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Bitlife Elope

David Lawrence
• Wednesday, 30 December, 2020
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When you're in a relationship with someone in Billie, you can go under their menu and you will find the Elope option. In Billie, you'll generally have a hard time getting people to agree to being eloped.



To have a higher chance, make sure you have a high relationship level by keeping them happy. Billie : Life Simulator started off with one single type of prison that you can escape from.

NEW: January 2021 Active Promo Codes for Pokémon GO: The Full List and How to Redeem Them Instead, if you are locked up in a maximum security prison, you have to deal with some huge maps.

Read on for a guide to escaping the Maximum Security Prisons in Billie : Life Simulator! Just like the minimum and medium, the maximum security prison has the same rules as the others.

Minimum and medium security prisons are for misdemeanors and less-serious offenses. But in the social aspects of being in prison, the maximum security is far rougher.

Medium and maximum security prisons are loaded with gangs, some of which are far more ridiculous than others. Even just giving a compliment to a prisoner in the maximum security areas is a rough proposition.

The original 14 prison maps (which can be found in this link) range from easy to escape from, to a little difficult. Most of the time when you commit a crime, you will be thrown into a minimum or medium security prison.

With that out of the way, here are the maximum security prison maps, along with videos that show instructions on how to get past all of them. We recommend that you load this video on a desktop computer or a tablet, while you’re playing Billie on your phone, so that you can watch the video as you try to play through this one.

Take advantage of the fact that the guard moves horizontally first when able. Watch the video while playing this level so that you can copy the movements.

Generally, with the maximum security prison’s, you are going to half to mentally map out the route that you want to take. Work backwards by first figuring out what order guard could be trapped in for you to exit safely.

Then work on figuring out a way to get the guard into that final corner. The main key is to avoid the “plus sign” shaped walls near the entrance.

You have to do a lot of running around the outside of the level in order to make it out of the prison map. This might be the hardest map in the entire Maximum Security Prison game to escape from, simply because there is no obvious horizontal wall to trap the guard behind.

However, the key here is to trap the guard behind that vertical wall on the opposite side of the level from the exit. HOT: Here’s Ten of the Most Underrated iOS/Android Games There is literally no other way to do it, and the moves in this video have to be followed EXACTLY in order to get the guard to go where you want him to, and you’ll still be escaping by the skin of your teeth, by only one square.

And you will want to make good and bad decisions alike if you’re trying to collect one of the game’s dozens of ribbons (corresponding to a certain type of life lived), as well as try out the growing number of careers that are available in the in-game world. Much of these new additions have something to do with family and friend interactions, but there are also a few that will come into play in terms of education and employment, and also in the world of crime.

In the real world, people who get apprehended by the cops for one offense or another don’t automatically end up in the back of a police car before facing a judge and getting tried. Of course, it’s all in the realm of possibility that a suspect may flee the scene of a crime, or perhaps try to grease those palms by offering a bribe.

As we’ve observed, the chances of being asked to take a paternity test increase if you, as a male Citizen, had a child with the woman you hooked up with. But the main thing in play here is that you need to have hooked up with that woman, and she will need to have a child a few years down the line in order to request that you get that paternity test.

A few updates ago, Candy writer added the option to accessorize, starting all Billie players out with a pair of shades and one hat and announcing that additional headwear and eyewear can be unlocked by completing challenges. With version 1.39, it’s not just your character who could wear the hat or eyewear of their choice, as friends and family members will also be able to accessorize at random once they reach certain age.

In addition to the aforementioned new features, players will once again see the tombstone as the very first thing once their characters die, with options at the bottom part to move forward and start a new life (or have one of your children take over) or undo the death through the $1-per-use Time Machine. However, now that there is a mini-game to get out of prison, you actually have a chance at determining your own fate.

Minimum and medium security prisons have maps that are relatively easy to get through. Maximum security prisons range between hard and nearly impossible to escape from, with much, much larger maps and more twists and turns.

We have all the maps and solutions collected, and we are constantly monitoring for updates so that we can add more of them. So if you get to a specific prison map and you don’t see it in this article, check to see if any of the other videos are flipped, rotated, or mirrored versions of the prison that you’re stuck on.

Read on for every walkthrough and all the solutions for every prison escape map, so that you can get out 100% of the time, in Billie : Life Simulator! There are multiple ribbons that require you to escape from prison in order to earn them.

Now, you know how to get to jail and prison, and you know what ribbons are influenced by escaping; here is the list of every president map in the game, and a full guide with the videos included for how to escape from every single one of these prisons. This is the easiest of the prison maps, so if this is the first one you got, count yourself lucky.

That means that, in addition to what you see in this video, there are a variety of other routes, and other methods of manipulating the guard, that can get you out of prison. This one is chock-full of right angle walls and looks impossible at first because all that the guard has to do is not move, and he’ll get you every time.

Yes, there is no way that you can get out of this level just by relying on the guard to stay in the current position that they are in now. NEW: January 2021 Active Promo Codes for Pokémon GO: The Full List and How to Redeem Them But being that it’s fairly easy to trick the guard into doing whatever you want, this level is much easier to beat than you might think it is.

This makes it a little easier to escape from because you have a ton of space to work with. This level is a good combination of two things: Like with the previous one stated above, you have a lot of space to work with in order to escape.

The 6×6 prison map gives a lot of room to work with. But there are also a ton of walls in here, so the guard has a lot of space to trap you.

Essentially, you have to trick the guard into getting stuck behind one of the many walls on this level. HOT: Here’s Ten of the Most Underrated iOS/Android Games Another version of the 6×6 map but with a different layout.

Basically, you have to get the guard to chase you all over the level until they follow you to the one square that is surrounded by three walls and one opening. Literally, all that you have to do with this one is to move straight out so that you can trap the guard behind the only wall that blocks his path to the exit.

So take advantage of this to leave the guard marooned behind the wall and exit the map. But you can fairly easily trick the guard by imitating this video.

Simply get them stuck there and you’ll easily be able to get out of prison and be free. More than any of the other 4×4 maps, this requires you to essentially lead the guard completely around the level in order to get them trapped.

Luckily, though, considering the tiny floor space in this map, it doesn’t take long to trap the guard, so the back-and-forth goes by extremely quickly. Get that done and change your name as well, and all of a sudden the government doesn’t recognize the old version of you that has done so much time.

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