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Bitlife How To Get Voiceover Actor

Elaine Sutton
• Saturday, 17 October, 2020
• 9 min read

It’s very easy to become an actor in Billie ; all you need to do is apply for VoiceoverActor job in any company(film studio) and work there for a few years. You will instantly get the Actor achievement as soon as you get approved for Voiceoveractor job.

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Stats such as looks, smartness, happiness, and health matter a lot. Just after you start a new life, check the virtual character’s looks stats.

But, we would recommend you to go for one of these education careers at the university; Arts, Political Science, Dance, and Music. As we mentioned above, to become an actor in Billie, you need to apply for Voice over Job.

If not, then you should start strong with a good-looking character(As mentioned in the first tip). All you need to do is tap the age button then occupation/job check the Jobs/Job-listings(every year) and look for the Voiceoveractor job.

If you have any kind of disease, visit the doctor immediately Go to the Gym every year Meditate Don’t work hard every year(while studying) Don’t fight(In bully event) It might be possible that you have good looks, high smart stats but the game would not show this VoiceoverActor job.

We have already covered guides on how to become a chef, dentist, farmer, overnight internet sensation, or the President of the Citizens. Along the same lines, one could also become an athlete or be a famous personality and earn more than 100 million dollars.

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Add to the fact that you could even become an actor in Billie, and it makes the matter all the more difficult for the users. While no doubt it does require your full dedication and hard work, but it eases you out from the education qualifications perspective.

Follow all the below-mentioned points and the actor job will be waiting for you at the other end of the crossroad. Not only will it affect your health (see next section), but it might also lead your character to unnecessary fights.

Apart from that, you should also make it a habit of going for evening walks daily and gym once a week. And not to mention that you should maintain a safe distance from alcoholic drinks, drugs, and other such unhealthy practices.

All this will have an adverse effect on your health and might put a pause on your dreams of becoming an actor in Billie. There isn’t any educational degree or high school diploma that you might be needing for this job.

However, if given an option, we would advise you to select subjects related to the acting domain only. For example, you might select the Arts, Political Science, Dance, and Music as the subjects.

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Another pretty important requirement, we would advise you to have various social media accounts. Likewise, doing photo shoots for the magazine or featuring in promotions and advertisements will also help your character to achieve fame.

You cannot directly apply for an actor ’s job in Billie, you will have to slowly climb up the ladders. To begin with, as soon as you pass out of high school, search for the voice actor role, and apply for it immediately.

Although it wouldn’t increase your chances of getting the Voice actor job in Billie, still it's better to add new skills to your resume rather than just aging. Moving on, once you have applied for the Voice actor, you will have to work there for a total of six years, minimum.

If you work with complete dedication without engaging in any illegal actives, then you should be rewarded with a promotion. Bit life is one of the most popular games on both Android and iOS.

You can also boost your looks stat by going to the gym, avoiding fights (from the bully event) or as a last resort by getting plastic surgery (just like in real life, there are certain risks attached to it). You can boost your smart stat by going to the library, studying hard in school, avoiding drugs and alcohol.

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Note: There is no specific schooling or education required to become an actor ! As we’ve said, you need good looks and high smart stats to become an actor.

Before attempting to apply for an acting role and looking to make it big, you want to focus on your character’s look stats. It’s important to keep this stat as high as possible throughout your character’s life to give the biggest advantage in landing a role.

When you’re old enough to go to the gym, try to visit it at least once a year to work out, and then go for a walk, preferably for one hour at a normal or brisk rate. The entry-level career for a movie star SS the voice actor role, so you want to try to apply for it immediately.

Because it’s random, becoming a famous movie star can be troublesome to maintain, but once you have the voice actor role, you need to work hard in it every year. You also want to keep a high follower count on your social media pages to increase your fame.

Social media accounts are a good way to develop your fame before you enter the actor role. Doing any form of plastic surgery runs the risk your character coming out of it looking even worse than before, and it wastes a lot of money.

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Our Billie how to get famous guide will walk you through some tips & tricks on how to find that elusive fame your Citizen is looking to achieve! To become famous in Billie, you are going to need to maximize your looks and approach a low level job like Lounge Singer, VoiceoverActor, Disc Jockey, Puppeteer, and even doing social media.

The main factor in becoming famous will end up being your career, but you will want to start out with a character who is at least pretty high in the looks department. When the Mind & Body activities open up, start heading to the gym, going for walks, and even doing martial arts every year.

Keep being active and meditating, and if you have some extra money head to the Salon & Spa and get a manicure which will continue to increase your looks. You don't need to go into higher education, but there's been some rumor that going to Community College potentially helps open up some fame categories you are looking to get.

Look for a job that can get you famous, these include Disc Jockey, Singer, Puppeteer, and even anything to do with Porn. Some lower rank stuff will eventually promote you into higher positions.

This requires that you do a lot of using Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, or TikTok. There's not a lot of rhyme or reason to this path, because you will just randomly go viral with different post types.


Once you reach the apex of whichever line of career you have decided to pursue you will get a new Fame bar. This shows a percentage just like the rest of your stats, and doing social media posts plus participating in Fame (new activities will show up under this tab) based activities will help grow the percentage.

This insider’s look at how the industry operates will guide you through the process of embarking on your career in the voice acting world. And while this is certainly true in many instances, what often goes unmentioned is that those who work gigs tend to spend far more time looking for employment than traditional employees might suspect.

Working as a freelance voice actor is akin to running a small business. Like any other entrepreneurial endeavor, it takes talent, time, dedication, grit, ingenuity, and a passion for lifelong learning.

Your typical voice actor ’s job hunt may take as much as one-quarter to one-third of their work time. This includes sending out emails, submitting voice over auditions, attending networking events, creating demo reels, and maintaining a website and/or talent profile on sites like

Overcome any inhibitions by practicing your reading on a regular basis either on your own, with a teacher, family member or a trusted friend. Consider apprenticing under an established voice actor, or volunteering your talents for charities, not-for-profits, or student projects.

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While coaching and training are a great place to start, don’t let your networking activities end there! Not only will you find kindred spirits and moral support, but you’ll also become part of a powerful referral network.

This means being able to control your breath and shape it to create flowing phrases and energetic, articulate performances. When you’re ready to pursue voice over work, you’ll need to have a web presence and a steady source of auditions.

Registering for a Voices' talent account is an optimal way to get your name in front of clients, market your talent on a global scale, and most importantly, gain access to our vast job board full of amazing voice acting opportunities. When you are pounding the pavement on your own, be sure to follow up with the prospects you have submitted your demos or marketing material to.

If it’s not possible for you to audition in time, or you’re booked solid when the client needs the voice over recorded, you’ll need to pass on the opportunity. This may include the audio file format, or even the prospect of taking part in a live directed recording session via ISDN, Source-Connect, or another connective technology.

Note that you can quote whatever you choose for any voice over job, but never settle for any rates that you feel aren’t in alignment with your worth. Learn more about how to land voice over jobs without having to leave the comfort of home by auditioning online.

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When you’re on the lookout for voice over work and different job opportunities, some due diligence on your part can help inform whether it’s a worthwhile decision to submit an audition or not. Watch this video for some extra insight on the best practices for submitting voice over auditions.

Possessing a great love for imparting knowledge and empowering others, Stephanie has been a contributor to The Huffington Post, Backstage magazine, Stage 32 and the blog. Stephanie is found on the PROFIT Magazine W100 list three times (2013, 2015 and 2016), a ranking of Canada's top female entrepreneurs, and is the author of Voice Acting for Dummies.

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