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Bitlife Cheats 2020

Maria Garcia
• Tuesday, 13 October, 2020
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Billie lets players get their driver’s license once they’re old enough, but first they have to pass a driving test by identifying the road sign shown. We’ve compiled a list of the many road signs you’ll see when you’re taking a test so it’s quick and convenient for you.

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Master all of its core concepts with these BitLifecheats available with guides, tips, and tricks You will have to take care of plenty of things to live a good life; relationship with family members, nephews, happiness, health, smarts stat, looks stat, and more.

Also, we have shared a bunch of BitLifecheats, tips & tricks that you may like. You can also start a custom life and change gender, country, and city.

You can check the stats at the bottom of the screen; happiness, health, smarts, and looks. If you want to be a successful person, you must start with the character having good stats(90+).

For example; If the character is not enough smart, he/she may not get approved in the schools, colleges, jobs. Also, you can start the relationship, have kids, go on vacation(head to activities tab in the game), buy assets(car, house, etc, ), pet animals and there are plenty of things to do.

Don’t date anyone Mooch Rowdy Thief Geriatric High roller Stupid Deadly Family Guy Cunning Cat Lady Addict Globetrotter Houdini Go to the activities' menu Will & Testament here you can see your net worth.


There are some achievements that you can unlock by earning millions of dollars. If you are happy with the stats, progress with that virtual character or start another life.

spend time with the family members, girlfriend, brothers, sisters to boost the relationship. As you progress through the game, certain events may drop your happiness level.

Going on a vacation is one of the best ways to increase happiness instantly. Money helps you a lot in the worst circumstances; you can go on vacation(increases happiness), buy assets(increases net worth), pay the loan amount, tuition fee, and there are more instances.

In the activities tab, you can buy the lottery tickets and win a massive jackpot that can help you in becoming a millionaire. We have been playing Bit life for a while now and have won the lottery 5 times.

So this would be all in this post on BitLifeCheats, Tips, Tricks & Guide for beginners. You get to live a full life, have multiple characters, control your jobs and relationships, and more.

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Read on for a list of redeem codes, how to exchange them for prizes, and how to find more of them in Bit life ! If you are playing Bit life on an Android device, then all you have to do is tap on your avatar, go to the settings, and then scroll all the way to the bottom.

If you play the game on an iPhone or iPad, the redeem code option won’t be there, due to App Store rules that have been set in place by Apple. In that case, you can either use an Android emulator for your device or on your PC, or simply try to play without the use of redeem codes.

Go to the social media section of the action menu within the game and you will find links to all the official accounts. There are numerous chats on Discord that are dedicated to this game, so look for the most popular ones, find the invite link, and join it.

NEW: January 2021 Active Promo Codes for Pokémon GO: The Full List and How to Redeem Them Be sure to check any website where you can find videos about the game, such as YouTube or Twitch. He’s a San Diego guy living in Tacoma, so he legitimately enjoys the cliché “long walks on the beach.” Aside from writing about mobile games, Evan is an aircraft hydraulic maintainer and maintenance instructor.

He likes weightlifting, beer, dad jokes, the Padres and Chargers, and slightly-old luxury and exotic cars. In this tutorial, I will show you how to get citizen for freedom your Android and IOS device.

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If you are looking for a way to get rid of annoying ads from the game and free badges and Ribbons, then don’t worry we’ve got your back! Billie Life Simulator hack works for both Android and iOS devices.

The game has been downloaded 10M+ people on Play Store and has been rated 4.4 stars by 600k members. So here we show you how to remove ads for free in Billie Life Simulator game.

No more ads VIP features like Access to the pet store, Exotic pets, breeders, and exclusive citizen features. There area lot of ways to get rich in Bitlife, but they take a lot of time.

Scroll down at the bottom of this post to access our Bit life hack tool (generator). Our online tool uses the available resources and gives you any amount of cash almost instantly.

All you have to do is access our online generator and fill out the required info like your username and select remove ads. By using our tool, you can get free citizen in IOS & Android devices.


In fact, you can get any required resources for Bit life Game almost instantly. Follow the simple instructions below and enjoy Bit life Game with more cash and Citizen.

Step 2: Enter your Bit life username, and select your device. Step 3: Then select which resources you want to generate for your Bit life Game.

Step 4: Click submit and let our tool do the heavy lifting. Our tool will work on the backend server to generate your requested resources.

But should you opt for keeping yourself healthy and having a good deal of cash, you should be able to do this pretty effectively. For those looking to complete the Vampire Challenge in Billie, you need to finish an array of tasks as you live your life in the game.

If you would like to impale a person, you want to wait just a bit until you are older, and you’ve got loads of money. Due to the high risk of this undertaking, you want to use your money to purchase the best lawyers you have available to you all.

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Plus, you run the risk of losing your home and other assets in Billie, that can keep you from completing different challenges.

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