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Bitlife How To Earn Money

Danielle Fletcher
• Wednesday, 11 November, 2020
• 7 min read

There are a bunch of Ribbons in Billie that require you to get rich, and there are probably even more ways than that to actually make money. Here, we’re going to list a bunch of things you should do if getting loaded is a priority for you.

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Getting good grades and increasing your smarts allows you to go to one of the best schools, which, in turn, opens up the best jobs. Live in the countries that pay big wages and prosper.

Marry a rich person: You can marry a rich person and then divorce them to get half of their cash. These professions live and die on popularity.

Steal cars, pickpocket, and burgle houses to pick up as much loose change as possible. Just be careful you don’t end up in prison.

Play Blackjack and close the app as soon as you lose. Billie, the life simulator game for Android and iOS, can be very addictive for players.

The game allows you to live a second life in the digital world, where you can be whoever you want and do whatever you dream of. To cross the 100 million dollar mark, there are a few tips and tricks that you should follow.

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You can choose a high paying career, gambling, or become a real estate investor. If you start a career as an actor or a porn star, you’re on your way to making some big bucks.

Work on your body and remain fit as you graduate from high school. Climb the ladder and get to jobs such as Lead Actor or a Porn Star.

You could join social media, send messages to people, and start gaining followers. If you have a high percentage of fame, your commercials can make a lot of money and get you closer to the 100 million dollar mark.

Another great way to make a million dollars in Billie is to buy some real estate whenever you can. Sit on the real estate that you own for a couple of years or even longer.

For some reason, the gambling feature was removed from the iOS version of Billie. If you’re playing the game on Android, you can gamble your way to riches.


Gambling can make you rich overnight, but there is a lot of risks involved here. To start your career as a gambler, you will have to get to age 18 and then hit the blackjack tables in the Casino’s.

If your chances of winning are low in a game, then you can exit out and not lose any of your money. If you lose the game, then close the app (even from the background) and reopen it.

We hope this guide has given you some insights into how you can play Billie to your maximum advantage. You can live your digital life the way you want and make 100 million dollars in Billie.

Depending on the job you may receive no pension and be left pretty much high and dry when it comes to making further cash. Don’t be shy to ask for some funds from Mum and Dad, as sometimes a little can go a long way.

Take a punt It’s unlikely you’ll win, but make sure you buy lottery tickets fairly often. Sometimes you’ll find yourself in a place where it’s hard to make a lot of dough.

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Inheritance Who you marry will leave you a wedge of cash too, but remember your parents. Raking up a huge social media presence is a sure way to increase your wage bill.

You are unlikely to ever face jail time for pick pocketing, but that has much smaller returns then stealing and selling a car. For more information, check out our guide on Grand Theft Auto.

I don’t advise going to the horse track as its very easy to blow large stacks of cash without ever winning. But the casino is the perfect place to go big and go home with a pocket full of cash.

In this guide, we’re going to detail the myriad ways you can make money in Billie so you can start rolling in it. There are numerous ways to make the big bucks in Billie.

It helps to plan your career path early so you know which grad school you want to go to. The high paying jobs in Billie are the same as in real life.

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Fame and fortune: Famous people are all rich and successful, so it makes sense to follow in their footsteps in Billie, right? Then, get a job as an actor or porn star and start working on your social media presence.

You can live an upstanding career path of a doctor, or choose the darker, seedier choices that come with joining the Mafia, which typically mean you’ll be committing numerous crimes and be on the run from the police. The job pays extremely poorly, so you’ll have to scroll all the way down on the careers to find it.

If it doesn’t appear the first year, continue hitting the age up icon while you wait for it to show up. If you want to earn more money in your career, make sure to work harder whenever you have the chance, and become good friends with your supervisor.

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