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Bitlife How To Get Veteran Ribbon

Paul Gonzalez
• Tuesday, 15 December, 2020
• 13 min read

Focus on school as much as possible by studying harder every year. Notes: This badge is more likely to achieve if your character's intelligence is high when given birth.

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As of Mind and Body update, this ribbon is now easier to achieve when you have reading more books to increase your smarts. It is a light pink ribbon represented with a pill emoji.

Make sure your lifetime winnings from gambling are less than 1 million or else you will end up with the High roller ribbon. Notes: Becoming addicted to the substance is random chance, but getting so is important to get the badge.

Do not become an actor, singer or any career in that industry to avoid the “Academic”, “Famous”, “Influencer”, “Rich” or “Loaded” ribbons. Get every plastic surgery with the obvious exception of Gender Reassignment because you need to be born and die as a female, because if you do, you'll end up triggering another ribbon as a male.

Focus on adopting as many cats as possible and only spend time with your feline friends. Notes: You can have a maximum of three cats at a time if you are a non- Citizen or do not have a house.

It is a blue and pink striped ribbon represented by theater masks emoji. Get a sex change surgery (You need a lot of money or it will get botched).

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This will help you avoid getting caught, but you still need to get a sex change to get the medal. Notes: You may need to repeat the procedures above as you may get the “Mediocre” ribbon instead.

It is a purple and black striped ribbon represented with a knife emoji. If you get sent to jail but haven't killed enough people, you can escape by doing the maze puzzle.

Its difficulties may vary through time, so it is best to attempt an escape once per year. If murder seems too risky, you can hire hitmen to kill the number of people required to score the ribbon.

Notes: The easiest way to commit multiple murders is to kill a “random person” in a Drive-By, only works if you have a driving license and a car. As of the Prison Update, it is now harder to achieve as there are now death sentences.

Successful atomic wedgies are rare and the hardest method to use and easiest to get caught doing. It is a bright orange ribbon represented with an emoji of a father with kids.

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Keep your karma high by complimenting and giving money to family members. It is a gold starry ribbon represented with a camera emoji.

Sign up for a social media accounts, but don't make too many posts to avoid getting the Influencer ribbon. If your looks are lower than 80%, it is recommended to get low-cost plastic surgery like Botox to keep your looks high.

There have since been more fame-worthy careers such as a singer, model, chef, writer, DJ, mobile app developer, politician, reporter and magician. It used to be harder but still easier for Android users to get this ribbon, as “Fame” hadn't been added until August 2019.

It is a green ribbon represented with a baby bottle emoji. Have a lot of children through adoption, pregnancy of a partner or yourself, and possibly sperm donation.

Having/fathering 10 biological children in one lifetime gets the “Fabulously Fertile” achievement. It is a yellow hearts ribbon represented with a wrapped gift emoji.

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Notes: Make sure you have 100% happiness every time before pressing “age” when your character is 100 or older. If your character is at 90-99% happiness, meditate, go to the movie theater, or compliment your family members until you are at 100% again.

Having and maintaining high health is also important but does not need to be 100% like happiness does. It is a white worldly ribbon represented with an Earth emoji.

This is very hard to get, as you have to emigrate a bunch of times and take a lot of vacations, basically to come to as many nations as possible. It is a dark green striped ribbon represented with a pickaxe emoji.

Having a high looks and stats and born in the wealthiest countries (such as Australia or Germany) is recommended to do this. Use Freelance Gigs to earn quick money for use Dating app and wedding plan.

Also, you can steal items such as burglary or shoplifting to earn money as quick but not as many to avoid getting the Thief ribbon. Use God Mode to edit the partner with 100% money and 0% willpower (optional).

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You'll get money inheritance at least over $1.5 million through divorce or widow to earn this ribbon. If you attempt to save someone (By intervention, not by police or fire department), you will get you this ribbon.

Successfully doing the Heimlich maneuver on a choking relative can also get this ribbon. Unlike the SOS situations, there is no risk that your character can face, and they will not die trying to save them.

To ensure you get the ribbon, fail on purpose and make sure it kills you. It is a purple and navy ribbon represented with an unlocked lock emoji.

Do not spend too much time in jail to avoid getting the Jailbird ribbon. Notes: To get to jail easy without worrying about obtaining another ribbon, just enlist in the military or illegally emigrate to get caught.

It is a dark green ribbon represented with a die emoji. Gambling is illegal in some countries, so if your character is born in one of those, they will have to emigrate.

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Always bet the highest amount possible and try to win over a million dollar. Make sure your lifetime winnings from gambling stay at 1 million or higher.

If you lose more money gambling after winning a million, you may not get the ribbon. Notes: The casino is recommended because Blackjack is relatively simple to play and win.

The racetrack is pure luck, but at the casino, you can at least somewhat influence the outcome. It is a sky blue ribbon with verified check emoji.

Difficulty: Hard (Easier since the Social Media update) Sign up for social media accounts (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube, and TikTok) when you reach at age 13.

Post a lot as many times as you can on the social media often every year. Pick your correct posts, such as “Blog”, “Challenge”, “Dance”, “Gaming”, “Haul”, “How-to”, “Selfie”, “Sexy Pic”, “Skit”, “Story”, “Thirst Trap”, etc.

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Get verified on all social media accounts and have a million of followers. Another easy way to get this ribbon is you can be a fame-related career life such as actor, singer, writer or politician, verify on all social media accounts then repeat these procedures.

Notes: Trolling them too much will suspend your account for abusive behavior. Don't buy your followers too much because you'll get suspended your account for spamming purposes.

Go to jail, escape, go back, and stay there for the rest of your character's life. Start riots, assaulting other prisoners and failing on the maze puzzle will lengthen your sentence and keeping you in custody.

Notes: Dying in prison from a disease contracted there will help to obtain the ribbon faster, though it is not needed to get it. If they keep losing and it cost them money in legal fees will not get the ribbon.

It is a hot pink ribbon represented with a face with hearts emoji. “Lustful” requires more lovers than “Wicked” but STDs need to be cured.

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Do not press the “Age” button repeatedly or you will achieve the “Lazy” ribbon. If you have siblings or classmates, get them to assault you to death as quickly as possible.

Notes: Dying by suicide or by diseases at a young age will not get the ribbon, you will achieve “Wasteful” or “Unlucky” respectively. It is a teal game board ribbon represented with a red house emoji.

It is a light brown ribbon represented with a cupped hand emoji. Following the August 2019 update, if your character asks their relationships for a pet.

Family/Lovers can stop asking many times harder will receive this ribbon. It is a black film frame ribbon represented with a clapper board emoji.

Notes: Dying in a boating accident or being attacked by any weapon will get the Mediocre ribbon instead. It is a yellow striped ribbon represented with a red monster emoji.

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Throw house parties and argue when neighbors complain about the noise. Notes: Make sure not to spend too much time in Jail and hire good lawyers when you can, due to certain crimes like drug possession and supplying alcohol to minors.

High net worth is recommended for hiring lawyers and buying houses for partying. There is a chance your character may get an alcohol or drug addiction but it is not required that they do so to earn the ribbon.

It is a charcoal ribbon represented with a smiling demon emoji. Being aggressive or going to prison for at least 5 years is an easy way to get this ribbon.

Notes: Characters committing crimes such as pick pocketing will get “Thief” if they do this too often. Escaping once from prison and never returning or committing murder but never getting caught gets the “Cunning” ribbon.

Be careful of other ribbons, such as Thief, Hero, Jailbird, Deadly, Bandit, Houdini, Cunning and Wicked. It is a brown striped ribbon represented with a goofy face emoji.

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Having low smarts, never improving them, dropping out of school, making poor decisions when scenarios pop up, and overdosing on drugs will help obtain the ribbon. It used to be harder than it looks as a character must stay in the red zone on smarts.

However, as of Mystery Update, characters are able to get the ribbon while having high smarts, as long as they died due to overdosing on drugs for iOS players. Get good karma by complimenting, spending time with and giving money to family.

Notes: Do not make too much money to avoid “Rich” or “Loaded”. Attending universities and higher educations will help your character to get higher-paying jobs, but do not spend too much time in those to avoid the “Academic” ribbon.

Hence, the name, the player will have to burgle houses, steal cars and pickpocket people. You must pickpocket at least one person, steal at least one car, and burgle at least one house.

Additionally, your total number of thefts must add up to 10 or more, with stealing cars and burgling houses each counting as 2. So you could burgle 2 houses, steal 2 cars and pickpocket 2 people to get this ribbon.

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It doesn't matter if you get caught; however, you must escape because you will get “Scandalous” instead if you spend five years in prison. Much of your character's net worth should be stolen money so avoid a high-paying job.

Even if your character is not that rich, it is okay as long as a high fraction is stolen. For iOS users, also you can steal the following: 5 burgle houses, 5 rob banks, 5 steal cars, 10 pickpocket people, 10 porch pirates or 10 shoplift items.

This ribbon has been easier to earn since the January 2020 Crime Update for iOS users, so you must have stolen at least 10 items. While easy in text, the unlucky ribbon depends highly on luck.

If your character is from either Iraq or Afghanistan, they could get the ribbon by falling victim to sudden terrorist attacks. Also, as of now, also this can be earned after your character dies due to struck by lightning.

It is a blue, white and red ribbon represented with a medal emoji. Join the military as an enlistee or officer (requires enrolling University).

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Promote to the highest ranking such as General, Sergeant Major or Admiral. At the very bottom, a bright blue button reading “Surrender” with a white flag symbol will appear.

Notes: Even if you live past zero, you can still get it if you surrender and don't do anything prominent in your life. The ribbon can also be achieved by dying with negative net worth if the average of your smarts and looks is over 50%.

It is a red striped ribbon represented with a frowning demon emoji. Do any of the following at least 5 times: spread STD to other people, abandon a child and/or a pet.

A Model Citizen is an all-around good person who never gets into trouble or does anything to look like a bad influence. Never ask for money, insult anyone, assault anyone, go to prison, cheat on a partner, steal, murder, delinquency, spread STDs, or abandon pets.

Don't tap “Attempt to rescue him/her” button to avoid getting the Hero ribbon. Don't have over 8 or 5 biological children with 5 grandchildren to avoid getting the Fertile ribbon.

Don't make over $20 million of net worth to avoid getting the Loaded ribbon. It is a red, white, and blue stripe ribbon represented with a cactus emoji.

To become a Teammate, the character must be from either city that Candy writer is part of and become an app developer, much like the Billie devs. If the Computer Science or Information Systems major isn't available, restart.

It is a jet black ribbon represented with a train emoji. To become a Bandit, the character must commit a Train Robbery at the exact time.

Commit a Train Robbery Do not alter the time on your device. Only one successful robbery is necessary, making too much money robbing multiple trains can actually be counterproductive because your character could risk getting “Loaded” instead.

To become a Big Boss, a player must be very successful in their company and career. Become an Assistant Vice President after 15 years, work harder until you'll promote to be CEO.

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