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Bitlife How To File A Lawsuit

David Lawrence
• Thursday, 15 October, 2020
• 10 min read

Thanks to the latest update, you can now file a lawsuit against a variety of different people or companies you dislike. Basically, any circumstance that you can file a Lawsuit against a person or company in real life, you can do so in Billie.

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From scrolling through Reddit, we’ve seen people lose reasonable lawsuits and win seemingly impossible ones. To file one, simply head on over to the ‘Activities’ tab and select the ‘ Lawsuit option.

You will need a legitimate reason to file a Lawsuit for an option to appear on the subsequent page though. We’ve included a few options in the previous section for those who aren’t clear.

Also, just to be abundantly clear, this ability is not currently available in the Android version of the game. It’s only available on iOS and you’ll need to have updated the game to the latest version, 1.16.

We hope you have fun filing lawsuits against all and sundry. When something serious happens, the law needs to be involved, and in Billie, you have the chance to file a lawsuit against another character if they wronged you.

© Provided by GamePurHow the lawsuit can potentially happen will occur in multiple ways. If a plastic surgeon performs a bad surgery, potentially damaging you, you can file a lawsuit against them.


So, there are multiple ways and various people who can potentially do something bad to you, which means you can file a lawsuit against them. The more expensive the lawyer, the higher likelihood that you will win the lawsuit and make it all worthwhile.

If you’re strapped for money, you may want to wait a little before attempting to file a lawsuit. We strongly recommend using the best lawyer possible to win the lawsuit, or you may find yourself spending a lot more money than you expected, and you won’t have gained anything.

Microsoft may earn an Affiliate Commission if you purchase something through recommended links in this article. Just like in real life, you can sue someone for a lot of different reasons in Billie.

It turns out it’s an excellent way to make a lot of money on the side, too. Whatever the reason, here’s how to file a lawsuit in Billie and some tips you can use to win.

Being fired from a company for any reason Receiving bad plastic surgery Being assaulted or robbed by someone Getting cheated on by a spouse If you are trying to be a famous person in Billie, and opt to get some plastic surgery, there’s a chance the surgeon could do a bad job.


You probably won’t win a million dollars if someone robs you and steals a television. Something like two to five times legal fees is reasonable, but if it’s a solid case, you can bring home some serious cash.

In order to complete Karen Challenge in Billie, you need to know how to file a lawsuit against anyone who did surgery on you. Anyone who is making an attempt to finish the Karen Challenge in Billie, they must know how to a file a lawsuit and report a co-worker to HR.

So, there are numerous ways and multiple people who can potentially do something bad to you, which means you can file a lawsuit against them in Billie. If you don’t have enough money to select the expensive lawyer, you should wait awhile before attempting to a file a lawsuit.

The various weekly challenges are just one reason people file these suits though, you can also make plenty of cash if you do it right. First, start by understanding what reasons in the game you can file a lawsuit for.

Being fired from a company for any reason Receiving bad plastic surgery Being assaulted by someone Getting cheated on by a spouse The more dangerous ones like getting assaulted, or having bad plastic surgery, can easily kill a character.


This means that the best way to file and win a lawsuit in Billie is to get fired from your job. Every time you get fired, you can visit a law firm and file a suit.

You can make enemies with a lot of people as well, as provoking them by insulting them can sometimes force them to attack you. This is why you want to have a good bit of money saved up if you can, as hiring a pricey law firm can greatly improve your odds of winning the suit.

You’re much more likely to win a surgery malpractice suit than a wrongful termination one from your old boss. Having a solid case as a starter, then pairing it with a good law firm, can greatly improve your odds.

Asking for basically your legal fees to be paid back is a good start if you’re unsure of your chances of success. The outcome of the suit is still dependent on RNG, at least a bit, so you may still lose if you’re incredibly unlucky.

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Hey Citizens, this is a hugely important update that paves the way for all the exciting features to come like ex-lovers, fame, and generations. There are a ton of visual refinements, organization work, and bug fixes included in this update.

Some of your most requested features recently have been prenups, name changing (after marriage), salon and spa, and, of course, one of the hottest new items from iOS: lawsuits! We're thrilled to have gotten all of these in here for you on this update in addition to a ton of bug fixes and stability enhancements.


This is just a quick fix to address a couple of bugs in this week's mini-games update! Here's the full list of new things from v1.7:• Prison escape mini-game Burglary mini-game Casino blackjack!• Horse races. We put in a ton of work on performance optimizations in this version to speed things up.

Keep watching our socials for up-to-the-minute Billie announcements, news, and happenings. We.....................fixed.........some...more.lag! Here's the full list of new things from v1.5:• Grandchildren Siblings Nieces & nephews Relationship activities Watch your family's careers and love lives unfold Bug squashing, including the issue that prevented custom names from coming through More user interface updates.

We've been working nonstop behind-the-scenes on your version of Billie and are prepping a number of fun mini-games and your other most requested items. In the meantime, here is a new version with a number of graphical and interface updates, along with the DATING APP.

Oh yeah, we added eight more countries to the game where Billie is HOT: we love you Portugal, Indonesia, Estonia, Norway, Finland, Romania, Denmark and Singapore! As always, keep letting us know on our socials what features you'd like us to be working on next. Here's the full list of new things in this update:• Grand Theft Auto!• View your past lives in the cemetery Men can now father children outside relationships Practice safe sex, always Miscarriages Birthdays and star signs Tons of little glitches fixed More user interface updates.

So grateful, in fact, that here for you in this update is your most requested feature: MURDER. This update includes Social Media and the Movie Theater.


It also includes a bunch of refinements and bug fixes you can't see but that will make your game run smoother. We're here prioritizing all the features you are asking for. This update includes Social Media and the Movie Theater.

Let us know via email or on our socials which ones you want first! Much love to our Android Citizens! Your patience has been rewarded: the official version of Billie has arrived! Let us know via email or on our socials if you find any glitches or things that we need to look into.

We're working around the clock on addressing issues and adding the features you expect to the game! This is just a quick update to perform routine maintenance and squash a few pesky bugs.

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