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Bitlife How To Become A Doctor

Bob Roberts
• Thursday, 22 October, 2020
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Some careers in Billie can be a bit tricky to obtain, but no worries because we have some tricks on how to set yourself up for success! This isn't always foolproof, you might need to reset your game a few times because you might get unlucky and the fates will determine you were meant for a different career path.



You might as well also Meditate, head to the movies, and do stuff with your parents to maintain your relationship with them. Once you are 12 or 13 years old you can get a Freelance Gig or a Part-Time Job to make some money on the side.

It isn't clear that these make a difference, but there's no real harm in adding them as long as you keep your stress down. To become a Doctor, once you graduate High School you will need to go to University and major in either Biology or Chemistry (whichever is available).

Now that you are at University, you will need to continue to maintain your smarts and keep studying hard as well as heading to the library. Once you've completed the grueling 7 years of high education, you will finally be able to look for a job.

Saving lives and helping out the vulnerable in society is one of the most rewarding jobs you can have, even if it’s not the most well paid. You need to work incredibly hard and put in the graft for a number of years to make it into the medical industry.

Firstly, your character will need the ‘Smarts’ attribute to be above 50 to improve your chances of making it to the top. If your grades are good, then you can apply to university with a number of subject choices.

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From here, continue to study harder and once you have graduated from University, head to ‘Occupation’ from the main hub, and then ‘Education’. Continue once again to improve your grades and you will find that after graduation from Medical School, applying for a job as a brain surgeon should get you an interview, and once passed, you will be a qualified doctor, and the achievement should pop up for you.

The medical school graduation will also help with other professions in the game, such as a Psychiatrist, for example. You might be a member of the medical profession, but the game will not pop the achievement for a doctor if you advance with nursing.

Heal the world and save lives as a doctor in Billie ! One of the most rewarding careers and also straightforward, becoming a doctor in Billie takes some work but is very much worth it in the end.

Stay in school, don’t get in trouble, and make sure to study hard. Your early life is especially important if you start with less than ideal stats, specifically your smarts.

Once you find an appropriate major, go ahead and finish your time at university while keeping up your smarts and grades. If you want to start making the big bucks sooner, than go to medical school.


Before you continue with a virtual character life, pay attention to its stats. We would recommend you to continue with the virtual character who has good smart stats(over 85), happiness(must be green), health(over 80).

While studying in the school, visit the library every turn and maintain the smartness. after graduating from high school, you will have to make an important decision regarding career choices.

Getting an undergraduate degree in biology or psychology can help you to get approved for medical school. while studying at the university, make sure to visit the library daily and work hard every year.

after graduating from college in Biology/Chemistry/Psychology, you will have to make another important decision that writes your job timeline in Billie. Work hard every year while studying in the medical school visit the library daily and keep an eye on smartness.

Now that you understand that you want to heal people as your profession, it’s time to learn just what it takes to become a doctor. To be an effective medical doctor, you’ll need to have a genuine passion for making people’s lives better.

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To accurately diagnose and treat patients, you must understand where all the organs are and how they are interconnected. Biochemistry is the study of the chemical processes that occur within living things.

Programs also view applicants who studied relevant disciplines when they were undergraduates as more eligible for admission. Once you’re done with medical school, you’ll need to complete 3-7 years of residency before you can receive licensing and start practicing medicine.

Throughout these seven to 11 years, you’ll spend countless hours in clinical settings performing your duties as a doctor, but you won’t be fully licensed yet. All doctors in the United States must be properly licensed to practice medicine.

Depending on the type of medical specialty you’re pursuing, your residency might be longer or shorter. Once you’re licensed, you’ll be able to start your own practice or become a full-fledged member of a hospital’s medical team.

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS), the median pay for physicians in 2018 was $208,000. At a median of $267,020, anesthesiologists were the highest-paid doctors, and general practitioners made an average of 211,780.


Depending on the specialty you pursue, you could end up making more than $300,000 per year as a doctor once you have some experience. While you’ll have to compete heavily for the best jobs available, it’s generally easy to find work as a medical doctor once you’ve completed your residency.

If you’re competent in your field, you’ll have gained attention from employers during your residency, and the hospital where you completed this advanced training may be happy to add you to its team as a full-fledged member. Peterson's College Bound recommends that high school students who are interested in pursuing a career in medicine should take advanced placement courses in math and science-related subjects, such as chemistry, biology, physics and calculus.

A strong science background helps, but high school students should also have a well-rounded schedule of classes that includes the humanities, history, English and communications. Medical school is a combination of classroom lecture studies, laboratory work and clinical experience.

The second two years are more involved with working with patients in health-care settings, such as medical clinics or hospitals under the close supervision of an experienced physician. This hands-on training includes studies in internal medicine, obstetrics, gynecology, pediatrics, family practice, surgery and psychiatry, according to the bureau.

Doctors typically complete a one-year internship followed by a residency program lasting from three to eight years, depending on their specialty. Within the field, the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics projects 13 percent growth in new job opportunities for physicians and surgeons between 2016 and 2026.


The BLS reported a median income of $208,000 for all physicians and surgeons in 2016, but anesthetists and other specialized practitioners can earn well over $400,000 a year.

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