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Bitlife How To Increase Smarts

Danielle Fletcher
• Sunday, 25 October, 2020
• 8 min read

In order to make sure that your character is smart in the game, you will have to start working on this stat early on in life. Studying hard will help you get smarter in the game, but also increase your chances of getting into college without a loan and getting a better job.

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Sometimes, you just get a really tough start in life… For a short while, you will be able to focus on your studies each year, as well as visit the library. This is something you should do constantly throughout your life in order to maintain your maximum smarts levels as you grow older.

Some characters will simply do better than others, just like in real life so in the end, you will have to play with what the random generator gives you. Being intelligent and good-looking aren’t only handy in real life, they also help you live your best Billie.

In this guide, we’re going to help you gain this natural advantage in life by detailing the exact steps you’ll need to take to increase your looks and smarts statistics in Billie. First, a disclaimer: while you can absolutely increase your looks rating in Billie, your initial score is largely out of your control.

Smarts are much easier to increase in Billie, and you aren’t hampered as much naturally as you are with looks. Basically, it works the same way it does in real life: study hard and go to the library once per year and you’ll see that smart score skyrocket.

So we’ve gathered together a few tips and tricks to help you improve your smarts and looks and, therefore, live better. Before we begin, it’s important to note that, while you can do a lot to increase your smarts, sometimes you’re hamstrung from birth where your looks are concerned.

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It includes links to all of our other guides, where we’ve covered pretty much every aspect of this awesome game. Just like in real life, you have to study hard in Billie to increase your smarts.

You also need to start as early as possible to ensure you can max out your smarts at a relatively young age. We also recommend visiting the library once a year too, as that also boosts your smarts.

Increasing your smarts is one thing but you can lose them due to silly or reckless behavior. Well, the closest any normal person will really get is to try and max out their looks score in Billie.

To give yourself the best chance of increasing your looks, you’ll want to go to the gym once every single year as soon as you’re able. Select any of the available books, and start reading them, which includes you quickly clicking the screen to skim the pages.

By continuing to be physically active, you can anticipate your health stat to rise at the very same time, though this is far easier to keep. You want to constantly duplicate the procedure of reading books, working out, practicing meditation, and routinely going on strolls each year to keep these statistics in check.

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If you want to increase your looks considerably, you can pick cosmetic surgery, which is down in the lower area of the Activities tab. You can pick to do Botox, eyelid surgical treatment, facelift, liposuction, a nose surgery, acromioplasty, anymore Carrying out any of these options is costly, and comes with risk They can considerably increase your looks stat however have a chance of stopping working, and making this stat event even worse.

Instead, you need to ensure you read books every year or have your character return to school when they end up being older to complete any education. While at school they can pick to research study harder every year, which should improve their possibilities of finishing by the end of their time to keep their grade sup You can also use the memory game or going to the library.

By keeping up with the mind and body tab in your activities slot, you should see these statistics routinely rising, however random acts can reduce them, which you can’t avoid. Billie puts you in charge of the life of a character via text.

Read on for some tips and tricks for getting high smarts and looks ratings on Billie ! When the library first opens up in Activities, under the Mind and Body menu (around elementary or middle school), go there once every year.

A facelift or a tummy tuck is usually a pretty sure bet to add 30-40 percent to your looks rating, but don’t overdo the plastic surgery or you raise your risk of having a botched one destroy your stats. So if you get stuck with a character who is simply destined to get uglier as the game goes on, boost their smarts and their finances to make up for it.

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Category: AndroidiPadiPhone Tags: android, APK, Billie, iOS, iPad, iPhone Evan Heisenberg named himself after a Breaking Bad character one time, and then got stuck with it. He’s a San Diego guy living in Tacoma, so he legitimately enjoys the cliché “long walks on the beach.” Aside from writing about mobile games, Evan is an aircraft hydraulic maintainer and maintenance instructor.

He likes weightlifting, beer, dad jokes, the Padres and Chargers, and slightly-old luxury and exotic cars. Offering a plethora of opportunities to be carried out, there are tons of things that you could get your hands on in Billie.

Throughout our in-depth coverage of Billie, we have shared tutorials, regarding how to become a dentist, chef, farmer, social media star, or even the Prime Minister or President. In all these guides, near about one or two things stood common: you should have a more than decent level of smartness.

Not only look wise but from the education point of view, a higher smartness bar is always welcome. Until and unless, you satisfy this requirement, you might face issues in choosing your preferred career option.

Well, quite a few users are concerned regarding how they could increase their smartness level in this game. Regarding the increase in your smart level, there’s just thing on which you need to focus on- study as much as possible.

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Make sure to start this practice at an early stage so that by the time you reach adulthood you have enough smartness in yourself. Until the new years starts, you could try your hands on some side businesses to pocket a few bucks.

For example, if you have chosen a relatively ugly character then no matter how much effort you exert in his or her looks, chances are you won’t be able to taste success. If not done correctly, it might lead to an adverse effect on your face and hence the looks meter fill fall as well.

Both of these components are an extremely important part of this game and a higher level of both will be crucially beneficial in the long run. It is a text-based game that lets you control your life through a series of decisions.

While every choice you make will have consequences, there are still some things that are left to chance. We have provided a number of guides for the game, that you may want to read, including tricks to find your dream job and make a good career, tips for criminal minds, as well as a complete beginner’s guide.

Check out our latest set of Billie cheats, tips and tricks below to learn everything you need to know! As you could probably imagine, studying hard will help improve your intelligence rating in this game.

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The bonus is only available once every year, so there is no use in spamming this option multiple times before progressing. You should also drop by the library once a year in order to get that extra boost in your smarts rating.

Stay away from alcohol and drugs throughout your lifetime in order to protect your smarts. You have the option to go to the gym once a year in order to boost your looks, but unlike smarts, you might not be able to max it out no matter how many times you lift those weights.

The problem with plastic surgery is that there is always a chance that it will get botched, and you end up in a worse position than what you started with. While becoming a great-grandparent isn’t currently tied to a ribbon that you can achieve, there is always a chance that it will be added in the future.

This is a natural requirement since you want to live long enough to see your grandchildren grow up and start their own families. In order to live a very long life, you need to ensure all your bars are at least 90% full.

Make sure you remember our Billie tips and tricks listed above to help improve your chances of success! November 30, 2021 / Uncategorized Once you get to high school, just keep on doing what you’re doing and stay healthy and smart.

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Billie is a life simulator with endless possibilities and a great sense of humor. When you’re at a more youthful age, increasing these are exceptionally useful to help you out with dating and being successful in school.

When it’s time to take your driving test, be sure to refer back to our guide on all the traffic signs in order to make sure you pass. 2.0k. Throughout every Billie there is a struggle to maintain your Health, Happiness, Smarts and Looks.

Just like in real life, there’s a lot of things you need to keep track of like happiness, health, smarts, looks. Users are also looking for help in various online forums, including Reddit.

The post How to complete the Black Panther Challenge in Billie appeared first on Gamer. First, make sure to have 100% athleticism, discipline, karma, smarts, and willpower.

Enjoy the videos and music you love, upload original content, and share it all with friends, family, and the world on YouTube. Billie : Life Simulator just got a huge new update that completely overhauls the school system in the game.

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Related: Billie : How to become a Lawyer Head to Dental School. Make use of these activities to maintain wealth, stats, relationships.

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