dinosaur skeletons 100 Ideas For Your StudentCouncil School Events 1. Council members will demonstrate leadership qualities by serving as good examples of behavior through their words and.

As student council _____ (role), I will strive to continue to make improvements in the school for every student here at Sample High. Campaign Planning Consider Why You're Running: Ask yourself what kinds of changes you want to effect and what issues you'd like to resolve Writing the Speech Introduction.

Answer those questions in my following student council speech idea top 10. “What really want to emphasize is that these aren’t two different worlds,” said Park, comparing traditional Greek life with multicultural chapters.

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