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Bitlife Fastest Money

Bob Roberts
• Sunday, 20 December, 2020
• 7 min read

If you ask a group of people what they would like to do for a dream job, you can bet that there will be plenty who say they would love to be an actor in their favorite TV show or film. It’s naturally a job that sees a lot of attention due to how high profile the role is.



Start as a Voice Actor and work your way up through the ranks and with enough time and effort, you can make as much money as the likes of Dwayne Johnson and Scarlett Johann sen at the top of the acting food chain. Being in the adult film industry offers an entirely different form of entertainment, but that’s not to say that it isn’t rewarding from a financial standpoint.

While achieving that level of income in Bit life might prove to be a challenge too far, you can still expect to make six or seven-figure sums if you work at being a CEO in the game. Be prepared for the long haul though as the route to CEO is one of the longest in the game, starting as a corporate engineer, but in the end, the reward will be worth the wait.

Years of hard graft and dedication to upholding the law deserves a good salary, and that’s exactly what you get when you reach the pinnacle of the justice employment chain. As Chief of Police, you can expect to command a high six-figure salary after many years of service within the force.

Then perhaps you should consider a career as a Bit life Runway Model, because not only are you able to utilize your natural beauty for a cool job, but it also pays very well. However, as the job allows you to pick up being famous, you can boost your earnings using the social media option and by taking on fame activities, such as photo shoots and adverts.

As a famous model, you should be able to get work in these without issue, and the bigger gigs, such as an international advert, can rake in millions for you. Jumping cars, stealing trains and bank heists can all clock up an enormous amount of money in a very short time, with millions that can be added to your cash reserves in an instant.

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Of course, this will come with the possibility that you will be caught and be put into prison, but for those that want money fast, this is your best option. Billie, the life simulator game for Android and iOS, can be very addictive for players.

The game allows you to live a second life in the digital world, where you can be whoever you want and do whatever you dream of. To cross the 100 million dollar mark, there are a few tips and tricks that you should follow.

You can choose a high paying career, gambling, or become a real estate investor. If you start a career as an actor or a porn star, you’re on your way to making some big bucks.

Work on your body and remain fit as you graduate from high school. Climb the ladder and get to jobs such as Lead Actor or a Porn Star.

You could join social media, send messages to people, and start gaining followers. If you have a high percentage of fame, your commercials can make a lot of money and get you closer to the 100 million dollar mark.


Another great way to make a million dollars in Billie is to buy some real estate whenever you can. Sit on the real estate that you own for a couple of years or even longer.

For some reason, the gambling feature was removed from the iOS version of Billie. If you’re playing the game on Android, you can gamble your way to riches.

Gambling can make you rich overnight, but there is a lot of risks involved here. To start your career as a gambler, you will have to get to age 18 and then hit the blackjack tables in the Casino’s.

If your chances of winning are low in a game, then you can exit out and not lose any of your money. If you lose the game, then close the app (even from the background) and reopen it.

We hope this guide has given you some insights into how you can play Billie to your maximum advantage. You can live your digital life the way you want and make 100 million dollars in Billie.

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To live your best Billie, you’re likely going to want to make lots of money and get rich. In this guide, we’re going to detail the myriad ways you can make money in Billie so you can start rolling in it.

There are numerous ways to make the big bucks in Billie. It helps to plan your career path early so you know which grad school you want to go to.

It includes links to all of our other guides, where we’ve covered pretty much every aspect of this awesome game. Depending on the job you may receive no pension and be left pretty much high and dry when it comes to making further cash.

Don’t be shy to ask for some funds from Mum and Dad, as sometimes a little can go a long way. They may seem pointless, but they have huge positive effects long-term, which can then result in more money.

Trophy wife/husband There’s always the option to shack up with a rich person too, if you’re struggling to make a lot of moolahs. Inheritance Who you marry will leave you a wedge of cash too, but remember your parents.

Raking up a huge social media presence is a sure way to increase your wage bill. You are unlikely to ever face jail time for pick pocketing, but that has much smaller returns then stealing and selling a car.

For more information, check out our guide on Grand Theft Auto. I don’t advise going to the horse track as its very easy to blow large stacks of cash without ever winning.

This guide is focused on 1 thing: how to get rich in Bit life. We’re going to give you several methods that you can take advantage of to increase your cash stockpile in the game.

These are the best methods we’ve found, and they should allow you to amass tons of wealth quite easily. There are 2 main ways to make a lot of money by being an actor.

Once you become a lead actor you’ll be able to increase your fame percentage. This means that you can basically obtain an unlimited amount of money this way.

It used to be the case that when playing the lottery only the first 10 tickets you bought had a chance of winning. However, as we explained in our guide to winning the lottery in Bit life, this has since been fixed with an update.

This means that you can buy an unlimited amount of tickets every year, and each of them will have a chance to win the jackpot. One of the easiest ways to make money in Bit life is through real estate.

Now that you’ve got a lot of cash on hand through the previous methods, you can invest it in real estate. This means that buying real estate is never a bad investment and you’ll always be able to sell it for more than you bought it eventually.

Spend all the cash you made from the previous methods on as much real estate as you can afford and check the prices next year. You can take this to the next level by purchasing properties in bad condition and renovating them.

But to be honest, if your main goal is becoming insanely wealthy they’re not worth doing. If you have any other tips of making money fast don’t hesitate to leave a comment down below.

If any of the methods no longer work (such as the commercial exploit) let us know as well, so we can update this guide.

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