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Bitlife Ceo

Earl Hamilton
• Saturday, 19 December, 2020
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Our BitlifeCEO Guide will walk you through all you need to know to obtain this highly sought after career in the game! Being a CEO in Billie isn't as stressful as it might be in real life, but getting the position requires you to follow some exact steps in your schooling and job of choice.

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This isn't always foolproof, you might need to reset your game a few times because you might get unlucky with your stats, or RNG will usually determine if you were meant for a different career path. So, run through creating your character a few times until you start with at least 70% smarts (higher is better).

You might as well also Meditate, head to the movies, and do stuff with your parents to maintain your relationship with them. To become a CEO in Billie, you will need to go down the Business/Graduate School path and get a Corporate job.

Go to Business School and continue going to the library if your smart stat isn't high enough. Once you've reached Graduate School, you won't really need to bother with studying or activities, because they don't seem to matter at this point.

For players looking to complete all requirements of The Dark Knight Challenge, we have a page dedicated just for you. You want to start the game with high intelligence, so don’t worry if you need to restart it multiple times.

Make sure that you do things like go to the library, focus on school, and get yourself into a good college. It’s a very good idea to try and get a scholarship, so keep working on making yourself as smart as possible, do as much exercise as you can so you can be healthy, and do extracurricular activities in school.


You will need to prioritize work in your choices, and it will take around 15 years until you can get the job of Assistant Vice President. In the corporate world, you can make a lot of money, but remember to focus on work if you want to become the CEO.

Too many distractions will mean less time in the office and less chance of reaching your goal. You want to start the game with high intelligence, so do not stress if you need to reboot it several times Make sure that you do things like go to the library, focus on school, and obtain into a good college.

It’s a wonderful concept to get and attempt a scholarship, so keep working on making yourself as clever as possible, do as much workout as you can so you can be healthy, and do after-school activities in school. You will need to focus on work in your options, and it will take around 15 years up until you can get the task of assistant Vice President.

If the promos do not come your way rapidly enough, you can constantly attempt using for the next step up in a new business. In the business world, you can make a lot of money, however keep in mind to keep your focus on work if you want to become the CEO A lot of diversions will imply less time in the office, and less chance of reaching your goal.

In Billie the possibilities are endless, but to grab a top job, you will need to fulfil a list of certain criteria. It includes links to all of our other guides, where we’ve covered pretty much every aspect of this awesome game.

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Although many individuals throughout history have worked their way up from the bottom, in Billie you could really use a helping hand. So this means if you have a life with high stats across the board, and you are born in a modern country, then you should have what it takes to make it to the top.

Each year of your life in Billie can either take a matter seconds or minutes. If you want a top CEO position, then each year of your life should be spent to the fullest.

As part of spending time on each individual go, you will be more in control of your Billie, so random illness or events can be easily managed or prevented. As with any CEO position, it takes a lot of hard work to get rewarded.

When trying to achieve the top job you might forget about your partner at home, or the kids growing up and your parents, if they are still alive. So make sure you continue to spend time with your family as you chase that top job.

SO take your family on holiday, go on flights or cruises and enjoy the high life. Becoming a CEO is hard work even in Billie, so I recommend spending your time at one company.


If you jump around, you might have a chance to skip a promotion or two, but my experience has taught me to be persistent at the company you’re at. Keep managing your happiness, health and family and the top position will be yours, eventually.

Billie is a life simulation video game having endless possibilities. Just like real life, occupation plays an important role in Billie.

Becoming a CEO in the game is hard as it takes quite a bit of patience and dedication. Becoming a CEO in Billie is possible but it’s legit hard work.

In order to become a CEO, you need to plan your Billie right from the starting of the game. To avoid all the hassle, we’ve cooked up a guide that will help you become a CEO in Billie.

If you start out the game in a top country, like America or the United Kingdom, you’ll have a higher chance of smoothing your way to become a CEO as these countries hold a higher rate of CEO positions. If you want to take on your path to become a CEO, then education really plays an important role along your way.

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So even if you’re not from any top country, good education will help you stand out as someone with huge potential. Putting effort into your personal circle will build a strong foundation on your further journey on becoming a CEO.

For this, we suggest you join one company, focus on your work there, work hard, and invest your efforts into it to gaining those promotions, rather than jumping around through different companies, which ultimately takes you nowhere near a CEO. Summing up our guide, you’ve got a really long way if you’re trying to become a CEO in Billie.

There is a path you should follow, including school and career decisions, that influence your odds of making this happen. Climb the corporate ladder to CEO After fifteen years of experience, you can get a job as Assistant vice president.

When it comes to creating your character and setting them up for the CEO position, make sure to start with high smarts. The top-level executives are typically smart people, and this is true in Billie.

Maintain a good relationship with your parents, and make sure to do activities while in school to get a scholarship. Keep your body as healthy as your mind, which means working out at the gym whenever possible.


To become a CEO in Billie, you need to go to business school and get yourself a corporate job. Work there for fifteen years and then get promoted to Assistant Vice President.

Check the Occupations tab and find any job opening with “corporate” in it. That’s the only way you can earn the opportunity to advance into the executive roles within the company.

Climb the corporate ladder to CEO After fifteen years of experience, you can get a job as Assistant vice president. As long as your health and smarts stay high, you should be fine.

A good way to keep health up is to work out at the gym or practice a martial art. Having high stats in these areas will really help when trying to get a scholarship, which you will need to pay for school.

Also, be sure to play a sport and try for that scholarship through extracurricular activities in school. Keep studying and reading early in life to keep your Smarts up, and then move onto later education.


Having earned that vaunted business degree, start looking for work. Then comes the title of Executive VP and finally CEO.

Tap on the drop-down button and you will see many options; Finance, Dance, Engineering, Arts, History, and more. To become a CEO or get into the business school, you need to graduate from university with an undergraduate degree in Finance.

If you don’t get the Finance option, we would recommend you to start a new life. Bonus Tip When you start a new life, pay attention to your father and mother’s Job.

Or If they are poor or working in other sectors(for example; dance), we would recommend you to start over. It would be better to start with a virtual character whose parents are working in the finance sector.

Once you are graduated from university with an undergraduate degree in Finance, the game will prompt you to make a decision; seek higher education or look for a job. Choose to seek higher education and apply for the business school.


As soon as you graduate from business school, the game will prompt you to look for a job. As we mentioned above(In the TL;dr part), you will have to apply for the assistant president job to become a CEO.

As you progress further, you will get promoted and reach the CEO post in Billie. While working as an assistant vice president, an event will come in which you will have to make a decision on a business tour with your colleagues or boss.

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