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Bitlife How To Achieve General

Elaine Sutton
• Sunday, 11 October, 2020
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This is nice because you can have a good career, then retire, or you can even decide to go AWOL if you get tired of military life. After that, apply to become an Officer in your preferred branch of the military, and then get ready to put the work in.

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You will also need to accept every deployment that comes your way, as refusing them can negatively affect your chances for promotion. The good news is that they are unlikely to kill you, but they will injure you and this affects both your Health and your Happiness stats.

So, this basically gives you a life where there are fewer struggles to go through and achieve your dreams, well obviously not in reality. Well, there is no shortage of carrier options in the Billie game and as already mentioned, you can become whoever you want meaning that you can hold any position in your life.

And in this post, we will be guiding you on how you can become one of the most prestigious ranks that you can hold in your life, becoming a General in the military. But, in order to become a General in the military, you need to start from scratch i.e. you need to attend a college and get yourself a four-year degree.

Notably, you require a bachelor’s degree as a minimum if you wish to become General in the armed forces. Note that you are required to excel at every task and job level if you wish to become General in the military.

Well, just to make things clear, these are just like the minesweeper game which you might have played. What these will do if you step on it, is that it will injure you, ultimately decreasing your happiness and health stats.

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Just to make things more clear, you can pick any of the fields, either Army, Navy, Air Force, Marines, or Coast Guard, and your career will follow a similar trajectory withing the Billie simulation game. Note that all we can do is suggest you go over and make correct choices as mentioned in this guide if you wish to become General in the military forces in the Billie simulation game.

You can go Absent Without Leave, or AWOL, just like in the regular military, but obviously with less real-life consequences. You can unlock a new achievement this way, as well as take a dishonorable discharge for your work.

Read on for the full and complete military guide for Billie : Life Simulator! You can pick either Army, Navy, Air Force, Marines, or Coast Guard, and your career will follow a similar trajectory.

Once you join the branch of the military of your choice, just stay in, work hard for a while, and then make it to E9, which is the highest enlisted rank. Once you get there, your promotions are done, so wait out your time until you hit mandatory retirement age, at which point you can earn a pension.

To get promoted high, go on every deployment you’re offered, and collect medals for succeeding. Work hard, stay in for a long time, and continue improving yourself.

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Becoming an officer is the key to making a huge amount of money in the military. Euro-zone nations tend to pay the officers in their militaries the highest out of any country.

Once you get accepted as either an ensign or lieutenant (depending on if you’re in the Navy or another branch), keep working harder. Refusing to deploy could affect your promotions, your job status, or your commanding officer could force you to go anyway.

If you do end up stepping on a by accident, you’ll get injured, which mostly leads to drops in your health and happiness. Be sure to go to the doctor to take care of any ailments that occur when you hit a mine.

Go to the gym, the library, the movies, and meditate in order to get happier and healthier. If you do get polished off, then you automatically get the “Hero” ribbon for your efforts, but your life ends.

If you do successfully clear out a minefield while you are deployed, then you will receive a medal for your efforts. Most ways of leaving the military involve simply being discharged, but you need to go AWOL in order to unlock specific achievements.

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To do this, say yes to every opportunity to drink, to use illicit substances, or gamble, and at random, you’ll develop an addition. HOT: Here’s Ten of the Most Underrated iOS/Android Games Be sure to go to the nightclub and the casino as often as possible to maximize your chances of getting something offered to you.

If you go to the nightclub frequently, you might end up addicted to alcohol, or even illegal substances. More than likely though, you’ll get kicked out and dishonorably discharged immediately if you go to any form of prison, in which case this method becomes useless for going AWOL.

You’ll enter into AWOL status because you are literally absent without leave. NEW: January 2021 Active Promo Codes for Pokémon GO: The Full List and How to Redeem Them Alcohol and gambling are the most common addictions, and are the ones with the least likely chance of ending you when you try them.

Also, for some reason, fleeing to another country won’t put you into AWOL status if you’re in the military. If you do, then you’ll be caught, sent back to the country that you’re from, and imprisoned for desertion, but that won’t count as AWOL.

This guide is for becoming a general if you are in the Army, Air Force, or Marines, or becoming an admiral if you are in the Navy or Coast Guard. That is the minimum requirement in order to join the military as an officer.

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Once you get past Captain rank, literally every aspect of your life goes into effect here. Even if you are born and raised dumb, you can fix the smarts rating by going to the library and doing every self-care thing available (meditation, gym, etc) as often as possible.

Keep going to school, and go for your graduate degrees (masters, doctorate, etc) while you are in the military as an officer. Stay in the military long enough without retiring and you will get there eventually, as time is the most important component.

With this and the following wealth achievements you will just need to earn a lot of money. The social media part of Billie just requires luck and determination.

Just focus on something like YouTube or TikTok and post a bunch every year. To reach the highest age, you really just need to make sure to keep your health stat as high as you can throughout the years.

To complete the legacy achievements, you will need to pass your life to transfer over to your children. You can purchase a leopard from the Exotic Pet Dealer only if you have Citizenship.

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We have guides for the majority of the careers you need to obtain to complete these achievements: Do some drugs at the club, drink alcohol every chance you get, and go gambling to get the three addictions.

If you encounter an animal, attempt to rescue it and you might get bitten and then given rabies. You can watch YouTube with friends, so just look for the Bijou Mike as an option.

Whenever you seek out a Sperm Donor, the person you are suggested to use will have a job listed. Purely random, you will just need to father or mother a lot of children and hope you get some triplets.

You can either marry a lot of old men, or you can help your husbands along to the grave by using the murder option. Going AWOL is a bit weird, but you have to get addicted to alcohol, go to rehab, and you will eventually get discharged.

Go get some plastic surgery done and pick the doctor with the worst rating. You will need to be born in Afghanistan and you can join a goat grabbing team once you start secondary school.

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If the surgery is botched, you can use the Lawsuit option under Activities to sue the doctor. You get an heirloom each day, so look for the grail and make sure to play with it to complete the achievement.

Do not change the time on your device, it looks like Billie can detect this and you will get run over by a train! You will need to adopt an exotic pet with a high craziness stat and hope they murder your significant other.

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