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Bitlife Can You Be Adopted

Earl Hamilton
• Wednesday, 11 November, 2020
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Adopted children of royal parents will not claim a title as they are not born into royalty. A player's adoption request can be rejected if the player is too young, too old, has no house, poor finances, no job, a criminal record, and or too many children already.



If a player has had 5+ children, the adoption center will reject the request under “Unspecified”, even if fewer than 5 are alive and/or some were adopted out. If a couple has 4 children and pregnant with the 5th, the adoption center will still allow adoption, assuming the character fits all other requirements.

It is possible to adopt a child if your partner has a pregnancy with another person by cheating on your character or by a threesome. Following the November 2019 update, adoption scenarios may be shown randomly.

Well, not the entire community as Android has yet to catch up with all the iOS features. Basic members are only allowed in the animal shelter, whereas any premium Citizens will have access to a cat breeder, dog breeder, pet store or exotic pet dealer.

So the animals in the shelter are more likely to be older than breeders or pet stores and might come with some ailments. These ailments can be medical conditions like kidney failure, or the animal might have bad stats, like a full “crazy” bar.

Depending on whether you are premium or not will affect what type of pet toucan choose. If you aren’t premium, then you ’ll have to grab a cheap pet from the shelter.

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This dealer will often have some rare and awesome animals including coyotes, tigers and even gorillas. So, if you are bored with your standard cat’s, dogs and goldfish, then the dealer is a great option to consider.

One last thing to mention is that there is another shop toucan purchase pets from called a Horse Ranch. To unlock horses, you will need to purchase a property with the word “equestrian” in it.

Just a simple ranch or farm is not enough, it will need to be a horse specialized home. This Billie guide will try to provide you with a comprehensive list of the newly added pets, as well as useful information on what they do and how toucan get them.

If you are not happy with the available selection in animal shelters and pet stores and you are looking for a particular breed of dog, then you have to check the breeders for an amazing selection of happy and healthy animals that range from puppies to a couple of years old. However, purchasing from a breeder implies higher monthly and upfront costs.

But you will need to meet certain requirements: a specific type of property that features the word ‘equestrian’. That means that the property is endowed with a special facility specifically designed for horses.


Unless toucan afford to spend that amount, owning a horse is impossible. While basic players can only enjoy, the company of cats, dogs, and bunnies, Premium users have access to a wide range of animals including: snakes, finch, tigers, hamsters, goldfish, parrots, lions, coyotes, monkeys, cockatiels, panthers, gorillas, and even unicorns.

Candy writer has finally introduced pets to Billie, giving us another good excuse to ignore the real world and live life in our phones again. These new pets range from the ordinary cats and dogs to the slightly more crazy gorillas and, error, unicorns.

Simply visit the new ‘Pets’ tab to grab yourself a new furry or slithery animal in Billie. If you select the breeder option, toucan actually choose a specific dog or cat breed from an enormous list.

Toucan get standard animals with the basic, free version of the game but if you want a unicorn, you have to purchase premium membership. As soon as you ’re a Citizen (a premium member) toucan visit the Exotic Pet Dealer, who deals in the weird and wonderful.

Dogs Cats Snakes Rabbits Goldfish Parrot Parakeet Lovebird Finch Cockatiel Hamster Tiger Lion Monkey Gorilla Panther Coyote Leopard Unicorn If they decide to go off birth control, they can choose whether to tell their partner (if they have one) or keep it a secret.


Birth control is very effective when you are dating someone, but hook-ups who claim they are on birth control may be lying or misusing it and could still get pregnant if your character does not use protection. If your character is a male, usually when the couple turns 18, the female partner may usually go on birth control.

After age 55, women will no longer need birth control. If fruitless, you & your partner will have to wait until the next year to try IVF again.

But, this is not always efficient as in some rare cases, people can still reproduce after a successful sterilization procedure. Unspecified reasons may include having a disease, having a criminal record, having too many children, or having donated too many times in a lifetime.

Sometimes the reasoning will simply show up as “No Sperm Needed”. When you press Surrogate, a menu will pop up and present you with different women.

You can check their stats and choose whether to use their eggs for the baby. If they accept, you will have to choose whose sperm to impregnate the woman.

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If a surrogate fails at getting pregnant, your character can be reimbursed half of the expenses. Some surrogate mothers will keep the baby for themselves and dishonor your contract; should this happen, your character may file a Lawsuit against them.

To get pregnant you must not use birth control and certain diets or it will prevent pregnancy for females. When pregnant, women may not have certain types of Plastic Surgery and may get Pregnancy massages.

Other massages can be done, but run the risk of miscarriage, with Pregnancy the only one fully safe. Pregnancy massages are only available to characters who are female and pregnant.

Toucan either abandon the kid, place it up for adoption, or keep it and spend time with it. Toucan spend time with your kid from the day of its birth on, and the results will sometimes be hilarious (taking a newborn snowboarding or to the bar, for instance).

From then on, your relationship with your kid will grow and change, or shrink due to neglect over time. So work harder at keeping the relationship strong in order to prevent that.

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Another recent addition is that when your kids get to college age, they’ll often ask you to pay their tuition. Category: AndroidiPadiPhone Tags: android, APK, iOS, iPad, iPhone Evan Heisenberg named himself after a Breaking Bad character one time, and then got stuck with it.

He’s a San Diego guy living in Tacoma, so he legitimately enjoys the cliché “long walks on the beach.” Aside from writing about mobile games, Evan is an aircraft hydraulic maintainer and maintenance instructor. He likes weightlifting, beer, dad jokes, the Padres and Chargers, and slightly-old luxury and exotic cars.

Partners/Future Partners w/Kids Just like our Billie character may have children from previous relationships (girlfriend/boyfriend, husband/wife, hookup). Or if they want to adopt a child we have the option to agree or disagree as well.

Being able to start an ongoing affair, and try not to get caught by having maze challenge similar to escape from prison/burglary here and there (optional life choice) And that it be based on relationship status, job income, assets, criminal record.

• High School/College drop out, our child may drop out of school/college • Force teen/adult to work/get some type of education if they aren’t doing anything • Being able to kick them out if they live at home too long/or refuse to get a job/go to school • Combine income if they do live at home and have a job until they move out • Approve Child’s partners Being able to approve if you will allow your child’s partner to take their hand in marriage based on their personal status (looks, smarts,craziness). If the marriage doesn’t work out we have the option to say “I told you so”, or be a “shoulder to cry on”.

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Being able to work and go to school/college • 14 have a summer job (based on where you live) est. Juvenile Detention Center If your bad as a child your parent can send you to a ADC.

Start a Bound account where you can get money to help you out if you're struggling, homeless, college tuition/debt, unemployed, or to scam (lying saying you have a rare condition, sick pet, sick relative) and may end up serving jail time, or paying back what you owe which may leave you in debt if you ’re caught. (13 & up) 13-17 can be sent to a ADC, or cause your parents to have to pay what you owe which can infect your relationship with them.

(Could make it into a challenge since in real life it’s a one in a million chance) Fame It would be nice if we could take a famous route Become a professional athlete/coach, dancer, actor, singer, painter, author, writer, photographer, model, musician, director, social media star, video vlogger, social media creator, or mogul.

Or marry a famous person, again make it a challenge since is not really common. View Entire Discussion (5 Comments)The super fun text-based life simulator for iOS & Android.

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