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Bitlife Diamond Record

James Lee
• Tuesday, 20 October, 2020
• 19 min read

The albums you release in Billie as a famous musician will vary in quality. Some will do better than others, and it can boil down to how many songs you pick to go on the album, the type of cover art, the name, and how you promote it.

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In contrast, worship has a tiny audience but adore almost any album. Your audience needs to buy the album, and the sales need to hit a certain amount to reach each level.

If you want to make a lot of money and sell to a wide audience, choose pop, R&B, or rap. Pop and rap musicians are more likely to reach a diamond rank with an album.

Press question mark to learn the rest of the keyboard shortcuts You’ll be able to release albums, play alongside band mates, tour the world, and make quite a bit of money off of your musical talents.

When you join a band, you’ll have several band mates to work alongside, and you can choose to interact with them as you would any other co-worker at a job. If your band mates disagree on it, you’ll have to try again or wait for another year to release an album.

In between waiting for albums to release, you can also choose to attend a live concert or go on a world tour. While joining a band is easier than becoming a solo artist, you won’t be making as much money.

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Joining a band is a good way to start your musical career, but as you become more famous and increase your talents as a musician, becoming a solo artist is a better idea. Having a higher singer talent appears to be the best way to become a successful solo artist.

You do earn a great deal more money than you would in a band, but there’s always the risk the record label doesn’t work with you again after you’ve had an awful year. You’re better off becoming a solo artist after several years in a band, you have multiple albums under your belt, and you’ve acquired a good amount of fame.

If you want to become a singer, you can do well with a band or by yourself, but signing up with a record label will provide far more benefits. I hadn’t even touched my social medias for YEARS and then it hits me with “you’ve become a social media influencer” the year I was gonna retiredonly in bbit lifeman : bitlifePress J to jump to the feed.

)• Get ordered pulling off hits, shakedowns, and crimes Build and manage your notoriety and standing within your family Once you've proven yourself, you'll get a chance to become a “made man” (or lady! No pun intended. Jokes aside, we wish you all a wonderful holiday season and thank you for everything that you've done this year to support our small team.

The next time you hear our voice will be when we get on the mic and announce the next big will be music to your ears. This version creeps it real with bug fixes, miscellaneous enhancements, and a Halloween treat or two.

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Hey Citizens, this is just a quick update to fix a few new bugs that have popped up in the last week. Here's another quick update that fixes a glitch with the Surprise Millionaire Challenge.

• Social Media now includes five platforms Monetize your account through ads or product promotions and become a professional influencer!• Pick your posts carefully and try to go viral!• Beware of trolls...or make trolls beware of you!• Collect celebrity followers Buy followers, but be careful: doing so may land you in trouble Watch out for hackers Account suspensions and appeals Challenge UI redesigned in preparation for upcoming rewards Many smaller life refinements, textual updates, and bug fixes This is but a small update to tie up some loose ends and fix some things that were broken.

• Tiger King Challenge All pets are available to non-Bitizens for a limited time 10 new countries: Algeria, Bangladesh, Bolivia, Croatia, Georgia, Hungary, Jordan, Qatar, Slovakia, & Zimbabwe Legal name changing (as requested on Reddit)• Sweepstakes activity Two new achievements: Goat Grabber & Sweepstakes New challenge back catalog additions: Gold Digger Challenge & Black Widow Challenge A lot of unglamorous behind-the-scenes maintenance that you won't appreciate but has to get done Tons of bug fixes, life refinements, and new textual content We have our heads down working on some exciting new content for you but it's taking a long time, and we wanted to give you a little something fresh in the meantime.

Compete, conquer, and collect medals for each one Inaugural challenge: Alphabet Challenge Orphanages now exist in the unfortunate event you lose both of your parents Relationship counseling New crime: Embezzlement!• Pleas and plea bargains Give cars & houses to your friends & family Pay off car loans and mortgages 50+ new scenarios Lots of work on the new person emojis Bug fixes, interface improvements, and life refinements This is a quick fix to address a couple of issues you reported to us in the hot new Mind & Body Update.

Sitting before your very eyes is yet another Billie update, laced with drama and brimming with some of your more popular requests of recent weeks. We're not going to spoil the fun and tell you exactly what hilarity was added this time, but instead we'll leave it to your own exploratory delight.

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Hit us up on our socials with your discoveries!OK fine, we'll tell you one major thing that is included: multiple save slots! You loved the School Update so much that we figured you'd like to take some of that interpersonal drama and spread it out across the course of a career.

Good thing there's a school nurse The intelligence test mini-game has been overhauled per your feedback Global leaderboards show you the top Billie players each day Tons of interface tweaks and bug fixes Or perhaps you'd rather become a conscientious student who leave apples on your teachers' desks, snitches out your misbehaving classmates, and achieves straight A's as the captain of the basketball team.

• Scenario Creator: write your own scenarios to send to friends or suggest ideas to us!• New countries: Afghanistan, Belgium, Djibouti, Dominican Republic, Iraq, Poland, Puerto Rico, Switzerland, Taiwan, Thailand, United Arab Emirates, & Uruguay New cities: a bunch of them!• New careers: Monk & Nun All-new vacation destinations Overhauled custom life interface Tons of bugs and general life refinements addressed We spent the last couple of weeks painstakingly building in one of your most requested features: part-time jobs.

We've been listening really closely to your feedback and suggestions on Twitter and Reddit and designed this update around a lot of what we've been hearing from you on there. We've already started work on part-time jobs and side lovers but want to give you some fresh new content to enjoy in the meantime.

Just wait until you see what they can get up to...• Abortion is now available on a country-by-country basis You can now die from assaults (keep your health up if you're going to be aggressive with people)• Birthdays and star signs Tons of little glitches fixed (thanks for all the reports! We experienced an issue with this weekend's release where some iOS 11 users ran into trouble downloading the app.

Donate your sperm (if they'll take it)• Change your last name when you get married or divorced, as applicable by country Change your first name after a sex change Boost your happiness and/or intelligence by going to see comedy and/or documentary films Achievements overhauled and accessible from the main menu Support added for our Citizens who use the Accessibility feature on IOS Tons of little glitches fixed (thanks for all the reports! We just got back at it this week but already managed to get a lot of the things you've been asking for included.

We decided to push an update to you now with more stuff even though we're still working on some bigger things you want like siblings and a few more surprises. This update is focused on beefing up relationships in order to pave the way for siblings.

It takes a lot of time to add these features and get them tested, but we're moving as fast as we can. This update has a lot, including the first crime activity, a new driving test, even crazier lovers, and much more.

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