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Bitlife How To Have An Arranged Marriage

Earl Hamilton
• Monday, 21 December, 2020
• 10 min read

You need to be born and operate in certain countries, such as Afghanistan, India, Iran, and Japan. How an arranged marriage works is your parents choose someone of the opposite gender for you to marry.



You may see your parents attempting to offer you to marry the same person multiple times over your play through. Whenever they arrange the marriage, though, you do have the option to refuse to marry the individual they offer you.

You can choose to take them at your discretion, but don’t feel forced, unless your relationship with your parents is important to you. Mostly, if you start your Billie character in one of the above-mentioned countries, you can expect an arranged marriage to popup from your parents.

In some countries, your parents can arrange a marriage for you to another person, regardless of whether your character is already in a relationship, engaged, or identifies as homosexual. When you agree to marry the person, your husband/wife's relationship bar will usually start off low, near the orange zone.

If you’re not, you likely won’ t come across any of the arranged marital relationships available in the game It also uses to those who are first- generation immigrants living in another nation. How an arranged marriage works is your parents select somebody of the opposite gender for you to wed. You have to be with them, despite how you feel about them concerning their statistics, relationship, or if your character is gay.

These can be good, however they can also bead You can select to take them at your discretion, however do not feel forced, unless your relationship with your parents is very important to you. Primarily, if you start your Billie character in one of those countries, you can anticipate an arranged marriage to popup from your parents.


Billie Stepfamily Update introduces a bunch of new features related to that other half of the family that you might not get on with quite so well. Developer Candy writer has been hard at work introducing a number of features to the experience that you guys have requested for ages.

That includes the possibility of being born as a first-generation immigrant, being adopted at birth, arranged marriage, free healthcare, and more. Billie has introduced a bunch of new family members into the mix with the stepfamily update.

Billie is a progressive mobile game, so these stepparents might end up being of the same sex as your parent. Arranged marriages now also make an appearance in Billie, with your parents possibly encouraging you to marry someone that they deem suitable.

Billie might spring a new surprise at you during a new life: you might find out that you’ve been adopted. We’re not sure if you’ll know this from birth or find out in an upsetting matter later in life, but it’s certain to lead to interesting new Outlives.

If you’re born in a country that features free healthcare in real life, you’ll now get it in Billie. That should help during Outlives where you want to earn or save up as much money as possible, so it’s definitely something new to bear in mind.

marriage sa ppt powerpoint presentation

You can beg your partner to stay, which tends to have a higher success rate if the person you broke up with has low Craziness, but more often than not, they’ll choose to leave you anyway. Conversely, high Craziness exes or flings tend to be less receptive to these kind gestures. Regardless of whether you choose a Booty Call, Text, or a Chit-Chat/Compliment, all of these interactions, once carried out, will help toward restoring your relationship bar with an ex, or making it go higher if you’re dealing with a fling.

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Specifically, we’re talking about the ups and downs of having a new stepmom, stepdad, or step siblings, or the process of being a step-parent yourself, as well as a few new tweaks that make the gameplay experience more realistic, regardless of your Citizen’s nationality. Just to give you a clue of what to expect, the new update now forces you to deal with a partner’s children if the two of you decide to get married, and if your Citizen is still at a young age, they may have to endure the torment of having a “wicked” stepmother/stepfather picking on them for the tiniest slights, may they be real or imagined.

Strangely, parents weren’t able to do the same, thereby allowing every (young) Citizen to enter adulthood without having to deal with mother and father deciding that they don’t want to live together anymore. Either you’ll start off with a red, orange, or even nonexistent relationship bar, or a new dialog box may pop up if your step-parent decides to give you a tongue-lashing for what they perceive as sarcasm or disrespect.

It’s also mentioned in the change log that Candy writer has overhauled the game’s dating app, and as far as we can see, that means the algorithm tends to look at a Citizen’s Smarts and Looks when choosing potential partners. This all would come with an in-game fee, of course, as you’ll need to pay $100 each time you use the dating app and run a search for a potential mate.


I was raised to think a smiling groom, approved and blessed by my parents, was the ultimate achievement. My cousin had arranged for a casual encounter between our two families during high tea at her home.

Sporting funky eyeglasses and a sharp blazer in Mumbai's 100-degree heat, he spoke with an American accent that I found knee-knockingly sexy. The second time I saw him was at a dinner orchestrated by both families, where our parents decided on the spot that this was my guy.

A wedding date was set for six months later, the venue picked, and a guest list of a thousand finalized. I was giving up my cultural identity and lifestyle: Indian monsoons; colorful saris; conversations in my mother tongue; the inquisitive neighbors, cousins, and aunts; and most of all, the food.

My future in-laws, however, insisted on sharing the financial burden, setting the stage for an equitable and very modern marriage. For months, my 16 aunts slaved away, putting together a trousseau of the wildest, boldest silks.

My mother became the conductor of this grand orchestra, giving orders and coordinating schedules. The wedding was preceded by six days of partying, each one centering on a small religious ceremony, plus a social gathering featuring fireworks, feasting, music, and Bollywood-style dancing.


Together, we circled the holy fire seven times (a tradition called Seat Whereas); then, under a canopy of frangipanis and orchids, we were wedded for seven lifetimes. In Hinduism, the fire is considered the sustained of life, and it is only after the Seat Whereas are completed that a couple is declared man and wife.

While I craved privacy in India, the lack of neighbors and family dropping in left a shocking void every day as I ate breakfast and lunch alone. My husband worked late most evenings, and I sat in front of the TV, unable to call home because it would be 2 a.m. there.

I joined the ranks of corporate wives who saw every show, opera, and ballet in town, just to fill the hours. I discovered that having an arranged marriage was a great icebreaker, and my social circle mushroomed each time I retold my story.

With his work schedule and my burgeoning social calendar, our love story unfolded on fluorescent Post-its stuck to the fridge: “Water plants.” Even so, he had always wanted an arranged marriage because he felt it would be easier for him to share a life with someone who understood his upbringing and culture.

In a matter of months, our home became an extension of the Air India terminal, as uncles, sisters, brothers, and distant cousins settled in on the pull-out couch. For three months, I endured gigantic suitcases in the middle of the living room, curry wafting into the hallway, and prayer bells at 6 a.m. sharp.

I envied my friend Anna, whose Swedish parents stayed in a hotel, treated her to brunch at Strafing, and busied themselves at Bloom's. The New York Times in one hand, coffee in the other, I realized that my saris of bright pink, violet, and salmon were not exactly subway wear.

“It's nice to have a spiritual and family connection with your husband, rather than one that begins in a bar and ends with sex,” sighed leggy Victoria from Brooklyn, who frequented eHarmony and And after months of enjoying decidedly non-Indian experiences of Seders, Saks, and sake, I felt confident enough to direct Indian guests to a hotel, occasionally throwing in a Metrical.

Had I found my own mate, I'm sure my parents would have come around, but I'd have to live knowing that they wouldn't be truly emotionally invested in the success of the marriage. Although my husband doesn't always agree with his opinionated and selectively liberated wife, he openly expresses his love.

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