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Bitlife Criminal Record

James Lee
• Monday, 30 November, 2020
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The player is able to commit multiple crimes directly; including murder, pick pocketing, burglary, and Grand Theft Auto. Characters with criminal records may be barred from adopting children and getting certain jobs but if they successfully emigrate, the new country may not pick up on the criminal record and allow them to do what they want anyway.

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Your character is given the option to kill someone such a friend, family member, coworker, current lover, ex-lover, or a random person. Unlike murder, hiring a hitman is for adult characters only and comes at a price.

It will say “He/She died from his/her injuries” after the description of assault and if caught, your character could face prison time for manslaughter. Following an update in June 2019, assaulting a spouse after arguing with them will get you charged with domestic violence if they call the police on you.

Following the January 2020 Crime Update, your character may also be convicted of larceny if they are caught stealing a package from a neighbor's porch, by shoplifting at a mall. If shoplifting, they may be stopped by a mall cop and cooperate, assault, or try to escape which may or may not get them sentenced, or pick pocketing a random person.

There is a probability that if the player throws a party at their estate, the police will arrive due to the neighbors reporting the noise. The former will result in the police searching the house and discovering some guests using drugs.

In rare cases, when the player finds a bag containing drugs, if the player tries to turn in a bag of drugs to the authorities, they might arrest them while bringing the bag and will charge them for drug possession, this will most likely happen if the player is on the run after escaping jail, killing someone, deserting the military, and/or illegally immigrating to another country, but this could happen even if they are not on the run and get unlucky enough. The player will not be arrested immediately however, they must get caught in another crime or join any of the military jobs again to be deemed guilty of desertion.

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If you select “Bribe a college official”, you could go on with it, but you risk getting caught and facing one year in prison for bribery. If you try to run for it, you have a good chance of getting caught by the security guards, or in some cases, manage to evade security and escape from debt (however, try reentering, and they will remember you and you will immediately be arrested).

You can also plead them to forgive your debt, depending on how much luck/debt you have, if they refuse, the casino workers will call the cops on the player and you will be arrested, however, if they decide to take pity and agree, they won't have any more debt, but they will be banned for life from the casino. Even if found not guilty after being arrested or escaping from their debt they won't be able to enter that casino they went to anymore.

Following an update from June 2019, your character can receive restraining orders from exes. Characters who date and have exes in high school can have restraining orders against them and be sent to jail if convicted of violating a restraining order, making this the only crime that a character under 18 can go to jail for.

If caught, they will be convicted of armed robbery before they could use their getaway method. Your character may act alone, with a friend, with a lover, with a sibling, or with a random stranger who will accept or reject the idea.

Reckless endangerment These are any delinquent acts that could potentially harm others or put them in a dangerous situation. If caught, your character faces 4 years in prison if found guilty.

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If caught, your character faces 4 years in prison if found guilty. Criminal mischief These are any delinquent acts that damage or interfere with another's property.

If caught, your character faces 4 years in prison if found guilty. Piracy These are any delinquent acts that break copyright laws, such as selling pirated copies of films.

If caught, your character faces 4 years in prison if found guilty. Fraud If your character tries to sell a piece of jewelry that was bought from a fake jewelry store, they can be convicted of fraud if the person they try to sell it to identifies it as a fake and calls the cops.

If caught, your character faces 4 years in prison if found guilty. If caught, your character faces life in prison if found guilty.

Prior to the January 2020 Crime update, fellow prison inmates can be in for aggravated twerking. There are three random trains and 5 set times: sunrise, high noon, 4:20PM, sunset, and midnight.

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Should they get caught, they could face a higher sentence because they ran from the police. If you run as a politician and get caught accepting the bribe, you might get sentenced for at least 25 years in prison.

When a player joins an organized crime syndicate/Mafia, They have the option to extort a local business in order to gain income for the Family, the player has four options if the owner of the business refuses to hand the money : Leave the place, Shake them out, Whack them out (kills, no income), or Scare them (this will most likely not work) If the owner of the place is scared enough the owner could offer an amount of money, the player has a new option to accept the offer, or shake/whack them out anyways. If the owner is low on fear, and player tries to Shake them out, they will still refuse to give the money, or call the cops on you, if they call the cops on you and get caught you might face 5-10 years of prison.

This will also happen if they try to enlist in the military, gets caught illegally immigrating to a new country, or argues when the police arrives to a party for noise complaints. The player can choose to ignore them, assault them, intervene, or call the police.

If the player intervenes, they have a chance to get assaulted by the person committing the crime. Assaulting may get the player in jail, but intervene then calling the police has a high chance to work.

Your assailant can be sued following the Lawsuit update and has a higher chance of winning the suit if your character didn't say or do anything nasty to provoke them, but just called the police. Billie is a fun simulation game where you can live out the life of your character from birth until death.

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Every choice has its consequences, similar to how things are in real life. One of the choices you can make in the game is to turn to a life of crime.

The game’s latest update, however, has added a new category of life events related to crime that opens up a world of possibilities to explore. If you want to remain an upstanding citizen, you may refer to our previous Billie guide.

In case the thought of getting away with murder excites you, read the rest of our Billie tips, cheats and tricks below! It would be safer for you to choose a stranger as your target to avoid wasting your effort in establishing a relationship with family members.

There may be a lot of ways to commit murder, but that does not mean you should randomly choose one. If you were able to save up enough money before you committed your murder, you should be able to afford an attorney and appeal your sentence.

The second option is to just stay in prison and cause trouble by starting riots. The more trouble you cause, the higher the chances of adding to your sentence.


Feel free to choose whichever sounds the most fun for you. The game realized it also takes skill, so the new update now gives you a better chance of escaping on purpose.

If you choose to escape, you get to play a mini-game where you need to outwit a guard. You need to lure him into getting trapped behind walls in order to make your escape.

Your goal is to trick the guard into walking behind those black lines. You might need to put yourself in danger of getting caught in order to lure the guard into a trap.

If you successfully escape from prison, you could live out a normal life, but it won’t be as easy as before. Make sure you avoid drawing attention to yourself by staying away from high-profile jobs, like a CEO.

The chance of living to see old age is still there as long as you play it safe moving forward and avoid causing any more trouble. On the other hand, you are also free to commit more crimes and get yourself back in prison if you feel like it.

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Press question mark to learn the rest of the keyboard shortcuts My word, you’ve got an eye for the macabre by clicking on this Guide my friend.

In any case we’re here to help with your criminal urges, and also help you to grab the Scandalous Ribbon to boot. First things first, the option to commit crime was only added via a recent update to the game.

Also make sure it’s someone you couldn’t potentially benefit from offing, so parents you could get inheritance money from wouldn’t be a great target. Prison time Even if you manage to commit the crime successfully you’ll end up in the slammer.

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