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Bitlife How To Get Money From Divorce

Bob Roberts
• Saturday, 21 November, 2020
• 7 min read

Unforgivable slurs are tossed at one another, kids suffer, and mom and dad may never speak to each other again. And to make the unfortunate event worse, income is always contested.

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In the event that you were able to ignore the prenup, a lawyer might see fit that you deserve a slice of your soon-to-be ex-husband and or ex-wife’s bank balance. By going after rich love interests, while you are a lazy couch potato with good looks, you can get married and then soon after divorce them.

Scoring the big bucks means having as little in your bank balance as possible. It’s better if you use the dating app, which is in the “Activities” menu under “Love.” It gives you the option to set an age range as well as your desired income.

The older they are, the higher the chances are they’ve got money stored away in their bank. Go on vacation, spend time with them, have conversations, and offer compliments.

After you’ve made wedding plans, the question of a prenup will come up. Under “Relationships,” choose your spouse and pick Get a Divorce.” Since they had more money than you, and you did not sign a prenup, you’ll get at least half of everything they owned.

Spouses are the next step after finding a date and eventually getting engaged. If your characters are in a same-sex relationship in countries where same-sex marriage is not legal, they may be engaged but unable to marry as it is against the law.

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Characters can make love at age 17 but often times their partner will not be in the mood. Spouses may take money without asking and your character may ignore it, demand it back, argue with them, or divorce them.

Honeymoon destinations can be a city in a country or can be a certain place or event. They may be somewhat easier to convince stopping using birth control or may be more open to not using it although some may argue.

If it has been at least 10 years of marriage and the relationship is at a high level, a couple may renew their vows. If a partner has children from a previous relationship, they will not become step-children and not be interacted with until marriage.

Less commonly, the spouse may have to pay them the money if the judge rules in the character's favor. Some spouses may not leave an inheritance if they are poor or had a low relationship with the character.

If a spouse is kidnapped and unable to be saved, they will be presumed dead after disappearing and leave an inheritance. Your character will usually be responsible for the funeral and resting place of a deceased spouse.

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View Entire Discussion (6 Comments)More posts from the BitLifeApp community The super fun text-based life simulator for iOS & Android.

Earlier this year, Candy writer introduced something that arguably added some major staying power to its most popular game. By that, we’re talking about the Challenges feature for Billie, which, since the feature’s launch, has asked players to give birth to 26 children (or more) with their names starting with each letter of the alphabet, get rid of 10 spirits at home as an Exorcist, and become parent to seven redheads while earning a ton of money as an Irish Citizen.

So what’s the latest challenge for players of the immensely popular life simulator game for iOS and Android? As the game explains, this is your chance to become rich beyond your wildest dreams without ever finding gainful employment.

Don’t get in trouble at school, get good grades, ignore bullies and troublemakers, and avoid the temptation to play hooky. Once you reach the right minimum age (depending on your country), pass the driver’s license test so that way, your parents will reward you with a new car for being good and ensuring that your relationship remains solid.

), your best bet is to sell the car your parents gave you so you can buy a ring to propose to your partner. Knowing that they have a high net worth, they will want to protect their hard-earned money, and by that, it means demanding that you sign a prenuptial agreement before the two of you tie the knot.

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And that includes situations where your partner absolutely won’t take no for an answer when it comes to the prenup, thus potentially forcing you to split with them and go back to the Love menu. But even if you choose the “We don’t need a prenup” option, you still won’t be getting anything if you divorce the partner on the same year of your marriage.

And going back to what we said earlier, you’ll be the one paying the settlement money if your net worth is higher at the time of the divorce. In order to avoid this, you can either quit the game once prompted about your spouse’s death and restart it so you can go back to the previous year and divorce them.

To this end, going bust repeatedly at the Casino’s blackjack games is a fast and easy way to reduce your net worth before playing the field once again and looking for another rich guy or girl to marry. We would recommend making this the last part of the challenge, as buying it too early could result in your flashy new Italian ride no longer working by the time you’ve reached the $1 million mark in terms of settlement money.

We'll show you how in our Billie Gold Digger Challenge Guide ! We're going to need to never have a job, marry many times, get over a million dollars in divorces, and then purchase ourselves a Lamborghini.

Never have a job Marry 3+ times Get $1m+ from spouses through divorce Own a Lamborghini I would recommend starting in a country that is know for being 1st world and having a lot of money.

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Once you get to 18 and out of high school, you can start going to the Love menu and using the Dating App. Max out the age limit and the desired income option.

Use the Compliment, Conversation, Movie Theater, Spend Time, and Make Love options with them. The old age method is safer, but you need to get divorced a few times, so we need to make it quick.

You will then repeat this process a few times until you've accumulated a million dollars. You should also have enough money at this point to purchase a Lamborghini from a Car Dealer.

There are a bunch of Ribbons in Billie that require you to get rich, and there are probably even more ways than that to actually make money. But if you just want to know the most effective methods, you’ve come to the right place.

Here, we’re going to list a bunch of things you should do if getting loaded is a priority for you. Getting good grades and increasing your smarts allows you to go to one of the best schools, which, in turn, opens up the best jobs.

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Live in the countries that pay big wages and prosper. Marry a rich person: You can marry a rich person and then divorce them to get half of their cash.

These professions live and die on popularity. Steal cars, pickpocket, and burgle houses to pick up as much loose change as possible.

Play Blackjack and close the app as soon as you lose. To live your best Billie, you’re likely going to want to make lots of money and get rich.

In this guide, we’re going to detail the myriad ways you can make money in Billie so you can start rolling in it. There are numerous ways to make the big bucks in Billie.

It helps to plan your career path early so you know which grad school you want to go to. The high paying jobs in Billie are the same as in real life.

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Fame and fortune: Famous people are all rich and successful, so it makes sense to follow in their footsteps in Billie, right? Then, get a job as an actor or porn star and start working on your social media presence.

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