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Bitlife Can You Breed Pets

Paul Gonzalez
• Thursday, 05 November, 2020
• 7 min read

This Billie guide will try to provide you with a comprehensive list of the newly added pets, as well as useful information on what they do and how toucan get them. If you are not happy with the available selection in animal shelters and pet stores and you are looking for a particular breed of dog, then you have to check the breeders for an amazing selection of happy and healthy animals that range from puppies to a couple of years old.


However, purchasing from a breeder implies higher monthly and upfront costs. But you will need to meet certain requirements: a specific type of property that features the word ‘equestrian’.

That means that the property is endowed with a special facility specifically designed for horses. Unless toucan afford to spend that amount, owning a horse is impossible.

While basic players can only enjoy, the company of cats, dogs, and bunnies, Premium users have access to a wide range of animals including: snakes, finch, tigers, hamsters, goldfish, parrots, lions, coyotes, monkeys, cockatiels, panthers, gorillas, and even unicorns. We hope our BitLifepets guide has offered you a clear image of the changes that the latest update has brought to the game.

There is a huge variety of pets available, but unfortunately everything but the Animal Shelter is available to Citizens (aka paying players). So, in other words, if you want to fully experience the Pets in the game, you will need to spend some money.

These furry animals are a bit like humans in the game: they can be accessed from the Relationships tab and toucan (And should) interact with them constantly each year. The latter stat should be as low as possible if you want a safe life with your pet, or higher if you ’re up for some adventure.

I haven’t had any trouble with my pets so far, but apparently they can do some crazy things, the crazier they are. Toucan also release your pet into the wild if you no longer want them (or if you want to prevent a mood drop from them dying).

All in all, the new Pets feature in Billie is really cool and I enjoy the sheer variety of animals available. Candy writer has finally introduced pets to Billie, giving us another good excuse to ignore the real world and live life in our phones again.

These new pets range from the ordinary cats and dogs to the slightly more crazy gorillas and, error, unicorns. Simply visit the new ‘ Pets tab to grab yourself a new furry or slithery animal in Billie.

That is a perfectly reasonable request when virtual dog shopping and Billie has the answer for you. If you don’t like the look of the traditional mutts that are pretty common in the pet stores and animal shelters, then you need to check the breeders.

Normally, a breeder will have very healthy and happy animals that age from a puppy to around a couple of years old. The only downside to buying from a breeder is the monthly and upfront costs are a little higher than the pet store.

This type of property has the word ‘equestrian’ in it, which means it is a special facility designed for horses. There is no point in owning a horse unless you have the space needed for them to gallop and frolic all day.

One lucky user on Reddit managed to randomly encounter a Unicorn, and he successfully rescued it. Once again it's important to note that if you aren’t a premium member then you will miss out on most of the animals listed below.

I would love to have more Ribbons related to pets, such as ‘Animal Hero’ if you adopt a certain amount of them? Billie continues to grow in size and in scope, and more and more additions to your life keep getting added to the game.

Billie : Life Simulator, or simply called Billie, (known as BitLifeApp on social media) is a text-based simulator video game originally made for iOS by developer Candy writer. The game utilizes a text-based format to try and create a somewhat accurate simulator while still having a strong level of playability.

An in-app purchase removes ads, and there's also an option to pay to become a “Citizen” which lets you do things like hire hitmen, get exotic pets, and interact with your virtual boss or teacher. If users tap on Bit life Community,” they're taken to links like a related YouTube channel, a forum on Reddit, and a TikTok account.

Other legal issues: Australia: All hedgehogs are classified as exotic pets that are illegal to import. And with so many things to consider and so much randomness (just like in real life), we’re here to help you make the most out of your virtual one by sharing a bunch of Billie cheats and tips in our complete guide.

The thing is that pretty much everything is random in the game and toucan rarely. O Another idea is the ability to re-home your pets with a grown child of your character or a sibling/grandchild/etc.

A recent update has seen the addition of a whole new world of fun to be had in Billie. The recent version 1.34 update for Billie has added a range of new Ribbons for you to work towards and gain with your new Outlives.

Simply visit the new ‘ Pets tab to grab yourself a new furry or slithery animal in Billie. Toucan visit the Animal Shelter to rescue a poor little pup in need, visit a breeder to get yourself a pure breed, or go to the pet store to purchase a more exotic animal.

When you find ones that you want to save to view later, toucan add it to your very own favorites list. Billie Until your character is an adult, the Exotic Pet Dealer option won’t be.

Basically, what you want to become here is the Billie universe’s equivalent of Joe Exotic, though the mullet (and everything else about Mr. And you don’t need to limit yourself to wild cats either, as the goal here is to own as many exotic pets as possible during your lifetime.

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