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Bitlife How To Become A Judge

Elaine Sutton
• Friday, 08 January, 2021
• 7 min read

Working the legal profession to become a lawyer or a judge is one of the many options in Life Simulator game Billie. Something else to check when you start the life is your parents information which is shown in the timeline section.



Further education and studies Once you graduate from high school you will be able to choose a career option. Given the random nature of the game there is a chance you won't get this in which case you can try for a different path or to focus on the legal profession you will need to start again.

To finally get to the judge option you need to apply for Magistrate post but to be approved you must have had 30 years experience in a law firm. You may find other paths through the game that will allow you to move into the legal roles above but this will be the best way to get you there as reliably as possible.

If you're looking to rule over the judicial system with an iron fist in Billie then you're going to need to do a lot of schooling and layering to achieve such a thing. To become a judge in Billie, you will need to be a high smarts character, complete college, and then go to law school to become a lawyer.

You will then need to maintain a job as a lawyer for a total of 30 years to get access to the judge career. Go ahead and go to the library, read books, study harder in school, and meditate to attempt to increase your intelligence.

Once you graduate from High School, look for the Political Science major as an option. This guarantees you can get into Law School, so if you don't see it you can close out of your application or age up a year to see if it is offered.

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When you've gotten the job, make sure to work harder each year to get promoted a lot quicker than you normally would. If you've stayed at the same place, you can check how long you've been there by clicking on the Job menu and then tapping on the performance tab.

before you progress further with the virtual character, pay attention to the smart stats. Additionally, tap the school button and study hard every turn.

Tap the menu button in the top-left corner of the screen achievements there you can see the proof! To get approved, the virtual character must have 30 years of experience in a law firm.

So work hard for 30 years and continue with the same law firm post. If you have worked hard every year in a law firm or have enough smart stats(over 85), your application for the Magistrate position will get approved.

Make sure to attend team meetings, tour while working in a law firm, Magistrate position to progress fast. If you know any other way to become a Judge or Lawyer, share your walkthrough in the comment section below.

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Becoming a lawyer or a judge in Bit life is a lot easier than becoming one in real life. It will teach you step-by-step how you can become a lawyer or a judge without any unnecessary fluff.

We will write these steps under the assumption that you will start a new life. After all, everyone is at a different place in their current life so it’s impossible to write a guide that applies to everyone if we don’t assume you’ll start a new life.

Re roll until you get a start with good smart stats. Once you can go to university choose the English or “Political Science” major.

You have a pretty decent chance of getting it and it will make university free. Once you graduate from university, seek higher education and apply to law school.

Eventually if you keep working hard you’ll get promoted. Becoming a judge is very similar to becoming a lawyer, but we have to do a few things differently.

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Follow the steps in the lawyer guide above up until you’ve worked 30 years at a law firm. We need 30 years of experience in law firms before we can apply, that’s why we need to work in law firms for 30 years before we can apply for the Magistrate job.

Eventually you’ll get hired as a Magistrate for your city and this will unlock the become a judge trophy! Just follow the steps we’ve laid out for you and you’ll be dishing out the law in no time.

If you have any questions or get stuck at some parts, feel free to leave a comment, and we’ll gladly help you out. In this tutorial, we have listed out detailed instructions that will help you become a lawyer or a judge in Billie.

At every stage of your life, you would have to make some decisions that will ultimately shape your future. Here we will list out all the requirements that you need to complete in order to successfully get hold of the aforementioned job.

To begin with, make sure your character has at least 80 or higher smart levels. To begin with, once you are enrolled in a school, make sure to head over to the library and keep on studying hard.

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For the former, you could visit the Activities section of the game, go to Mind & Body and select the Library option. As far as the latter is concerned, go to the School tab, select Primary/Secondary, and tap on Study Harder.

Inculcate a habit of doing do regularly and your smartness level wouldn’t witness any dents as such. Just keep in mind to study hard and maintain a healthy smartness level throughout (this might even reward you with a scholarship).

Once you have graduated from the University with flying colors (and of course higher grades), then you have reached a step closer in your ambition to become a judge or lawyer in Billie. If the option isn’t available, then you should study hard, improve your grades, and then re-check for the school on a later date.

Now that you have graduated from the law school, it's time to become a lawyer or a judge in Billie. If you have passed with high grades, then head over to the game’s Occupation menu.

Once the said period has elapsed, head over to the Law School, and apply for the Magistrate or Judge ’s post. It is necessary to consider that we must get a character that is 80 percent intelligent, for which it is necessary to complement it with reading books, studying a lot, doing as many activities as possible in school, because as the years go by these will be more complex in Billie, as this means that it will be necessary to join 2 or 3 activities per type of school, carry out extracurricular activities since with this there is the possibility of opting for a scholarship, because once we finish university it is necessary to go to the school of laws and ensure that our work as a lawyer can be maintained for a period of 30 years, because with this it is possible to agree to be a judge and this in turn opens the doors to be magistrates.

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In high school it is necessary to study political science and graduate to be able to access Law School, as it is the only way to become a judge, since this requires a lot of study and effort, however when we manage to finish in Law School Our key moment arrives, the job search, because we already graduated, and we need to produce, so to achieve it we will only move to the jobs' menu to find the Junior Associate option, here once with our job ready it is necessary to work hard to get promotions quickly. Little by little and as we work we get older, but this leads us to our choice of magistrate, only that it is necessary to have 30 years of service to apply for this job, and with that you know How to be a judge, only that this takes something effort and receive credits for achievements in a long but interesting career.

Similar to real life, if pursuing a law career in the game is your dream, you need to have the relevant qualification. Hence, getting into the correct law school is important to become a lawyer or judge in Billie.

There are two major requirements that you need to know to get into law school in Billie and become a lawyer or judge. The first requirement is high intellectual/smart stats and the second one is having an academic qualification in a relevant subject.

Without great stats, you don’t even stand a chance to be able to get into law school in Billie. The next thing that you need to focus on is to get a qualification most probably in subjects like English and Political Science, or secondarily in History.

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