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Bitlife How Do You Deal With Stressful Situations

Brent Mccoy
• Friday, 16 October, 2020
• 8 min read

If you can learn how to manage stress now, it will pay off for the rest of your life. Just imagine learning how to effortlessly overcome any stressful situation in your life.


These are all horrible situations, capable of breaking someone. … And the more you practice dealing with stressful situations, the better you ’ll get.

If you can become a pro at dealing with stressful situations, you ’ll eliminate practically all the stress in your life. So whether you ’ve got a fast-paced job at a Digital Marketing Company or you ’re looking to relax at home, managing stress is crucial.

Because whatever’s happening in your life, you can change the way you react to it. It’s impossible to feel happy all the time but you can diffuse your emotions, dramatically reducing your anger, irritation and stress levels.

Your Boss Piles A Ton Of Work On You Last Minute. You could feel angry, defeated and worried you ’re not going to finish all your work in time.

You could grab a coffee, do as much work as you can and rise to the challenge your boss has set you. You could freak out wondering how on earth you ’re going to explain to your family what’s happened, lose your company car and worry that you can’t the bills that month.

You can see this as an opportunity to take a step up to find better jobs, find an employer you love and even grab a cheeky pay rise along the way! You can get annoyed that you parked somewhere you shouldn’t have, go crazy at the ticket warden and feel like you ’ve wasted a ton of money on a crappy parking fine.

You could look at alternative areas to live, or share the costs of renting an apartment with a friend to save money. You could look at flat share options, negotiate with landlords, or commute to the city instead.

You can wonder ‘why has this horrible thing happened to me’ OR you can see change as an opportunity. You can become a master at dealing with stressful situations BUT you ’ll never be perfect.

A bit of stress is actually an incredibly powerful motivator. So don’t try to avoid stress completely, just see it as a part of life.

Just react positively when you ’re dealing with stressful situations and you ’ll gain a whole new insight into the world. As you now know, dealing with stressful situations positively is your choice.

It’s a really powerful way of boosting your own positivity. … Paying extra for a flight because you couldn’t be bothered to book it there and then.

In fact, in all of these cases, procrastination is stopping you from solving easy problems. And dealing with stressful situations gets so much harder when you put things off.

Because if you don’t take action now, how can you expect things to change? Get organized with a calendar of important dates and deadlines.

So a big part of dealing with stressful situations is managing the people involved. Be assertive but ready to meet a middle ground.

Be mindful, apply the technique and tweak the strategies to suit you best. It’s important that an interviewer asks this because they do need to know how you will be able to cope with potentially challenging environments.

Talking things through and being in constant communication about what needs to be done and asking people what they need to get their job done is a way that I’ve previously handled stressful situations in a leadership role, keeping the whole team more calm.” Example 3: “Actually, when I have the pressure of a deadline, I find that my work is more efficient and even more creative.

Example 7: “In my past responsibilities, I couldn’t let stress affect my work, as I had a role that required a level-headed energy. I’ve learned that being highly organized is the key to dealing with stress.

Whether it’s my co-workers, supervisors, or managers, I know that if we all band together to see what can be done, we come to a solution far more quickly and easier. So, I really see communication between key people in a company to be the best way to handle stressful situations.

I think the best way that I’ve found to keep balanced in the face of impending over-stress from a difficult situation is to look at the facts and to keep an objective, impartial point of view, rather than getting pulled into my personal opinion. Example 10: “Having the right tools on hand is the best way that I’ve found to stay grounded even if a situation has some pressure and potential for stress.

I rarely feel stressed because I use tools like scheduling calendars, daily task lists, and communication software to always be informed of what’s happening. Example 12: “An example of how I dealt with a stressful situation was when I noticed that my co-worker was having a hard time with all the tasks she needed to get done that day, and it made her frazzled and I could see she was struggling but didn’t want to ask for help.

Example 15: “Having a deadline is one of the best ways that I create effective and high-quality work, so I absolutely love an environment that has some pressure. Example 16: “I really feel that when we can react to the situation, not the energy of stress, we will never have a problem in environments that have a lot of pressure.

Example 17: “I’m really skilled at handling multiple tasks and projects and love working in this kind of dynamic environment.

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