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Bitlife Detective

Ava Flores
• Saturday, 24 October, 2020
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Billie is a popular life simulation game from Candy writer that is very casual because of its text-based nature. Hundreds of scenarios could happen to you and your family, your workplace, and even your love life.

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In this Billie careers guide, we will show you how to become a detective, a family physician, a dancer, a superintendent, a stuntman, or a graphic designer. If one of the jobs mentioned is your choice, continue reading to find out how to get into this career path and determine how to obtain it.

Becoming a detective in Billie is probably one of the most laborious career paths in the game. First, what you need to do is go to university, go to law school right after, work for at least a decade, and only then can you apply for a junior detective position.

To be even considered for law school, you need to take up either political science or English as your major. Once you have been in your company for a decade, you can start looking at the job listings to see if there’s a junior detective opening.

Being a junior detective requires being a university graduate and 10 years of work experience. Just like in real life, becoming a family physician in Billie is challenging.

Although it’s a career path where you get no promotions at all, you still have to possess the brains in order to get this job. Even if you study every year and go to the library religiously, you won’t reach the required smart stats to get to your goal.

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To become a family physician, you need to go to college and take up any major related to the medical field. You’ll need to maintain your very high grades by studying hard and going to the library every year.

If you’re lucky enough, you can even be granted scholarship or have your parents pay for your tuition fee. If you tried to get into medical school and get rejected, that means your smart stats need to be higher.

After you finish medical school, the family physician option will show up on the job listing. If you don’t want to go to college, there are also jobs you can apply for that only require you being a high school graduate.

Having really high stats for happiness, health, and good looks will guarantee you a dancer job. Anything that goes below exceptionally high stats for happiness, health, and good looks, will only get your job application rejected.

Like what was mentioned earlier, to be able to get into this major, you’ll need high stats in happiness, health, and looks. If after you graduate from university and this job doesn’t appear, you can always try again next year or keep on aging until it becomes available.

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In no time your salary will be above average and you can very much live a comfortable life by just being a dancer. But always remember that maintaining high stats is important as this may be a reason for you to get fired.

First, you’ll need to get to college and take up any major that can lead you to teaching. If this happens, you should go to graduate school for two more years and then your application for the teacher job post will be accepted.

Once you’ve become a teacher, you have to stay with this job for at least three years before applying to the next level which is assistant principal. Requirements for the assistant principal job post are at least three years of work experience and graduate school, so it’s ideal to go straight to graduate school right after college if this is your goal.

If you’ve met all requirements, you’ll definitely get the job for assistant principal. Being a superintendent is a career path that takes a bit of time to get to your destination, but it isn’t as demanding as other careers such as a doctor because you don’t really need super high stats for it.

Once your stats drop to an undesirable level, you have a chance of getting fired and all your hard work will be put to waste. There isn’t a guarantee you’ll get the job too as it requires you to have decent stats to be accepted.

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If what you want is to become a graphic designer, the path is relatively easy to take. This major doesn’t require you to be super smart, but it’s best to still study and keep your stats to green.

After you graduate from college, what you have to do is check the job listings and look for the junior graphic designer career. When it does appear, take it and you’ll be on the path to becoming a graphic designer.

Being a graphic designer is one of the easiest jobs to obtain as there is only one major you need to take, and the opening for a junior graphic designer job almost always appears right after you graduate. Another thing is staying in a single company guarantees you’ll get frequent raises.

If you know additional tips or tricks to get your favorite job, don’t hesitate to share them with us in the comments below! And, to get approved for that job, you must be graduated from the University, have decent smart stats.

Update: No work experience required for the Jr. Detective post. As we mentioned above, you have to have 10 years of experience in a law firm to become a detective.

Make sure to keep visiting the library, gym to maintain the health and smart score. Update: no work experience is required for the Jr. Detective post.

There are many job opportunities to pick from in this field, but the one we will be looking at in particular is detective work. In order to get any of the higher end careers in Billie, you will need to make sure you are a good student during the early years of your life.

You need your smarts up as high as possible by the time you get to college, as this affects your choice of major. Around the end of your high school years, you will be prompted to take your driving test.

You will be presented with a random road sign, and you will need to correctly identify it. Getting it right will reward you with your driver's license, while getting it wrong will fail the test.

If you fail the test, you will not be able to get your driver's license for the remainder of that life. With your driver's license and high school diploma in hand, you will soon start college.

Some of them take years of schooling before you can think about entering the field, especially if you want to perform open-heart surgery on a patient or attempt to work for NASA. The private detective life is not for everyone, but with the correct feeling in your gut, you can make it in that career, and there are plenty of cases to solve.

While many students may prefer the glamorous life of living on campus, you can choose to become a private investigator, but only if the career option is available for you to grab. You won’t make a heap of money on the project, but it’s a worthwhile endeavor to check out this career.

If you are smart enough to major in law enforcement after college, (that is if you are able to- all depending on the country, etc.) You just need to make sure you choose the right major and have the proper amount of “Smarts”.

The player is able to commit multiple crimes directly; including murder, pick pocketing, burglary, and Grand Theft Auto. Your character is given the option to kill someone such a friend, family member, coworker, current lover, ex-lover, or a random person.

Unlike murder, hiring a hitman is for adult characters only and comes at a price. It will say “He/She died from his/her injuries” after the description of assault and if caught, your character could face prison time for manslaughter.

Following an update in June 2019, assaulting a spouse after arguing with them will get you charged with domestic violence if they call the police on you. Following the January 2020 Crime Update, your character may also be convicted of larceny if they are caught stealing a package from a neighbor's porch, by shoplifting at a mall.

If shoplifting, they may be stopped by a mall cop and cooperate, assault, or try to escape which may or may not get them sentenced, or pick pocketing a random person. There is a probability that if the player throws a party at their estate, the police will arrive due to the neighbors reporting the noise.

The former will result in the police searching the house and discovering some guests using drugs. In rare cases, when the player finds a bag containing drugs, if the player tries to turn in a bag of drugs to the authorities, they might arrest them while bringing the bag and will charge them for drug possession, this will most likely happen if the player is on the run after escaping jail, killing someone, deserting the military, and/or illegally immigrating to another country, but this could happen even if they are not on the run and get unlucky enough.

The player will not be arrested immediately however, they must get caught in another crime or join any of the military jobs again to be deemed guilty of desertion. If you select “Bribe a college official”, you could go on with it, but you risk getting caught and facing one year in prison for bribery.

If you try to run for it, you have a good chance of getting caught by the security guards, or in some cases, manage to evade security and escape from debt (however, try reentering, and they will remember you and you will immediately be arrested). You can also plead them to forgive your debt, depending on how much luck/debt you have, if they refuse, the casino workers will call the cops on the player and you will be arrested, however, if they decide to take pity and agree, they won't have any more debt, but they will be banned for life from the casino.

Even if found not guilty after being arrested or escaping from their debt they won't be able to enter that casino they went to anymore. Following an update from June 2019, your character can receive restraining orders from exes.

Characters who date and have exes in high school can have restraining orders against them and be sent to jail if convicted of violating a restraining order, making this the only crime that a character under 18 can go to jail for. Your character must choose a bank, a weapon, a disguise, and a getaway.

Your character may act alone, with a friend, with a lover, with a sibling, or with a random stranger who will accept or reject the idea. Reckless endangerment These are any delinquent acts that could potentially harm others or put them in a dangerous situation.

If caught, your character faces 4 years in prison if found guilty. If caught, your character faces 4 years in prison if found guilty.

Criminal mischief These are any delinquent acts that damage or interfere with another's property. If caught, your character faces 4 years in prison if found guilty.

Piracy These are any delinquent acts that break copyright laws, such as selling pirated copies of films. If caught, your character faces 4 years in prison if found guilty.

Fraud If your character tries to sell a piece of jewelry that was bought from a fake jewelry store, they can be convicted of fraud if the person they try to sell it to identifies it as a fake and calls the cops. If caught, your character faces 4 years in prison if found guilty.

If caught, your character faces life in prison if found guilty. Prior to the January 2020 Crime update, fellow prison inmates can be in for aggravated twerking.

There are three random trains and 5 set times: sunrise, high noon, 4:20PM, sunset, and midnight. Your character may steal money from their workplace and the amount they would like to take.

Should they get caught, they could face a higher sentence because they ran from the police. If you run as a politician and get caught accepting the bribe, you might get sentenced for at least 25 years in prison.

When a player joins an organized crime syndicate/Mafia, They have the option to extort a local business in order to gain income for the Family, the player has four options if the owner of the business refuses to hand the money : Leave the place, Shake them out, Whack them out (kills, no income), or Scare them (this will most likely not work) If the owner of the place is scared enough the owner could offer an amount of money, the player has a new option to accept the offer, or shake/whack them out anyways. If the owner is low on fear, and player tries to Shake them out, they will still refuse to give the money, or call the cops on you, if they call the cops on you and get caught you might face 5-10 years of prison.

This will also happen if they try to enlist in the military, gets caught illegally immigrating to a new country, or argues when the police arrives to a party for noise complaints. The player can choose to ignore them, assault them, intervene, or call the police.

If the player intervenes, they have a chance to get assaulted by the person committing the crime. Assaulting may get the player in jail, but intervene then calling the police has a high chance to work.

Your assailant can be sued following the Lawsuit update and has a higher chance of winning the suit if your character didn't say or do anything nasty to provoke them, but just called the police.

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